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Aug 25, 20238 min read

The complete guide to nocrm!

Updated onAug 25, 20238 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is noCRM?
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  • What are the Features of noCRM?
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  • How does noCRM enhance your sales process?
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  • Benefits of Using noCRM
  • Conclusion
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Over 70% of companies have used CRM software for sales in the last few years. We know customer relationships are the heart of any CRM software. But do you know adapting CRM helps increase sales by 29% and productivity by 34%? noCRM is a lead management tool breaking traditional CRM complexity with its simple approaches. The company launched NoCRM in 2013. Well, noCRM means You don't need a CRM! It doesn't mean you need to dump the CRM. In short, with noCRM, you can break the stereotypical rules of CRM more flexibly.

noCRM places the lead at the system's center and creates new leads in seconds. Further, noCRM manages leads on an interactive feed accessible from anywhere. This tool follows every lead and brings close to the closing rate.

Continue reading to find out more about the complete guide to noCRM.

What is noCRM?

A lead management system made exclusively for salespeople is With the help of this solution, your sales teams can control every step of the sales process, including prospecting, handling hot leads, and closing deals.

Your ability to develop and manage leads, efficiently qualify prospects, and complete more sales will be aided by its user-friendly design and robust capabilities.

What are the Features of noCRM?

Simple Interface

The simplicity of's design is its main strength. It does away with lengthy training sessions to orientate your workforce, as is necessary with conventional CRM systems.

Integrated Lead Capture

Simple lead capture for your account from a variety of sources.

The website forms are the following:

  1. Emails
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Business cards
  4. Manually using a straightforward lead form

Loop for Activities and Status.

You may schedule calls, meetings, or even casual conversations with your leads using unique sales activities. Like:

  1. Sync your calendar with reminders.
  2. Note the results of these exercises.

Each lead in automatically moves to the following action to stop leaky sales funnels. 

Either this is a "To-Do" condition that you must handle immediately, or they move into "Stand-By" mode until the subsequent follow-up.

Customizable Sales Pipeline

It provides:

  1. Gain a 360-degree perspective of your sales funnels while effectively managing prospects.
  2. Utilize a sales funnel that can be fully customized to organize your sales process.
  3. Establish as many sales funnels as your company needs.
  4. Include the sequence of actions you must conduct with your leads to complete transactions.
  5. Identify which transactions to concentrate on using a visual sales pipeline to understand precisely where your leads are in the sales cycle.

Built-in Prospecting

Salespeople may access their pool of unqualified prospects. It produces more hot leads for its sales funnel using built-in prospecting lists. Like:

  1. Import lists from CSV or Excel documents.
  2. Sort your contacts and call or email them with only one click.
  3. Convert eligible contacts into leads with a single click and distribute them to the appropriate team member.

Team Management & Collaboration

With team-specific tools, you can monitor and oversee teams of any size. To simply share account material and manage access with fine-grained privacy settings, create teams in Using a real-time activity stream, you can see what your team is working on and where they need assistance.

Reporting and statistics

It provides:

  1. Gain detailed insights into your company and unlock growth by accessing sales reporting.
  2. Keep tabs on your team's performance and essential sales indicators like the number of emails sent, calls made, transactions closed, and more.
  3. You may improve procedures by locating leaks and weak spots in your pipeline report.
  4. With a sales forecasting report, you can see projected revenues.

Customization meets your demands as a business by:

  1. Create lead fields and tag them for improved lead screening and thorough analytics.
  2. Make your sales process more complex.
  3. Design unique sales activities that go along with how you sell.
  4. Add your logo and customized widgets to the interface to make it match your business.

Post-Sales Process.

It is a straightforward job management checklist to guarantee a seamless transfer. After closing a sale, create a list of activities you wish to do. And distribute the tasks to other team members using calendar-synchronized reminders.

Integrations & API

Profit from our expanding array of integrations. Connect your G-Suite, link your phone system, plug in your accounting software, and sync data between applications with only a few clicks.

Use our API and customized widgets to show data from your personal IT systems.

Without leaving the mobile app, use Zapier to automate your process across all other 750+ business apps.

Mobile app

With our mobile applications for iOS and Android, use when you're on the go. You may create, manage, track, and complete transactions offline using your phone. And all of your data will be automatically synchronized with the desktop program for Mac OS and Windows PC.

Security & Reliability

More than 2,500 clients worldwide rely on to maintain data security and system dependability.

  1. GDPR adherence.
  2. Your information is private.
  3. Over SSL, communication is encrypted.
  4. Daily backups of the database contain real-time copies of its contents.
  5. Software with high availability on the web.
  6. Modern security measures.

 noCRM Pricing and Plans

The pricing is as follows:

  1. Starter Edition - $12 per user per month
  2. Expert Edition - $20 per user per month
  3. Dream Team Edition - $32.00 per user per month

How does noCRM enhance your sales process?

