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Apr 4, 20237 min read

What Makes Instapage An Advanced Landing Page Platform?

Updated onApr 4, 20237 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is Instapage?
  • arrow
  • What is a Landing Page?
  • arrow
  • Why is Instapage the world's most advanced landing page platform?
  • What Are Instapage's Features?
  • How to create a landing page with Instapage?
  • Conclusion 
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So, how about Instapage? Is it the best option for creating landing pages?

With the help of Instapage, you can build powerful landing pages to increase leads, sales, and your efforts in digital marketing.

Instapage is ranked third among the top one million websites in the Landing Page category.

At Instapage, targeted solutions are frequently more effective solutions. It is a platform with the most potent post-click landing page builder, a robust ecosystem of integrations, and sophisticated A/B testing abilities.

It moves quickly to bring you new product features and updates that you know will hasten the creation of pages with a high conversion rate. It can be simple to lose track of things and utilize all that Instapage offers because it frequently releases new updates.

This blog will discuss Instapage's significant aspects and how it differs from other landing page platforms.

What is Instapage?

With the help of the hosted page builder Instapage, you can make landing pages for your website that look attractive and professional. Everything you require for creating effective landing pages is included in the platform, which is hosted entirely in the cloud.

For lead generation and PPC campaigns, you still can create Instapage landing pages, even if you don't have a website or other online presence. Additionally, you can create your landing page design visually using the drag-and-drop builder functionality if you need to gain design or coding skills.

Afterward, you can track and enhance the performance and SEO of your landing page using split-testing, analytics, and heat mapping tools.

What is a Landing Page?

In many marketers' eyes, a landing page is just any page that a visitor arrives at after clicking on an advertisement or promotional link. That is untrue.

Numerous campaigns use various website resources—such as homepages, "About" pages, or "Contact Us" pages—as landing pages, but that does not necessarily make those resources landing pages.

Consider it this way: Just because you use a baseball glove to remove a hot dish from the oven doesn't make it an oven mitt.

The same is true if you send visitors to your home page or "Contact Us" page; these pages are not landing pages. A landing page is a separate web page not part of the website's navigation and is designed solely to persuade visitors to take action (to sign up, purchase, download, etc.).

Landing pages are the most efficient way to boost conversions and guide prospects through the buying process. They don't contain interruptions because they are independent pages from your website, encouraging visitors to take action.

When Do You Need a Landing Page?

Sometimes, a landing page is the most effective way to drive sales or acquire leads. It could be when using PPC advertising, a lead magnet, focusing attention, attracting different types of clients, or making testing more accessible.

  • PPC marketing- Because Google rates the quality of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising partly by its relevancy to the linked page, a landing page dedicated to a single advertisement appears higher in search results. A unique landing page with PPC advertising can be utilized to highlight a new product whose exclusivity generates sales momentum. Customers seeking a particular price may be drawn by it.

Also, even though your brand's website is where existing consumers would find an event promotion, creating a specific landing page may bring visitors who are solely interested in that event.

  • Lead magnet- Any valuable content gated by a form and accessible only after submitting the form is referred to as a lead magnet. They become a lead even if they merely give their name and email. Create a landing page for the lead magnet emphasizing the content, the form, and the keywords. An expert panel webinar, an Ebook, a free sample, or a limited-service offering are examples of content offers (lead magnets). Make a manual or checklist to assist customers in finishing a task.
  • Focus attention- The content of a landing page grabs visitors' engagement. Either respond to the call to action or return to the search results.
  • Attract various customer types- Different consumer types can be targeted with customized landing pages. Its content, page style, advertising, and offer will determine its influence on the intended client group. The goal of landing pages can be attracting customers from a particular area, demographic, or those considering price and quality.
  • Testing is simpler- A landing page has a single objective, making testing more straightforward. The page can be tested frequently to make it engaging and user-friendly with the correct tools. The following elements must be tested: copy, voice, media, or keywords. Higher conversion rates generally result from personalizing content with information about leads.

Why is Instapage the world's most advanced landing page platform?

Instapage was created for digital advertisers who want to maximize ad conversions. While most landing page tools offer the features mentioned above, Instapage is the most sophisticated landing page platform available because, in contrast to other single-product solutions, Instapage offers six products and hundreds of features that are designed to help you improve your advertising conversion rates and offer functionality for both (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) SMBs and enterprises. 

