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Top 7 pro tips for Freshchat Bot users

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Aug 25, 202317 min read
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    Table of content

  •  #1. Take Advantage Of Geo-Targeting
  •  #2. Use Push Notifications To Re-Engage
  •  #3. Keep Track Of User Behavior
  • #4. Leverage Different Functions Of The Bot Platform
  •  #5. Create Engaging Experiences For Your Target Audience
  •  #6. Plan Your User Experience Strategy
  • #7. Know Your Audience: Conduct Market Research
  •  Freshchat’s Exclusive Features
  •  Wrapping Up

FreshChat is an AI-based chatbot platform with a unique combination of features. 

FreshChat goes beyond the usual bot conversations! It’s not just about connecting consumers with businesses smoothly and conveniently. 

Freshbot enables users to interact naturally with their favorite brands. 

In this blog post, we will share the top 7 tips for those who want to get started immediately. 

These tips will help you in leveraging the full potential of the FreshChat bot service and create engaging experiences for your target audience.

 #1. Take Advantage Of Geo-Targeting

FreshChat allows you to segment your audience and send them location-based offers and messages. 

This feature proves to be immensely helpful if you want to scale your business and drive footfall to your store. 

As you can choose the location of your customers, you don’t have to worry about the platform being too generic or not profitable. 

You can also create multiple bots and target different regions to increase your reach. It also allows you to create a group-based experience for your audience. 

You can create a specific group for your VIP customers or a group for users who have expressed interest in your product. 

You can also create a group for the people who have interacted with your bot previously. Doing so will give them a reason to keep returning to your bot, reading new content, and providing good customer service.

 #2. Use Push Notifications To Re-Engage

Push notifications are similar to geo-targeting. But instead of sending relevant content to a user based on their location, they are sent to anyone who has opted in to receive them. 

You can create two types of push notifications on the FreshChat platform—In-app push notifications & Out-of-app push notifications. 

In-app push notifications are the ones that show up on the screen of the user and disappear after a certain period. 

Out-of-app push notifications are sent to the user’s smartphone even when not on your app. 

In-app push notifications are great for re-engaging customers and returning them to your app/website. You can also use them to ask customers to leave reviews or send feedback about their experience with your product and customer service. 

It allows you to send up to 5 push notifications per day to every user who has opted in for them. These push notifications are sent straight to the user’s smartphone to grab their attention.

 #3. Keep Track Of User Behavior

FreshChat lets you track user behavior and identify their path while using your bot. This way, you can understand how they navigate through your bot and what they are looking for. 

You can track user behavior by tapping the User Behavior tab on your bot admin panel. This tracking information will help you—restructure your bot, add new content, and improve your customers' overall experience. 

You can also see the frequency of user engagement with your bot and your customer service. That way, you’ll know how often the users have engaged with your bot and on which days/times they prefer to use it over others. 

This data will help you understand your customer’s behavior and make decisions based on it.

#4. Leverage Different Functions Of The Bot Platform

One of the platform's most valuable features is the A/B testing option. 

If you want to try out different variations of your content and see which works best, this option is for you. 

You can create multiple content variations and let the bot platform decide which variant performs better. 

Once you are done with the testing phase, you can move on to the other features on the bot platform. 

The Reply with Reply feature allows you to respond to customers with different content than what you have set as your default and enhance your customer service.

 #5. Create Engaging Experiences For Your Target Audience

FreshChat is all about building engaging experiences for your target audience. Create engaging content and use the platform to its fullest potential. 

For instance, you can create a group and invite your customers. You can also create a quiz and ask your customers to participate. The possibilities are endless! 

This platform can also be used as a marketing tool to its fullest potential to provide the best customer service. 

If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can be sure that you can leverage the bot platform's full potential. This will help you create engaging experiences for your target audience and drive footfall to your store.

 #6. Plan Your User Experience Strategy

Before jumping into the bot designing and building process, it’s essential to plan your user experience strategy. 

Firstly, you have to define your bot's primary users. For example, if you’re building a healthcare bot, your main users will be patients/ customers and doctors/HCPs. 

You must understand your audience and their needs to create a great bot and customer service experience. 

Next, you have to choose the right features and functionalities of the bot platform to help you achieve your goals.

#7. Know Your Audience: Conduct Market Research

Before jumping into the designing and building process, you must first know your audience. 

You can conduct market research by conducting user interviews and surveys. 

A successful bot experience is all about understanding your audience’s behavior and needs. 

You can use FreshChat’s Conversation Cards to create a flow diagram of bot conversations. This way, you can understand your audience’s behavior patterns and needs more clearly. 

With the help of FreshChat’s NLP, you can design bot experiences that are personalized, relevant, and engaging!

 Freshchat’s Exclusive Features

FreshChat's unique combination of features makes it a leader in the AI-enabled chatbot platform. 

These features are suitable for all kinds of businesses and industries. Some of the most useful features are:

 Text and Image Reply: You can create conversations and include images and GIFs. The bot can understand your words and convert them into images or GIFs. This feature makes your conversations more engaging and personalized. 

  1. Reply on a Timer: You can also set up a timer for the bot to reply to incoming messages. This will help you in managing your time and work more efficiently. 
  2. News Feed: With the help of this feature, you can engage your audience by sharing exciting news and articles. You can also use the news feed to promote your latest product and services. 
  3. Bot Widget: With this feature, you can embed your bot on your website and increase your reach to attract more customers. 
  4. Image Recognition Card: With this card, you can scan product images, and the bot will search for them on your website and app. 
  5. Micro-moments Cards: With the help of this card, you can engage your customers who are engaged in micro-moments. 
  6. Product Hunt Cards: This card allows you to share your product and services with the users on Product Hunt. 
  7. Call to Action Cards: This card allows you to create a call to action button on your bot to get more leads and customers. 
  8. Reply Cards: This card allows you to create and share your cards on your bot. 
  9. Score Cards: This card allows you to create and share your scorecard on your bot.

 Wrapping Up

All big brands have one thing in common - they started small. 

If you’re a startup or an aspiring entrepreneur, you can’t expect your product to be a hit from the word go. It’s important to understand that growth is a long-term process, not a short-term goal. 

When it comes to marketing, you've got to be consistent - in your messaging, systems, and strategies. 

This will allow you to build a loyal customer base who will support you throughout the journey. 

Before diving right in, ensure you have the right tools to communicate with your audience and build trust. 

Also, you should checkout Botpenguin to make the perfect chatbots for your business.

Botpenguin comprehends your needs and serves you with the most suitable chatbots that streamlines your workflows and increases your sales. 

So what are you waiting for? Call us today!

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