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10 chatbots integrations to improve your customer service

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Mar 22, 202313 min read
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  • An Integrated customer service
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  • The benefits of combining your conversational AI platform
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  • Ten chatbot integrations for creating the best customer service
  • The future of business: integrating conversational AI into customer support

When combined with traditional customer care technologies, conversational AI platforms let businesses scale while improving interactions with existing customers. 

We examine the advantages of integrating customer service tools and common tools that should be integrated.

Excellent customer service is a major differentiator for companies.

 Adapting to new market conditions and consumer expectations requires businesses to provide customer support and service platforms with a wide range of technologies to help them deliver exceptional client experiences.

Conversational AI is being considered by several businesses as a means of better responding to client needs. Sure, why not. 

Forbes reports that seventy percent of Gen Yers had pleasant interactions with conversational AI.

You can't separate the two. They go hand in hand. However, you must recognize the significance of integrating your conversational AI platform with customer service and locate the appropriate technologies.

An Integrated customer service

Customer service tools are integrated with another platform to achieve a consolidated view of customer information. In this way, each customer is provided with a unique and hassle-free service.

The most commonly integrated categories in customer service are customer relationship management tools, ticketing systems, payment gateways, marketing tools, message services, etc.

Before implementing customer service integrations, one must gauge their value. Even if there are some options, we need to weigh the pros and cons of each to find a solution that will satisfy both the Company and its customers.

How do integrations in customer service contribute to business success?


How do integrations in customer service contribute to business success?

Modern customer interactions are evolving. As our interaction methods become increasingly digitized, more and more people are turning to messaging apps. According to Juniper Research, chatbots will have a 90% success rate in customer support conversations by 2022.

However, we aren't talking about your standard, flow-based chatbots. Your Company will realize this outcome if you use a conversational AI chatbot that works with your other technologies to deliver a streamlined and individualized customer experience.

Your clients' needs will determine the kinds of integrations you offer. Companies must pay attention to customers' needs to provide a satisfying service. Salesforce found that 89% of customers would consider making another purchase after satisfying customer care interactions.

Bain & Company found that for every percentage point improvement in customer retention, profits rise by between 25 to 95%, further supporting the idea that providing customers with what they want is a surefire way to boost revenue.

Incorporating customer service is vital to a company's success for the following reasons:

  1. Getting less done by hand saves time and money.
  2. Allows routine operations to be automated
  3. Provides easy access to data for use in situations like real-time conversations
  4. Increases the impact of targeted communication by tailoring details to each recipient.
  5. Boosts efficiency by decreasing time spent switching between applications; boosts customer happiness through timely, personalized service.
  6. Increases support from clients and workers

The benefits of combining your conversational AI platform


The benefits of combining your conversational AI platform

Integrating conversational AI into customer service has many advantages for a company, including enhancing customer satisfaction and creating brand loyalists. According to SalesForce, 66% of customers are willing to spend more for frictionless digital interactions.

To achieve economies of scale and boost customer satisfaction, businesses should integrate their conversational AI platform with customer support solutions. Conversational AI customer service integrations streamline internal operations and provide a competitive edge in reach and accessibility.

The advantages of integrating your customer support processes are genuine and numerous, but choosing the right tool is just as crucial. Five technologies that might complement a conversational AI platform are discussed below.

There are five main areas to consider while integrating customer service.

Statista found that among consumers shopping offline, 34% prefer communicating with artificial intelligence chatbots to human agents. The following methods can be used to effectively include conversational AI in customer service strategies:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Ticketing Platforms

The customer relationship management tool is one of the most useful and sophisticated additions to the field of customer care. Companies rely heavily on customer relationship management software because doing so helps them achieve one of their primary goals: maintaining and expanding their network of satisfied clients.

The firm can better serve its consumers by keeping track of their past and present dealings and questions. By centralizing the management of all incoming leads, CRMs facilitate expansion for their respective companies.

Companies like Salesforce, HubSpot, Freshdesk, Zendesk, etc., are all instances of customer relationship management (CRM) and ticketing solutions.

You can access specific customer data to tailor your messages using customer relationship management (CRM) and ticketing system integration. Agents benefit from a consolidated perspective of the customer, which decreases the amount of time spent switching between applications.

When your conversational AI platform is connected to your CRM, any new customer information is automatically updated for both platforms. There was no longer any downtime for the agents when a conversation ended.

