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Mar 17, 20235 min read

The Top 5 Google Calendar Alternatives You must know about!

Updated onMar 17, 20235 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Why should you choose alternatives to Google Calendar?
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  • Top 5 Google Calendar Alternatives
  • Final Thoughts
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How people schedule their day has constantly evolved from jotting down events in your diary or circling dates on a refrigerator calendar to drowning your work desk in sticky notes. 

Today everyone uses online calendars to keep track or to create schedules, whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, or self-employed. 

Overall, 70% rely on a digital calendar most to manage their life, with 46.7% of respondents relying most on their mobile calendar and 23.3% on a desktop calendar.

Google Calendar can help you in many ways because it is a free and reliable application also it is used worldwide. 

Nevertheless, you might be mistaken if you think Google Calendar is the best option for you. 

If you are looking for the top alternatives to google calendar, you are reading the right blog. This blog will provide you with a list of 5 unique, more functional, and flexible than Google calendar.

Why should you choose alternatives to Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a calendar service for time management and scheduling created by Google.

It is a part of Google workspace and helps you to spend less time on it and more time enjoying it. It keeps track of all of your activities and events.

Even so, there are numerous limitations to this approach, as not everyone will be satisfied with just a free and easy-to-use service.

Here are some reasons why you should look into Google Calendar alternatives:

  1. Google Calendar provides limited integration with other apps. Also, the interface could be more varied and more complex. 
  2. It doesn't support any other type of account. You must use only a google account to use this scheduling tool and have an internet connection.
  3. The calendar provides mediocre customer service and becomes complex if you add managing too many tasks. 
  4. Some users found that reminders could be more helpful and become cluttered in case of too many events. 

Top 5 Google Calendar Alternatives

1. Zoho Calendar

A faster and more intuitive interface with powerful features, Zoho Calendar, makes scheduling easy across all Zoho apps. 

The Zoho calendar offers 40 new display languages and a custom grid view that allows you to pick the calendar view that suits you best. 

Modern themes brighten your day, and a night mode lets you burn the midnight oil. Multiple time zones to choose from make working with teams worldwide easier than ever. 

Zoho calendar now has multi-tab support, adds new events, finds them quickly with the advanced search, and even retrieves deleted events without losing context. 

The Zoho calendar also comes with resource booking, which means you can now book a meeting room in your organization and send out invites for the meeting from one place.

Key features of the Zoho calendar:

  1. Google Calendar Access
  2. Contacts Birthday Calendar
  3. Group Calendar
  4. Send / Receive invitations
  5. Unified calendar views
  6. Zoho Calendar Themes
  7. Invitee status notification
  8. Embed multiple calendars
  9. CalDAV sync
  10. Zoho CRM – Zoho Calendar Sync

2. DigiCal Calendar Agenda

Digital can be considered one of the best calendar apps. 

This app has customizable widgets and integrated weather forecasts and is visually appealing and easy to use. 

The daily activities get more exciting and enjoyable when you get seven powerful views to choose from digital calendar apps. 

DigiCal offers a range of different view options and also syncs with Outlook, Exchange, and Google Calendar, among others.

Key features of DigiCal Calendar Agenda:

  1. Multiple calendar views.
  2. Stunning & fully customizable widgets.
  3. Calendar Subscription.
  4. Integrated weather forecast
  5. Supports 7 agenda views
  6. 6 customizable calendar widgets to choose from
  7. Access to detailed weather info
  8. Color coding for easier organizing
  9. Built-in location search
  10. Notification option

3. Teamup calendar

Teamup Calendar is an easy, simple, secure planning application that simplifies and streamlines your team's communication. 

Teamup calendar lets you color-code and comes equipped with the ability to share plans, events, schedules, and status updates. 

Through the Teamup Calendar, you get complete visibility of who’s doing what across the team. You have autonomy by creating custom calendar access for individuals and groups.

You can customize the team-up calendar according to your team preference, different projects, jobs, and resources. 

Key features of Teamup Calendar:

  1. Color Codes/Icons
  2. Employee Scheduling
  3. Facility Scheduling
  4. Calendar Management
  5. Calendar Sync
  6. Calendar/Reminder System
  7. Resource Scheduling
  8. Room Booking
  9. Scalable, color-coded sub-calendars and folders
  10. 11 calendar views, year, and table views

4. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook Calendar offers adequate tools to meet most people's scheduling requirements. 

This application is free, simple to use, and has an uncluttered interface, which is far better than paid programs. 

You can also create appointments and events, organize meetings, view group schedules, view calendars, send calendars to anyone through email, etc. 

You can use Microsoft Outlook Calendar to manage personal information and exchange server accounts to subscribe to other team members’ calendars when required. 

Key features of Microsoft Outlook Calendar:

  1. Ability to create appointments and events
  2. Organize meetings
  3. View group schedules
  4. Ability to view multiple calendars simultaneously
  5. Manage other users’ calendars 
  6. Subscribe to internet calendars
  7. Reminders
  8. Email integrations
  9. Customization options

5. Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar is a simple, easy-to-use default calendar on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. 

It offers a unified user interface and syncs with other calendars such as Google Calendar, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, and others. 

You can have access to iCloud calendar entries and sync everything by default.

Key features of Apple Calendar:

  1. Add, modify and delete events
  2. Add a location or travel time to events
  3. Create or edit all-day or multi-day events
  4. Fast syncing
  5. Set up or delete a repeating event.
  6. Add location and travel time to events.
  7. Set event alerts and receive notifications.
  8. Invite people to events.
  9. Reply to invitations.
  10. Add a FaceTime video call to events.

Final Thoughts

These are all the Google calendar alternatives we jotted down to help you. Featuring striking features and unique tools, they will awe you. This blog tried to cover most of it. 

Now the choice is yours! You can choose a calendar that meshes with your business, organization, and any team members you may be coordinating with. 

We hope this article provides you with useful, well-informed information to assist you in making an informed decision. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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Table of Contents

  • Why should you choose alternatives to Google Calendar?
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  • Top 5 Google Calendar Alternatives
  • Final Thoughts