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5 CRMs That Will Help You Close More Leads

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Aug 25, 202310 min read
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    Table of content

  • Introduction
  • What is CRM?
  • The five best sales CRM you will ever need for your business!
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  • Pipedrive
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  • Zoho
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  • Salesmate
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  • Zendesk
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  • NetSuite CRM
  • Conclusion


Why do some businesses succeed in the marketplace while others languish in front of their competitors?

The road to success is difficult for both. Still, the most ambitious companies know the trick: they consistently support their sales development with dependable CRM software. When making a purchase, 79% of business buyers think it's essential to speak with a salesperson they see as trustworthy counsel. According to 74% of businesses, the conversion of leads into customers is their top priority. 

Without making enough sales, a business cannot exist. A business owner should prioritize implementing several strategies to boost sales by enhancing client happiness and delivering high-quality goods.

Numerous software programs may assist you in increasing sales by offering essential contemporary strategies. It includes creating eye-catching emails, sending them correctly, and monitoring the campaign. Within the first five years of its release, 65% of businesses started using CRMs.

Here are the top 5 CRMs that can adapt to different businesses and their consumers!

What is CRM?

CRM, which stands for "Customer Relationship Management," refers to business development, customer retention, and acquisition strategies, techniques, tools, and technology.

It boosts your revenue and ensures that every phase of the customer relationship runs smoothly and effectively. The program gathers data about customers through several methods. As a result, CRM keeps thorough records of individual information and even trends of purchasing activity.

The five best sales CRM you will ever need for your business!


Pipedrive is a deal-driven customer relationship management CRM solution that may help with marketing and the entire sales process. It also functions as an account-management tool. Because Pipedrive is proactive, calls and emails are automatically tracked, organized, and their schedules are synced between devices. The ability of Pipedrive to visualize the sales process from beginning to end may be particularly alluring to most small to midsized enterprises (SMBs). It can increase productivity and reduce team second-guessing, which is frequently the primary cause of CRM installation failure.

Because of its simplicity of use, variety of capabilities, and connectors, Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM that will be a desirable choice.


  1. Tools for tracking email performance and bulk emailing.
  2. It provides data storage and AES-256 encryption to keep your data safe.
  3. Mobile apps for both iOS and Android users.
  4. Has 19 language support.

Verdict: According to Pipedrive, using their software will increase sales by 28%. It is simple to use and in great demand worldwide.

Price: A free trial is available.

Price plans:

  1. $12.50 per user each month is necessary.
  2. For advanced users: $24.90 per month
  3. Professional: $49.90 each month for each user
  4. Enterprise: $99.00 per month per user


Remote workforces may achieve more together thanks to Zoho CRM. With the help of Zoho, you can boost leads, speed up sales, and quickly and effectively monitor performance. Zia, the AI-powered assistant, forecasts leads and transactions, recognizes prospects for conversion, and guides huge sales teams in an approachable manner to concentrate their efforts. With its gamification elements that promote friendly rivalry, Zoho is also a desirable choice for remote workforces. No matter where your team members are situated, every lead, call, and deal can be well received.


  1. Tools for bulk emailing.
  2. Automation solutions for lead creation, job management, and more.
  3. Each customer's whole journey is visible.
  4. May call, create reminders and do many more things.
  5. Tools for advanced reporting and analysis.

Verdict: Zoho CRM is unquestionably a reliable and potent Sales CRM software. Its services are now offered in 180 countries and to over 250,000 organizations. The variety of functions available is excellent. According to customer testimonials, the program comes highly recommended.

Price: A free version is available. However, it only supports three users.

Paid versions:

  1. Standard Edition: $13.50 each month for each user
  2. Professional Edition: $23 per month for each user
  3. $40 per user per month for the enterprise edition
  4. Ultimate Edition: $52 for each monthly user


Tools are available through Salesmate CRM to both generate new leads and collect lead information. The sales pipeline is immediately updated as new opportunities are entered, saving time and effort and minimizing repetitive data entry. The real-time pipeline board shows the current state of each lead and provides detailed information on sales performance. With the help of Salesmate, sales teams can communicate with their clients through many channels, including notes, emails, phone conversations, and even social media interactions.