In addition to being the only landing page platform to obtain SOC Type I and Type II certification, it offers the following improved functionality:

. Unlimited conversions

No penalties are imposed for increasing conversions.

. Instablocks

Create and save page blocks that can be quickly reused without duplicating creative work to scale landing page production. Afterward, utilize Global Blocks to manage and update every page with a single click.

. Build and deploy landing pages at scale.

Instead of just directing prospects to your homepage, message-matched landing pages improve the performance of your advertising campaigns. Without a developer, create relevant, consistent, mobile-responsive post-click landing pages. Create specific landing pages as fast as advertisements.

. Built-in team collaboration

Provide real-time collaboration, centralized communication, removing time-consuming bottlenecks, and a seamless user experience.

. Landing page experimentation

Real marketing teams construct, improve, and refine everything. You can increase conversions on post-click landing pages with detailed heatmaps, A/B and multivariate testing, and robust analytics.

. Ad-to-Page Personalization

Utilizing extraordinary landing page experiences for each advertisement and target market will enhance visitor conversions and engagement. Track metrics at the audience level to dynamically deliver the appropriate knowledge to the right audience and discover high-performing target segments.

. AdMap

Visualize your advertising campaigns and link them to relevant post-click landing pages from one central location.

. Real-time visual on-page collaboration

The instant feedback, live editing, and secure sharing with external stakeholders will hasten the review process and streamline your team's workflow. Launch campaigns more quickly with user-friendly workflows that let team members collaborate simultaneously.

. Postclick Score

To measure how close you are to achieving 1:1 ad-to-page personalization, compare the percentage of unique experiences to the total number of ad groups and ads.


Allows users to create landing pages with faster page load times directly from the Instapage platform.

. Thor Render Engine

The Thor Render Engine ensures that your post-click landing pages load incredibly quickly without additional work by altering the HTML structure, JavaScript and CSS Refactoring, and CSS Responsiveness.

What Are Instapage's Features?

Here is a summary of Instapage's features:

  • Landing page templates - Instead of starting from scratch with your design, Instapage provides hundreds of editable templates.
  • Drag-and-drop editor - The live visual editor is simple, even if you start with a blank template.
  • Form builder - You can gather lead, subscription, and customer information using the built-in form builder.
  • Landing page widgets - To emphasize your selling points and persuade visitors to sign up, you may include extra landing page content, such as videos, photos, social networking, buttons, and more.
  • Testing and tracking - You may test several iterations of a page, measure the results, and make improvements to increase your conversion rate thanks to the built-in analytics attribution, heat maps, and A/B split testing.

How to create a landing page with Instapage?

Click the 'Landing Page' navigation item and choose the 'Create New Page' button to begin after logging into the Instapage dashboard.

From there, you can look through landing page templates based on use cases, including

  • Product launch
  • Webinar Registration
  • Case study
  • Product sales
  • And more

You can give your page a name after choosing a template, and then you'll return to the landing page dashboard.

Your new page will open with several choices, including

  • Conversion goals
  • Integrations
  • Scripts & GDPR
  • Search & Social

Additionally, you can publish, preview, comment on, and edit your design.


After researching the market, if you decide Instapage is the best application for your requirements, register for a trial version or ask for an Enterprise Demo. See how to scale your production and offer your audiences specialized post-click landing pages with conversion-focused landing page software.

Instapage is a reliable landing page solution and might be the best landing page builder for you if you run numerous Google Ads as an enterprise-level company. You can quickly and easily optimize your post-click landing pages, reduce your cost-per-click, and boost conversions with its Ad Map feature and 1:1 Ad-to-Page personalization.

However, if you run a small business, Instapage is probably too complicated and has features you rarely use. Not to mention the steep learning curve and pricey nature of the product.

For this, check out BotPenguin. While using Instapage for creating landing pages, you can find BotPenguin in your integrations section.

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Table of Contents

  • What is Instapage?
  • arrow
  • What is a Landing Page?
  • arrow
  • Why is Instapage the world's most advanced landing page platform?
  • What Are Instapage's Features?
  • How to create a landing page with Instapage?
  • Conclusion