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Zendesk Sell: The Only Review You Need to read in 2024!

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Oct 31, 202320 min read
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    Table of content

  • What is Zendesk Sell?
  • Key differentiators of Zendesk Sell
  • Key benefits of using Zendesk Sell
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  • Zendesk Sell: 2024 Reviews!
  • Pricing for Zendesk Sell
  • Is Zendesk Selling a good value? Our Conclusion

Success in sales and marketing for any business greatly depends on the organization. Your sales staff will have trouble, no matter how talented they are, if they contact prospects randomly without understanding where they are in the sales process.

You must know when to make your sales presentation when to try to clinch the deal, and when to inquire about the client's needs, whether you work in B2B sales or directly to consumers.

Without a reliable customer management system, you cannot accomplish that.

A CRM like Zendesk Sell assists salespeople in gathering all the data they want in one location so they can be strategic each time they contact a client. The entire business of Zendesk increased by 40% year over year, but our India business expanded more quickly. Aiming to generate $1 billion in annual sales by 2020, the company just exceeded the $500 million milestone in yearly revenue run rate. India is expected to be one of the key growth areas in achieving this goal.

With roughly 2,000 clients, India presently accounts for 2% of Zendesk's global clientele. These clients include the ride-hailing behemoth Ola, the food delivery service FoodPanda, the matrimony website, and the horizontal classifieds portal OLX. About 125,000 people use Zendesk on a global scale.

What is Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk Sell is a sales CRM tool that aids in contract closure. All of your client interactions are tracked by this sales platform in a single unified interface. It is simple to use and quick to implement; sales may be operational in 7 days or less for 70% of businesses. Your staff may spend less time on data entry and concentrate more on selling than administrative tasks. Customers have reported that Zendesk has increased team productivity by 80%.

Key differentiators of Zendesk Sell

Organizational Visibility Across the Board: Zendesk Sell provides users real-time information on priority tasks, performance, and progress while providing real insight into the sales, marketing, and customer support departments.

Better Productivity: Users may increase their efficiency and productivity by using sales and communication automation and a central system to monitor sales, marketing, and customer care operations.

Improved Customer Relationships: Users can respond to consumers more quickly and offer better customer services thanks to centralized contacts and interaction histories, live chat assistance, and other features.

Mobile Access: Users can handle work updates while on the go with Zendesk Sell because of its compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones.

Key benefits of using Zendesk Sell

  1. Intelligent, one-click reports that are ready to use List reports that may be edited and customized (dynamic and static).
  2. iOS and Android mobile apps should have all the features of a desktop application.
  3. An internal success team welcomes, educates, and encourages the expansion of the sales team.
  4. Accelerated sales with automated data analysis and prescriptive insights

Zendesk Sell: 2024 Reviews!

Zendesk Review: Tremendous mobility

The most excellent mobile applications with seamless email and phone interaction are those from Base CRM. The best features are the Contactclipper, Outlook plugin, Gmail compatibility, and excellent connections with other web-based programs. Such as Zapier, MailChimp, and others. With comprehensive data reporting, sales managers have complete control over sales teams on premium plans. Why just four? It lacks a complete SocialCRM and does not presently support numerous pipelines (coming feature, though)

Zendesk Review: Based on CRM

For a small business, this CRM performs admirably overall. However, just like with any CRM, you must take some time to conduct your research. Consider the company's current state and where you want it to be in a few years. Will this app meet your needs long-term, or will you rapidly outgrow it? Instead of attempting to move your data, you might want to think about switching directly over to Salesforce if you believe you will quickly outgrow the app. It is a good choice if you believe this software will benefit your business and consumers for several years.

Zendesk Review: Stunning features and an excellent CRM system are included.

The "underdog" of the current CRM market has a stunning user interface, a superb mobile platform, and innovative capabilities, such as the process-driven conversion of contacts to prospects or the sales funnel analysis. Incorporating several well-known components, such as tags, drag-and-drop ability, and intelligent filters, makes this system incredibly easy.

