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Top 10 hacks to fully automate your customer support

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Oct 19, 202310 min read
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    Table of content

  • Introduce Live chats and chatbots
  • Build a fruitful knowledge base
  • Automate sending bills and invoices
  • Using software to monitor your competitors
  • Email and Newsletter delivery
  • Filter your emails automatically
  • Construct a behavioral profile
  • Sharing updates
  • Automating marketing campaign
  • Automating collection of lead data
  • Conclusion

Nowadays, our lives are part of the technological world rather than technology being a part of our lives. And with the changing time, the technologies used in the industries also need to evolve. In some places, there is a lack of technological advancement, whereas, in some areas, it has developed to the extent that it has lost the human, personalized touch. Customer service is the most common problem.

The solution to this problem can be the automation of customer service. Human errors often lead to bad customer service. Still, with automation, such blunders can be avoided, and the customers can be delighted with the company or the organization, which is a vast Yes. Such hacks will make it convenient for the company and the customer to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. Customizing customer service is a tough row as it is a bit complicated. Still, once it is all set, it becomes a profit booster for the company and strengthens the goodwill of the industry.

So let me first tell you what exactly customer support automation is.

It is a process that lessens and decreases human work involved in the administration of customer services and in solving their issues. The most significant ingredients in this recipe of automation include 

  1. A) Identify and detect areas of need and improvement.
  2. B) Select the correct software and automation service.

It can be done in various ways:

Introduce Live chats and chatbots

According to Drift's 2020 State of Conversational Marketing report, the use of chatbots as a brand communication channel increased by 92% since 2019 and is the fastest-growing brand communication channel.

Research shows that 66% of adults believe that the most crucial thing any industry can do is value their time and provide quick replies and solutions during a service interaction. 

This hack allows visitors and customers to have real-time conversations and build immediate engagement, which best converts the audience into potential leads. Once you get used to it, you can move forward with a scripted approach for keeping up with the authorities.

Build a fruitful knowledge base

Create a FAQs section that acts as a backup alternative to look for solutions and helps to avoid any delay caused in other processes at the client's and service provider's end. The Vidyard report suggests that 68% of people prefer to watch a video to tackle their problems rather than speak with a support agent.

Add video tutorials, tips, and short blogs to deal with issues and provide greater interactiveness. Don't forget to review the content often for accuracy and update it accordingly.

Web accessibility service tools like "Siteimprove" or "Monsido" can aid in monitoring your site for areas to improve.

Automate sending bills and invoices

 Isn't it a tedious job to call debtors, remind them and receive the payments? Automating this process makes it unerring and saves plenty of your time which can be used in doing other tasks and elevating the business.

Softwares like Sage, Scoro, and Wave create PDF templates from the input data and compile them in just the time of a blink. Automation software calculates the due amount based on client data. All you have to do is review the invoice and send it with a single click. You can even set reminders and forward invoices to your debtors without any input on your part in reminding them about the due payments.

Using software to monitor your competitors

Constantly keeping a check on all your competitors is a colossal and tedious task. But it is necessary as it serves various advantages.

Monitoring your competitors unveils their negative points and weak spots, allowing you to wield these shortcomings to your benefit. You can analyze their business plans and strategies and strategize your business accordingly. 

But to get such reliable insights, you need to have the right competitor tracking tools. Grader, What Runs Where and Crunchbase are a few of the best tools to keep an eye on your industry competitors. 'What Runs Where' alerts you whenever any company launches a new ad/content or product/service.

Email and Newsletter delivery

Do you want to know the best day of the week to send out your newsletters? And what is the best time of the day to send out your emails about marketing campaigns?

Knowing these factors is that the correct timing matters and can enhance your interaction and relationship with your clients, spiking your profits and sales. SALESmanago is the perfect automation tool to save time and automatically send emails and newsletters at the requisite time. It can deliver the weekly newsletter and follow-up emails at the best day and time.

You can see approximately a 200% increase in open and click-through rates and engagement using this just one marketing automation hack.

Filter your emails automatically

Receiving tons of emails is part of owning an enormous organization. Managing these billions of emails, replying to the required one, finding the needed one at the right time, and saving the significant ones for the future can create confusion and consume much of your valuable time. But do not worry; we have got you covered. Use an intelligent inbox like 'Spark' to take advantage of its versatility, from the task of collecting your emails from all your accounts to categorizing them for easy processing.

You can pin important emails to the top of your inbox based on priority with a single swipe. You can add the tasks you need to finish that day and the meetings you need to attend, which ultimately bolsters your productivity, or you can swipe again to snooze them for another day.

Construct a behavioral profile

You can build a behavioral profile of your clients by using the following automation hack. Now, one might wonder what the need to create a behavioral profile is. The answer lies in that it provides the right pathway to meet your client's needs and improve your services without being asked for it directly. It eventually helps your business grow, which any business owner desires, right? Now, we need automation because the old manual method does not reveal much about what product information or content was looked for by the visitor.

Automation hacking using advanced modern options shows which product/service a client or customer has looked for and for how long. Based on such activities, the behavioral profile can be constructed, implying likes, dislikes, and a particular pattern of any customer.

Sharing updates

A vast organization consists of numerous employees, and it's burdensome to keep up and ask every employee about work done by them daily and other similar updates at the end of the tiring, long day. There is an automation hack available.

Tools like iDonate allow every user to document their daily achievements, incomplete tasks, completed tasks, and even the tasks that are yet to be started; it collects the whole data from every worker and even summarizes it in one place; it sounds very convenient, right? It also sends a morning summary of all the teamwork achievements. This hack keeps everything tracked and helps you work towards your goals without being distracted.

Automating marketing campaign

Manually sending emails to your targeted audience is comparatively easy. Still, it lacks connection and interaction at a personal level which appears as a turn-off for converting the targeted audience into potential customers. Moreover, creating a personalized email template and body is another daunting task for such a substantial targeted audience.

It is where automation of email marketing comes into play. This tool can send emails to the leads with a personal touch and create custom templates for personalized emails, be it a new lead or a follow-up lead. Suddenly, this tiresome work seems pretty straightforward, right? Try this automation hack as soon as possible.

Automating collection of lead data

It's time-consuming to manually collect detail from each new lead or any new user who signs up on your website. Is this process slowing down your other workflow?

Never fear; the quality and quantity of leads or customers in your sales funnel can increase with this automation hack. Add free lead generation forms on your website, which would gather primary, personal data from the targeted audience so that the interested ones can be focused on more and targeted further. The basic information collected in this form can also be used to send marketing emails whenever any product or service is launched or to follow up and, as a result, make them the long-lasting customer of your business.

Use 'Pipedrive' or 'Scoro' software to automatically build a new leads database without manually categorizing them and extracting information from them. This automation hack can save an ample amount of time for your employees.


In this competitive era of the business world, you need to stand out from the crowd to be the top leading company or industry. 

The top 10 hacks mentioned in this blog will quickly put you ahead of the competition. So, don't forget to integrate any hacks into your business and automation process.

"Customer service shouldn't just be a department; it should be the entire company," as Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh advocates. 

Many companies lose their customers due to bad service. Avoid your company from joining the league. Stand out, make a difference, and grow your business with customer service automation.

I hope you found this blog helpful and informative.



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