While the sales forecasting component of Salesmate enables managers to predict campaign requirements and manage the workforce accordingly, the sales intelligence tool of Salesmate assists organizations in analyzing historical sales data, producing business-relevant insights, and addressing pain areas.


  1. Email campaigns, layouts, monitoring, and other tools are available in Salesmate.
  2. To manage the sales pipeline and activity, it offers functionality for account administration, contact management, call recording, and sales activity tracking, among others.
  3. It offers lead assignment, activity automation, sales automation, and sales sequences features.

Verdict: Salesmate is a platform that allows much customization to fit your brand's aesthetic. Thanks to its mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones, you can handle deals while on the move. It can integrate with over 700 apps.

Price: Salesmate has four pricing tiers and a free trial; 

Paid version

  1. $12 monthly for each user as a starter
  2. $24 per user, per month, growth
  3. $40 per user each month with Boost
  4. Enterprise Find a price
  5. Free 15-day trial


Zendesk is a cloud-based, all-in-one customer support platform that is utilized by a wide range of businesses, including both established companies and newer startups. Zendesk gives organizations a thorough understanding of the customer by using data from anywhere. As a result, its products are created to include and improve based on user feedback through beta and Early Access Programs (EAPs).

By providing dependable assistance, the Zendesk Support Platform enables businesses to prosper in self-service and proactive engagement. Because Zendesk CRM Software Products are straightforward to use, business teams can concentrate on maximizing their time and resources by closing deals and responding to customer inquiries. This aids in corporate growth without interfering with software services.


  1. Call recording and dialing features are built-in.
  2. Simple platform integration with many others.
  3. Tools for mass emailing and endless email creating templates.
  4. Phones Analytics
  5. Allows you to define sales targets and provides capabilities for sales forecasting.

Verdict: Zendesk is a sales, marketing, CRM, and automation platform that is reasonably priced. They have friendly customer service. Zendesk is a well-liked and secure option for enterprises of all sizes and is used by some well-known firms like Ola, ITC Limited, and more.

Price: A free trial is available.

Paid plans

  1. Sell team: $19 each month per user
  2. Sell Professional: $49.00 each month per user.
  3. Sell Enterprise: $99 for each monthly user.
  4. Sell Elite: Monthly rates begin at $199.

NetSuite CRM

Robust front-office features are provided for your company by Oracle NetSuite CRM in a single, cloud-based CRM system. Seamlessly interacts with e-commerce, warehousing, and accounting. Best for providing a cloud-based, integrated platform for a business's different demands. Oracle The term NetSuite is well-liked, well-known, and utterly reliable. A complete CRM platform is NetSuite CRM. You may see your relationship with your clients, launch marketing initiatives, learn about their performance, and do much more.


  1. Tools for order administration, sales forecasting, and other aspects of sales automation.
  2. Instruments for planning and carrying out marketing initiatives.
  3. Tools for effective communication to provide customers with excellent service.
  4. Tools for reporting and analytics.

Verdict: NetSuite is a data source that houses all the client information you need, aids in executing marketing campaigns, and enhances sales performance, ultimately increasing customer happiness.

Price, get in touch with Oracle NetSuite CRM.


A CRM, a platform where all the elements required for your company's expansion come together, is the best thing the world has yet created for managing your sales process.

The CRM market has various options. The advent of the digital era, cutting-edge contemporary business practices, and fierce rivalry everywhere have imposed the necessity of gradual adaptation to the changes.

There is no denying the necessity for Sales CRM software. The fact that such software boosts sales and customer happiness is evident worldwide.

The top CRM sales software provides valuable tools for automation, integration, reporting, and analysis, as well as inbound calling, call recording, contact management, and data management. 

 However, you are the only one who truly understands your company's objectives. You must decide what works best for you.

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