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Jan 4, 20245 min read

11 Helpful Tips And Tricks For Insightly CRM

Updated onJan 4, 20245 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • 11 Helpful Tips And Tricks For Insightly CRM!
  • Conclusion
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Did you know Insightly is a simple-to-use yet powerful CRM system for small businesses? 

Insightly is a robust CRM software designed for the agile business. It integrates seamlessly with many applications. 

Insightly allows you to manage contacts, tasks, and projects. 

To free you up to focus on what really matters—running your business—Insightly takes care of all its components, including backups, upgrades, and security.  

Over 25,000 companies worldwide are using Insightly CRM for sales tracking and customer engagement. 

Furthermore, over 1.5 million users use Insightly CRM. It does an excellent job of bringing that information to the forefront.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about Insightly and how it works. This blog will provide you with 11 helpful tips and tricks to use Insightly CRM effectively for your business. 

11 Helpful Tips And Tricks For Insightly CRM!

1. Make a personalized & empathetic Insightly account

  1. Connecting your email account will let you compose and send emails straight from Insightly. It offers valuable features such as email scheduling, mass email for up to 50 recipients, and tracking, so you know if and when someone opened your message. 
  2. Give yourself an email signature. Not only will a sound signature make your emails look more professional, but it'll improve email deliverability, too. 
  3. Use fields, and Insightly will automatically enter the recipient's name, company, or whatever else for you. 
  4. Connect Insightly with your Google or Microsoft Exchange calendar, so whenever an event is created in Insightly, it'll automatically show up where you do your day-to-day scheduling.
  5. Insightly comes with free plugins for Gmail and Outlook, letting you save emails, access records, and even create events and assign tasks, all without leaving your inbox. 
  6. You can forward emails to your Insightly mailbox address, which will be saved automatically with links.

2. Take advantage of advanced reporting

The more you use Insightly CRM, the more general information you have about your business. 

Insightly CRM reports help you tap into that information so you can see the bigger picture.

Insightly advanced reporting lets you cut through millions of data points in a few clicks. View past and projected revenue with win rates and probabilities for any number of product or service lines. 

You can learn where the best leads come from and double down on what works. 

3. Understand Insightly for sales

With Insightly, you can sell faster, wiser, and more predictably. 

Insightly has these two record types, leads, and opportunities. 

New leads can be brought in automatically through a form on your website, an integrated app, or the Insightly business card scanner. 

Insightly can also automatically assign leads to the right reps with the proper follow-up tasks.

4. Create your custom interface through Insightly

Insightly CRM allows consumers to create custom dashboards by formatting them accordingly. 

They enable tracking metrics as overtime and priorities change for an organization. 

5. Utilize workflow automation well

A single action and the CRM triggers a cascade of reactions, so data gets updated tasks to get delegated emails sent out. 

When a deal closes, Insightly spins up a related project to kick off the post-sale with heavy-duty webhooks and lambda functions and can slightly automate our other business software.

6. Manage relationships 

With Insightly, you can keep track of each relationship, in all its complexity, and build stronger relationships faster. 

Insightly keeps track of all my contact info. Insightly handles some more useful stuff in the Related and Activity subtabs.

7. Use Insightly tasks to stay organized

The task can create a list of needed things and set reminders to get notifications from emails. 

It is linked to contacts, opportunities, projects, and organizations. This demonstrates how crucial jobs may be when overseeing team operations.

8. Work faster with group tasks and events

You may have also realized that you're spending a lot of time entering the same tasks repeatedly, day after day. 

Thankfully, Insightly has Activity Sets, which lets you bundle groups of tasks and assign them with just a few clicks.

9. Generate more leads with landing pages

Landing pages are a huge component of delivering significant results for your business. This is to consider the importance of the rest of your site. 

Landing pages are designed to do the heavy lifting of converting web visitors to leads every business needs. 

Insightly can be used to maximize the benefit of their web properties and generate more high-quality leads that can be converted to opportunities and closed.

10. Discover the Insightly integration

Insightly integrates with more than a hundred applications. 

Insightly connects seamlessly with other apps using the Insightly open API. 

It integrates with Zapier and Microsoft Flow, which shuttle data back and forth between Insightly and thousands of other apps.

11. Set up Insightly for your business

CRM is a team sport.!

Add your team, and Insightly will send them an email invite. You can manage their permissions too. Also, if you need complete control over what users can see and do in Insightly, you can check out the Advanced Permissions feature.

Insightly connects to the software you're already using so you can generate an invoice or email a campaign segment right from your CRM. 

These apps have deep built-in integrations you can set up in a few clicks. 

Insightly pipelines can help your sales process become smarter and more predictable.


We hope that everything you've learned so far has helped you understand Insightly and its features and benefits. 

Insightly is simple, adaptable, cost-effective, dependable, secure, and efficient. So, everything a growing business requires to evolve and add value to the lives of its customers.

Insightly backups the databases daily and stores military-grade encryption at multiple off-site locations for disaster recovery.

If you own a business, go for it! Insightly offers very reasonable pricing starting at $29 per month.

Also, if you're looking for an alternative option for a customizable and affordable chatbot maker, check out BotPenguin! It offers zero setup cost and also it is easy to integrate with.

What are you waiting for? Call us today!

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Table of Contents

  • 11 Helpful Tips And Tricks For Insightly CRM!
  • Conclusion