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May 27, 20247 min read

What Is A Facebook Messenger Chatbot & Why Are They Exciting?

Updated onMay 27, 20247 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot?
  • Ten unexplored statistics for Facebook Messenger.
  • Privileges of using Facebook Messenger Chatbot?
  • Exciting characteristics of Facebook Chatbot you are not aware of.
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  • Tools for building an effective Facebook Chatbot?
  • Conclusion
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Every business wants to get ahead of competitors and make a name for itself. Today the markets are flooded with many practical and efficient chatbots to make your company stand out. 

Most chatbot platforms are effective and available 24/7. But among various chatbot platforms, choosing the perfect one is tricky.

You must have heard about Facebook Chatbot, which is gaining popularity gradually. Facebook's recent updates declared that over 40 million businesses use Messenger, and only 300,000 Messenger bots exist. 

By the end of 2006, there were 12 million registered users on the platform. The number has multiplied profoundly since then after turning 58 million in 2007.

 Chatbots are automated, and a bot helps you create a streamlined experience for your clients. In recent years, chatbots will replace mobile apps, so if you are still not accessible to a chatbot, that is surely a stupidity in today's generation.

Facebook Chatbots are engaging customers and helping businesses to grow. They are also friendly and time-consuming. But what is so exciting about it? To find out more about Facebook Chatbots, follow the whole blog.

What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Facebook Messenger Chatbot is an AI-powered conversational tool and one of the finest platforms to showcase business products and services and get potential customer feedback. Facebook chatbot helps businesses grow by allowing them to sell, connect, reach out, support their customers, and engage with them. It also offers you to save time for your team and customers and has sponsored ads too.

Ten unexplored statistics for Facebook Messenger.

Let's see some stats so that you can be completely aware of why your business needs a Facebook chatbot:

  1. Over 2 million businesses are floated over Facebook Messenger every month. 
  2. Globally, Facebook is used by people daily. The chances of people opening the message compared to marketing emails increase by 70-80% if a business uses Facebook Messenger.
  3. Facebook Messenger ads are 30 to 50 times cheaper than conventional Facebook ads.
  4. It is the 3rd most used application, with over 68% of application users only. 
  5. In meta apps, above 100 billion messages are exchanged daily.
  6. People spend an average of 3 hours daily on Facebook Messenger. 
  7. It has been found that clicking to send messenger ads has a chance of 100% conversion of leads.
  8. 64% of people say they would prefer to message a business than call them
  9. They say 60% of people are open to receiving company personal messages.
  10. Facebook Messenger had a staggering total of 2 Billion Downloads.

Privileges of using Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

  1. Facebook chatbots boast more human-like interactions.
  2. Clients can come up with their questions anytime, and you won't always be available. 
  3. Facebook chatbots attend to customers anytime as they work round the clock and also resolve customer queries.
  4. It can ask basic questions, inspire, transfer high-quality leads to your human sales team, and try to identify their needs. 
  5. The Facebook chatbot allows for personalized recommendations, lead qualification, and upselling. Bots are sensitive toward ads and immediately respond if needed.
  6. Facebook Chatbot comparatively generates 70% more leads than emails which are poor in generating leads. It provides a less intrusive process as they create subscriber lists automatically.
  7. Facebook Chatbots follow the market needs and target accordingly by performing unique functions. They drive sales independently and provide upselling by communicating with the clients.

Exciting characteristics of Facebook Chatbot you are not aware of.

  1. Facebook Chatbot inhibits the NLP or the Natural Language processor because users generally don't feel like talking to a robot while interacting with bots. They expect human behavior from bots.
  2. The Facebook chatbots are emotionally intelligent smart as well as analytical. It does not just answers frequently. It tries to understand the mood of the client and process accordingly.
  3. It caters to the user's needs and provides solutions before they even ask for them. The Facebook chatbot also includes subscription features and broadcasting skills.
  4. The Facebook chatbot is CRM-ready software hence making customer relationship management more effortless. It provides General Data Protection Regulations, especially for international audiences.

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Tools for building an effective Facebook Chatbot?


BotPenguin is an AI-based chatbot maker platform that creates Facebook chatbots without coding.


  1. Natural Language Processing.
  2. Zero Development Time.
  3. Zero Setup Cost.
  4. Conversational UI.
  5. Deep Analytics.
  6. Easy to Integrate.

Botpenguin pricing:

Baby: Free, King: $33 /Month, Emperor: Custom 


Chatfuel is the largest self-serving platform for Facebook Messenger chatbots. It has an intuitive visual interface and a list serving from TechCrunch to Netflix.


  1. Facebook Messenger platform
  2. Bot templates
  3. Multilingual bots
  4. Store user data
  5. Keyword auto-responses
  6. Integration with other business systems

Chatfuel Pricing: 

The free version provides up to 1,000 subscribers and basic features. The Pro version starts at $15/mo, provides up to 500 subscribers, gets fewer subscribers, for more features. The Pro plan has seven more tiers, maxing out at $180/mo for up to 25,000 subscribers.


ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger bot-building platform that is best for designing simpler chatbots.


  1. Build a chatbot with a visual flow builder and editor
  2. Chatbot templates
  3. Store user data
  4. Enable bot to send email notifications
  5. Multilingual chatbots
  6. Integrate with other business systems

ManyChat Pricing:

ManyChat is a freemium product to test out the platform. However, pricing starts at $10/mo for 500 subscribers if you want to use it for business. Seven more pricing tiers go up to $145/mo for more than 20K subscribers per month. 

If you go above 25K subscribers in a month, you will need to talk to ManyChat about a pricing plan.

Mobile monkey

It is an all-in-one visual chatbot builder. It supports Facebook Messenger, website, SMS, and live chat integration.


  1. Visual-flow chatbot builder and editor
  2. Chatbot templates.
  3. Multilingual
  4. Zapier and other integrations
  5. Mobile friendly
  6. Facebook Messenger Ads
  7. Live chat integration and handoff
  8. Analytics and Reporting

MobileMonkey Pricing: 

For free, you can get started building bots with a non-expiring version of MobileMonkey. For advanced automation and integrations, pricing starts at $14.25/month and goes up to $299/mo.


ActiveChat is a platform for e-commerce and customer support. It has integrations for Shopify and WooCommerce.


  1. Available channels: Facebook Messenger, Twilio SMS
  2. Ecommerce platform integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce
  3. CRM integrations
  4. Visual chatbot builder
  5. Can connect your live support framework

ActiveChat Pricing:

  1. The free plan provides up to 500 monthly active users with fewer features. 
  2. The starter plan is $19 a month and gives up to 1,000 monthly active users. 
  3. The architect plan is $49 a month, where you get access to all features. 
  4.  The Agency bot starts at $249/mo.

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To use Facebook Chatbot to its maximum potential, you must access the latest tools to navigate and generate more sales. 

Facebook Chatbot provides personalization to every conversation and boosts customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, it offers text and media support. You can stay connected around the clock, engage with new customers and build organic connections. It also minimizes wait times.

Businesses are reaching new heights with chatbots; undoubtedly, they cannot replace Facebook bots with other options. To boost up the strength of your company, customize a Facebook chatbot that will help your business reach out to all consumers across multiple platforms. 

Sign Up On BotPenguin And Set Up A Messenger Chatbot For The Optimal Customer Experience. 

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Table of Contents

  • What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot?
  • Ten unexplored statistics for Facebook Messenger.
  • Privileges of using Facebook Messenger Chatbot?
  • Exciting characteristics of Facebook Chatbot you are not aware of.
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  • Tools for building an effective Facebook Chatbot?
  • Conclusion