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Jul 10, 20248 min read

Mindsay: A Holistic Review 2024

Updated onJul 10, 20248 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is Mindsay?
  • How does mindsay work?
  • Critical advantages of utilizing Mindsay
  • Mindsay Pricing
  • The pros of mindsay are the following:
  • The cons of Mindsay are the following:
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  • Mindsay: A Holistic Review 2023
  • Final Thoughts
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The COVID-19 customer care bot, offered free of charge for three months by Mindsay, a pioneer in Customer Experience Automation (CXA) for the travel sector, has helped customers feel less stressed and cut support expenses by promptly responding to their inquiries about viruses.

Mindsay is a conversational AI platform designed for the travel and hospitality sectors that offer scaled-up one-to-one service through automated client contacts. Airlines, online travel agencies, and hotel chains need scalable support that is quick to install and answers concerns about how the pandemic affects their operations since the COVID-19 problem has significantly affected the business and the globe. 

Customer service departments were understaffed and unable to offer the necessary answers on a large scale, which put customers under stress and caused them to wait a long time before receiving a response. Customers need answers to their queries, but businesses might not have enough people to manage the influx, according to Guillaume Laporte, co-founder and CEO of Mindsay. "Since March 2020, inquiries regarding the coronavirus have increased by more than 7,000 percent on our platform. 

To assist, marketers can concentrate on weathering the storm by using our bot to handle interactions about vouchers and cancellations. The COVID-19 bot from Mindsay has pre-built features that let it start in as little as 24 hours, automate up to 80% of queries, react in 110 languages, and interact with more than 30 systems.

What is Mindsay?

Using conversational automation, Mindsay streamlines and expedites client interactions. Mindsay assists customer support teams in overcoming typical obstacles, enabling them to automate client requests, eliminate time-consuming procedures, and maximize the use of their human resources. Mindsay assists businesses in developing their customer service automation strategy, enabling maximal automation of customer interactions and the lowest total cost of ownership—from detailed FAQs to complex transactions.

Through Conversational AI and process automation, Mindsay enables businesses to offer individualized customer support at scale. Its chatbots are pre-trained, utilizing 100,000s of industry-specific conversations so they can respond to your most commonly asked queries from day one.

How does mindsay work?

Mindsay works automatically by resolving problems and routing calls to live operators, Mindsay's conversational IVR technology reduces wait times and boosts customer satisfaction.

The combination of your customer care professionals' knowledge with a conversational IVR system guarantees first-rate customer assistance that scales.

Critical advantages of utilizing Mindsay

  1. Automate a lot of client request traffic
  2. Get rid of laborious procedures
  3. Make the best use of available personnel
  4. Deliver incredible client experiences

Mindsay Pricing

The price structure for Mindsay is intended to lower your overall cost of ownership. Mindsay works with your company where it is right now and adapts as it expands. Mindsay offers a pricing plan tailored for you whether you are a start-up, scale-up, mid-size business, enterprise, or tech/services organization.

  1. Initial cost: $2000 per month
  2. A free trial is offered.
  3. Version for free: Not Available

The pros of mindsay are the following:

  1. Mindsay provides a range of customer service options that can be advantageous to your business.
  2. Additionally, it has the intelligence to transfer the call to a human agent if it cannot resolve the issue.
  3. It allows you to service customers from all around the world because it supports 110 different languages.
  4. It can also serve as a tireless salesperson who is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Customers may target specific replies for CSAT/NPS and other KPIs using tracking and analytics technologies.
  6. The ability of the bot to connect to CRM and other systems and do real-time data checks is a huge advantage. The bot is helpful to our customer service staff because of its features.
  7. The staff at Mindsay are informed, kind, and devoted to their customers. They function successfully and efficiently as they quickly understand the needs and offer answers.

The cons of Mindsay are the following:

  1. Technical expertise is required to create a chatbot utilizing this platform.
  2. Additional layout options and little UX improvements would be beneficial.
  3. Managing NLP used to be difficult, but recent developments have made it possible for consumers to do so much more swiftly.
  4. There isn't a broad overview of the flow. You cannot go from one use case to another because you are unsure of what links to which use case.
  5. When you see everything separately, keeping track of everything and maximizing the user experience isn't easy.
  6. It is challenging to use the site without assistance. The advanced use case is complicated, with many Answers, views, names, etc.
  7. It is not optimal to label. It cannot be worked on simultaneously by more individuals.

Mindsay: A Holistic Review 2023

Outstanding product, personnel, and customer service

Mindsay is extremely simple to use and doesn't call for specialized IT skills, allowing clients to be autonomous (i.e., complete freedom to modify the content, add or remove CTA, and create new bot answers...). The ability to track performance: With monitoring and analytics tools, customers can track CSAT/NPS and other KPIs and target specific responses, which is highly helpful when introducing new scenarios or improving existing ones. 

A significant benefit is that the bot can quickly connect to CRM and other databases, allowing real-time data checking. The bot is handy to our customer care staff because of this functionality. - the bot's capacity to be controlled in 4 distinct languages.


Employees at Mindsay are knowledgeable, enjoyable to deal with, and always on the side of their clients. They work well and swiftly, give answers, and rapidly grasp the demands.

Most accessible content management platform, most refined multilingual platform

The chatbot allows us to assist customers in four languages by referring them to our website's content, opening cases (connected to our CRM), or managing a live conversation with agents.

Simple management of website and CRM language installation Clients may be more independent in the content management team and more receptive to feedback and new features thanks to the platform's constant modifications.

A Game Changer

Fantastic thus far experience. Even though it's still early, the team's excellent internal communication shows the ability to deliver quality service and meet deadlines.

For someone without technical knowledge, the simplicity of use is excellent. The conversation flow-building mechanism is simple to use and offers consistency.

A dependable and responsive partner

Since customers started working with Mindsay (2018), it has always responded to their problems. It understands how to address the demands of the clientele. It continues to release fascinating new features for its clients in the back-office and to see how satisfied the clients are, which is essential.

Professional Staff And Interesting Products

Mindsay is the best partner, discovered for increasing the client's level of autonomy, and there have been multiple platform enhancements to that effect. The staff is exceptionally committed, receptive to new ideas, and provides insightful criticism on current implementations. 

Final Thoughts

An online AI conversational tool called Mindsay offers simple customer management. It provides a standard code interface and a strong connection. Excellent customer service from Mindsay increases your income. To use this tool for building chatbots, you must have some technical skills. Taking into account all of Mindsay's benefits and drawbacks, it has the potential to be a handy tool for your company.

Here we have discussed all details about it, such as how it works, its key advantages, its holistic 2023 review, and pricing.

I hope you like it. Sign up BotPenguin for more details about chatbots. It's free of cost.

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Table of Contents

  • What is Mindsay?
  • How does mindsay work?
  • Critical advantages of utilizing Mindsay
  • Mindsay Pricing
  • The pros of mindsay are the following:
  • The cons of Mindsay are the following:
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  • Mindsay: A Holistic Review 2023
  • Final Thoughts