Systems for managing marketing operations

Demand generation, email marketing, marketing automation, and marketing analytics are just a few examples of the many facets of marketing that may be managed with a marketing management system.

Incorporating chatbots or other forms of conversational AI allows businesses to optimize their marketing efforts based on direct customer input.

Some popular examples of marketing management software are Clevertap, Capillary, WebEngage, Ipdata, etc.

As a result of this linkage, the marketing department can collect more detailed information about its customers. Because of this, they can see how their customers behave in greater detail. When thoroughly familiarizing yourself with your clientele, you're in a much stronger position to develop a data-driven strategy and targeted, segmented offerings. Start implementing conversational marketing now and increase your return on investment.

Payment Gateways

Businesses can optimize and streamline their payment procedures with the help of an integrated payment channel. You can modify them to fit the needs of your Company and the people you serve.

Integrating your payment gateway with your conversational AI platform provides a secure and convenient payment method at the register.

Some examples of such payment processors include Razorpay, CCAvenue, Xendit, PayPal, Faspay, and Cash U.

Integrating your payment system with your conversational AI platform can save time by allowing clients to pay without leaving their current messaging app (like WhatsApp) and provide a human touch by learning their preferences and habits. There will be happier customers as a result of this.

Methods of communication

Customers want seamless service across all channels. Customers desire to interact with companies via a variety of messaging apps. Being accessible to customers regardless of their location has various advantages.

Increased participation, two-way communication, prompter problem solving, and more.

Instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Viber, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, are only two examples of the many possible messaging channels.

You may get closer to your consumers and increase your reach by integrating your conversational AI platform for customer support with your messaging channels.

The integration has been well received by both the consumers and the agents. The need to use several accounts on various services to respond to clients is eliminated. They gain access to conversational AI and a consolidated picture of consumer inquiries. It's a win-win for your Company.


There are a plethora of additional integrations from which you could gain. Connecting with an external analytics and dashboard tool is an option if your conversational AI platform doesn't provide them.

A product analytics system examines how customers use a product to zero down on the elements that are most important to them.

Feedback on job satisfaction, engagement, and motivation can be gleaned through integration with an employee engagement system. Better training is made possible because of the unified customer service approach.

The availability and usefulness of these instruments may also be conditional on the specifics of your business. Shopify, Magento, Clearbit, Core Banking Solutions (e.g., Finacle), Google Maps, etc., are just a few examples.

Ten chatbot integrations for creating the best customer service


With Freshdesk, organizations can manage client contacts via email, phone, chat, and social media from a centralized location. It includes tools like a knowledge base, a ticketing system, a multi-channel customer engagement platform, and a customer feedback system. This program is geared toward assisting businesses in streamlining their customer service operations and better serving their clients.

With Freshdesk, teams can centralize all customer interactions in one place, making tracking and responding to customer inquiries easier. The software also provides real-time analytics and reporting, allowing organizations to monitor and analyze customer feedback, which can help to identify areas for improvement in their customer service processes. Additionally, Freshdesk integrates with a range of third-party tools and services, making it easier to extend its functionality and customize it to meet the specific needs of each organization.

Zoho Desk


Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based customer service software that provides businesses with a platform for managing customer interactions and support requests. It offers features such as a ticketing system, a multi-channel customer engagement platform, a knowledge base, and a customer feedback system. The software is designed to help organizations streamline their customer service processes, increase productivity, and improve their overall customer experience. With Zoho Desk, businesses can provide better customer service, respond to inquiries more efficiently, and improve the overall customer experience.


To help organizations manage customer interactions and support requests, Zendesk is often used. It includes tools like a ticketing system, knowledge library, and customer feedback system. The software is geared toward assisting businesses in streamlining their customer support operations, raising productivity, and enhancing the customer experience. Zendesk helps organizations give superior customer support, speedily address their questions, and enhance their clients' experience.


HelpCrunch is a customer communication platform that integrates live chat, automated email marketing, and a help desk into a single application. The solution provides the support, sales, and marketing teams with assistance in lead acquisition, lead conversion, and customer support. HelpCrunch is an ideal solution for software as a service (SaaS), e-commerce, and other online business.


PayPal is an online payment system that allows individuals and businesses to send and receive payments electronically. It is an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. PayPal is widely used for online transactions and is accepted by many merchants as a form of payment for goods and services.