Zendesk Review: Use Cases and Scope of Deployment

All of our sales leads are tracked. A salesperson may structure transactions and connect several prospects to their business. Information not present in emails can be stored in the notes function. To discuss a deal, salespeople don't need to phone one another. For simple access, everything is in Zendesk Sell.

Zendesk Review: A CRM that makes it simple for you to increase sales

Since everything is already set up and ready for you, Zendesk Sell has been the most accessible CRM we have used to use, set up, and administer. It's a fantastic approach to staying in touch with potential customers and keeping track of them. The greatest has been having straightforward yet practical text, phone, and email templates. Additionally, not having to carry around two phones is a better alternative and increases the ease of following up with your prospects. Having an extra phone number costs just a few cents more. The most excellent aspect is that we can watch the client's development while viewing live updates and leave team members with internal remarks.

Zendesk Review: Excellent SMB/SME CRM. Reports are scant, but overall, UX is excellent.

No-bcc direct mail integration saves everyone a ton of hassle. Personalized shopping lists are pretty easy to create. Excellent mobile application - The deal page is easy to customize and provides crucial details and "smart connections" to independent websites. With a friendly user interface and being easy to use - We'd love to have an integrated dialer if we weren't currently using Dialpad. Quick onboarding, respectable SFDC import, and connectivity with Zapier

Zendesk Review: The simplicity of Zendesk Sell is ideal for people who desire it.

Zendesk Sell's lack of jaw-dropping features could perhaps be a positive thing. It performs the bare minimum well, is incredibly simple to use, and is reasonably priced, which is all the smallest businesses require. Additionally, it includes excellent reporting features that may guide your sales force in identifying chances for growth and advancement.

However, given its expensive cost, this program could be more appropriate for enterprise-level businesses. Since the most basic option is not offered to small organizations with more than three users, it may also be financially prohibitive for them.

Zendesk Review: Zendesk Sell usability

Regarding CRM software, Zendesk doesn't create the wheel, but sometimes you don't need to. Your login to Zendesk will make you feel familiar. If you have already utilized CRM software

For instance, you may alter the information and stats blocks on the dashboard, which is a frequent design decision for CRM platforms. Another characteristic of its rivals is the navigation ease provided by icons at the top of the screen. It is not a drawback since it makes the program seem comfortable and straightforward.

Pricing for Zendesk Sell

For small teams, Zendesk's price is advantageous. Suppose you want three seats or fewer. In that case, the Team edition, which includes a fully functional mobile CRM, email connectivity (including Gmail), click-to-dial, and call recording, costs only $19 per user per month.

Things start to get more pricey after that. Professional costs $49 per month per user, Enterprise costs $99, and Elite costs $199.

You receive extras when you work professionally, like bulk email sends and sales objectives and projections. Sophisticated permissions, numerous pipelines, activity reports, lead and deal scoring, and other advanced sales capabilities are provided by Enterprise for your team.

You may save 24% compared to monthly payments if you pay annually. Consequently, if you sign up for the most basic subscription and want three users, your yearly cost will be less than $700.

However, if you need ten users, the cost soars to approximately $6,000 annually because you need to upgrade to Professional when you have more than three users. You may test the program for 14 days without paying anything if you only provide a few basic personal and business facts.

Is Zendesk Selling a good value? Our Conclusion

The CRM software Zendesk Sell does sound like it may help your sales team get on the right track. Additionally, there are several advantages to following the proper path.

For starters, businesses with a well-defined sales procedure can generate 28% more income than rivals that don't.

Furthermore, the research found that 63 percent of sales reps spend time on activities other than selling since they spend so much time organizing themselves and attempting to make sense of disconnected spreadsheets.

These facts support what is already clear: a simplified sales procedure aids sales representatives in better comprehending the experiences of their clients. It maintains the complete team concentrated and committed to shared objectives. For small and medium-sized businesses searching for a straightforward yet very successful CRM platform, Zendesk Sell may be a viable option.

Overall, it is very user-friendly, straightforward, and equipped with all the functionality your sales staff could require.

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