Cold prospecting-specific interface

You may access your prospect lists in a location specifically designed for cold prospecting. Create several lists to classify your prospects further and communicate with them. Manage projects together.

Easy and rapid import of Excel or CSV files.

Give a salesman a list of prospects or a particular prospect. In one click, let a prospect know whether they are unqualified or turn them into leads.

Sales funnel tailored to your needs.

Keep your sales funnel clear of poor leads that won't convert by separating them from your cold prospects. Directly inside noCRM, define the sales stages required for your process.

Specify the sales steps that your team must execute and make each action's possible consequences unique. With only one click, update leads' statuses with the deal's conclusion.

Display choices for a sales funnel

There are three display choices for a sales funnel:

  1. The "pipeline view" gives sales representatives and managers a bird's-eye perspective of their complete sales pipeline. It includes information on the stage at which their leads are, the value of the deals, and more.
  2. The "expanded view" provides your sales reps access to leads' data on a single page and a "to-do" list of important tasks to complete.
  3. Your sales team may conduct bulk activities and examine only the selected information using the "compact view."

A precise picture and analysis of the outcomes for your team

Examine the results of your cold prospecting lists as they advance to understand the prospects' quality better. Check the progress of your sales funnel to check how well leads are being converted from one step to the next and identify any trouble spots for your team.

View the performance and actions of your team

To enhance sales processes, monitor progress toward personalized targets and examine KPIs for your team.

Use email templates to enhance conversations.

You can create and distribute email templates to ensure follow-ups are quicker. Communications between your sales representatives and prospects are consistent. Get alerts when leads open your emails or click on one of the links in the content.

Benefits of Using noCRM

Increase productivity

Stop managing your prospecting with paper notes, post-its, Excel spreadsheets, etc., with the appropriate tool. Because all your leads are kept in one location, you save time and have more mental space. Then, you may use that extra brain space for your duties with a higher added value.

When you open the application first thing at work, depending on your previous communication with them, you immediately know which prospects you need to call. You improve your productivity.

Centralize data 

All of the sales team's access to your contacts' information, including prospects and customers, is through a single location. Each contact's whole relationship history is available to you. To close a deal, you no longer run the danger of forgetting crucial information, and you also don't run the risk of losing client data when a salesperson quits. Additionally, employing SaaS software enables you to carry on with your organization as effectively as possible.

Prospect with a mobile app

Working from your mobile device is one of the additional benefits of centralizing data and utilizing SaaS software. However, ensure that your chosen solution has a mobile application accessible. For instance,'s mobile application has features for voice debriefing and business card scanning that can save time.

Encourage teamwork

Everyone can avoid stepping on one other's toes by sharing information. Salespeople are fully aware of who has spoken to which prospects, what was said, and when the discussions occurred. 

As a result, working together efficiently on an account with other sales reps is made possible by utilizing a shared program. Finally, having access to the whole contact history with a lead makes it easier for new sales representatives to onboard. It ensures that they are operational more rapidly.

Qualify leads

Too frequently, a deal falls through because the initial qualification of the lead was inadequate. It's crucial to qualify cold leads as part of prospecting so you don't waste time on transactions with little chance of closing. With lead management software, you can quickly gather data about a prospect, decide which follow-ups to prioritize, and monitor their development over time.

Shorten sales cycles

Your procedures will run more smoothly if you use lead management software. By always being prepared for an appointment and aware of the next stage in the sales cycle, you will be ready for an appointment.

It will inevitably shorten your sales cycle due to the time you save and the quality of your discussions with prospects.

Better experience for prospects

Consequently, throughout the sales phase, your prospects have far greater interaction with your business, which raises your chances of closing each purchase. A lead is likely to assume that an organization is disorganized if you are not following up with leads after they have demonstrated a willingness. 

Measure and optimize your business performance

Sales managers may monitor each sales representative's activities using lead management software. Setting objectives for each salesperson and keeping track of potential and closed transactions is simple. With the help of this information, you may estimate your sales more accurately and prepare for down periods.


Lead management software is specifically built for a salesperson to close more leads in less time. noCRM, a lead management software, places the lead at the system's heart. 

It boosts productivity and creativity by creating seconds leads and growing the pipeline with inbuilt spreadsheets. noCRM is designed specifically for the sales team. 

With its prospect list of management, you can always keep track of the next actions. It also has GDPR certifications. 

With noCRM, you can organize your sales process and manage the sales cycle from start to end. Try out this tool and get to know yourself.

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Table of Contents

  • What is noCRM?
  • arrow
  • What are the Features of noCRM?
  • arrow
  • How does noCRM enhance your sales process?
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  • Benefits of Using noCRM
  • Conclusion