PayPal users can link their bank account, credit card, or debit card to their PayPal account, making it easy to send and receive money. PayPal also offers several security features to protect against fraud, including protection for buyers, automatic encryption of sensitive information, and 24/7 monitoring.

In addition to its basic payment service, PayPal offers a range of other financial services, including a debit card linked to a user's PayPal account, the ability to receive payments for online auctions and other transactions, and a service that enables merchants to accept payments on their websites.


Sendinblue can also be used for customer service by providing businesses with tools to manage and respond to customer inquiries and support requests. With Sendinblue, businesses can:

Sendinblue provides a ticketing system that allows businesses to receive, manage, and respond to customer support requests. This can help to streamline the customer support process and improve the overall customer experience. With Sendinblue, businesses can provide support through multiple channels, including email, SMS, and chat. This helps businesses meet their customers' needs and improve the efficiency of their customer support operations.

Sendinblue provides the ability to set up automated responses for frequently asked questions, reducing customer support agents' workload and improving customer response times.

Sendinblue gives businesses insights into customer support operations, including response times, customer satisfaction rates, and ticket volume. This can help businesses identify improvement areas and optimize their customer support processes.


WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app that can also be used for customer support. Businesses can set up a WhatsApp account and allow customers to reach them directly through the app. This can provide customers with an alternative channel for support and increase the accessibility of customer service. WhatsApp allows businesses to set up automated responses to common customer inquiries, reducing customer support agents' workload and improving customer response times.

WhatsApp's real-time messaging capabilities allow businesses to engage with customers in a live chat environment, providing quick and efficient customer support.WhatsApp gives businesses insights into their customer support operations, including response times, customer satisfaction rates, and message volume. This can help businesses identify improvement areas and optimize their customer support processes.


Stripe is a payment processing platform that enables businesses to accept payments online and in person. Stripe allows businesses to accept customer payments through various channels, including online and mobile, and in-person with the Stripe Terminal.

Stripe provides businesses with advanced fraud prevention tools, such as machine learning algorithms, to help detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. Stripe allows businesses to set up recurring payments and manage subscriptions, making it easy for businesses to handle recurring revenue streams.

Stripe integrates with a wide range of e-commerce platforms, point-of-sale systems, and other payment systems, making it easy for businesses to add payment processing capabilities to their existing systems.




BotPenguin can act as a one stop solution for all the business needs through marketing automation, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram automations.

BotPenguin can help your streamline your customer support , marketing, lead generation and customer retention with its awesome features like Unified Chat Inbox, 24/7 Live Chat, Omnipresence and Advanced Analytics to observe customer behavior.

The integration allows businesses to provide a unique customer experience to its customers, irrespective of the platform. Generate more leads, sell more products, recommend more products or drive those campaigns, BotPenguin’s got it all.

It also streamlines the customer support process by allowing support agents to access customer data, order history, and other information directly from the chat.

It also allows you to reach out your customers directly from any platform and even can produce widgets and QR code to redirect them to intended communication channels.


Slack provides a direct messaging platform businesses can use to communicate with customers and provide support. Customers can reach out to businesses through Slack and receive real-time support.

Slack provides the ability to set up automated responses to common customer inquiries, reducing customer support agents' workload and improving customer response times.

Slack allows businesses to segment customers based on different criteria, such as location, interests, and behavior. This can help businesses to personalize their customer support efforts and improve the overall customer experience.

Slack integrates with various customer support tools, such as helpdesk systems and live chat platforms. This allows businesses to centralize their customer support operations and provide a seamless customer experience.

Slack gives businesses insights into customer support operations, including response times, customer satisfaction rates, and message volume. It can help businesses identify improvement areas and optimize their customer support processes.

The future of business: integrating conversational AI into customer support

The adoption of AI-powered customer service technologies has skyrocketed as firms strive to stay ahead of the competition by implementing various integrations and developments. Profitability has increased due to the insights provided, which cover a wide range of topics and allow the Company to respond successfully.

The number of tickets and support requests submitted via digital channels has increased, with 66% of organizations reporting this to SalesForce. On the other hand, chatbots are predicted to cut costs by $0.70 for every client engagement.

Successful and smooth use of conversational AI is essential to improving the overall integration of customer support. You can greatly enhance customer service through conversational AI and digital technologies for a better company and customer management.

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