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Oct 23, 202311 min read

Livechat Etiquette: Do's & Don'ts for Online Conversations

Updated onOct 23, 202311 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Live chat guidelines to provide excellent customer service
  • Conclusion
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Providing outstanding customer service is one of every company's top priorities. According to Gartner Research, more than two-thirds of businesses compete primarily based on customer experience.

It's also no secret that many clients who have had a good experience with the business would gladly refer it to their family or friends.

But how can you be confident that your customer service representatives are conducting customer conversations well?

Live chat is the most crucial method for offering immediate sales and support assistance. As a result, support agents must provide top-notch service to develop trusting connections with clients. You must ensure your staff adheres to the live chat protocol and rules to provide outstanding customer service.

Live chat guidelines to provide excellent customer service

Customer satisfaction is negatively impacted by poor customer service, which affects the trust of your brand. You can provide a great live chat support experience by explaining chat etiquette to your team and outlining the rules.

Let's talk about some standard chat etiquette guidelines businesses can use to set good standards for live chat behavior.

Set a good example

One of the most crucial live chat etiquette rules is that customer service representatives should be able to frame the conversation positively. 

Agents should be upbeat and courteous when managing conversations since the appropriate way to resolve a problem is as important as finding the answer to the customer's question.

Use sympathetic language to give your clients the impression that you comprehend their experiences and emotions. They'll feel more at ease opening out to you, which will help you forge solid connections.

Useful positive expressions include:

  • Just don't think twice.
  • Please be aware of that.
  • Please allow me to check this for you for a moment. 

Bad expressions to avoid:

  • Don't just say nay out loud.
  • Visit our website to learn more.
  • Say, "There might be a problem here; let me verify this," instead of utilizing the I think, feel, or belief statements.

If there is bad news to share, the agent should place it at the beginning of the session and give the good news at the conclusion to increase client satisfaction.

For quicker responses, use canned responses

Like everyone else, customers dislike waiting. They anticipate receiving a timely, efficient response to their inquiry. Canned responses that have been properly designed can aid in handling customers' issues swiftly and effectively.

With the help of a team of experts, we have developed a set of guidelines that will help you create a successful program.

Examples of canned responses include:a

  • Your message has been received, and we are addressing it.
  • Your matter is still in our hands. We'll keep you informed soon.
  • Your issue has been fixed.
  • Were you pleased with the outcome?

Use bots to provide hybrid support

For real-time client engagement, live chat, and chatbots are good options. 

Businesses must know client preferences to deliver automated conversational help using both platforms effectively. 

Chatbots are the greatest solution for companies that must provide real-time customer service around the clock.

The chat policies state that live chat operators should handle difficult conversations requiring human interaction. In contrast, FAQs should be handled primarily by chatbots.

Provide your consumers access to hybrid assistance that combines live chat and chatbots. While humans can tackle difficult questions, bots can handle FAQs.

Provide a simple method for your users to contact your customer care team. User participation will rise, and consumer happiness will rise as a result.

However, companies are advised to use both channels to provide a hybrid customer care experience.

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Avoid keeping clients waiting

The faster the response time is during a live chat, the better the customer service.

More than 30% of customers expect live chat on your website, according to a Forrester study. 

They become frustrated and irritated if they cannot communicate with the support agent in real time. 

If they don't get an immediate response, many buyers will give up on their purchase!

The ideal method to win over your clients is to resolve their issues during the initial conversation without requiring them to repeatedly return and repeat their inquiries. Implementing live chat advice at work might help you attract more devoted clients.

Also, your operators should automatically accept many chat requests and provide customers with the timely, helpful answers they need.

Make your live support more humanlike

Have you ever considered the possibility that your clients could feel as though they are conversing with a robot?

Customers usually get the impression that the interaction is artificial. The main cause is that the support staff fails to treat chats with a human touch.

Lack of personal touch can hurt your business, leading to unhappy consumers and customer loss. Hence, bringing a personal touch to chat conversions is a crucial chat etiquette guideline that every company should adhere to.

To deliver a humanized conversational experience, use the following advice:

  • Add the real photo and title of the live support person to your chat profile to update it.
  • While handling consumer conversations, use the prewritten messages appropriately.
  • Use individualized communication to establish an emotional connection with your audience.

Shorten reaction times

Many companies struggle to provide real-time responses during peak times, which is the leading cause of customer churn. Customers demand quicker responses when they contact you, or they risk becoming frustrated and leaving.

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A nice live chat etiquette advice would be to route conversations to the appropriate staff. When chats are routed to the appropriate division, the agents ought to quickly ascertain the problem and offer practical solutions far more quickly.

Having enough personnel on board to handle consumer conversations well. It helps to maintain service quality and enhance the critical business measure of First Response Time (FRT).

Automate your customer service with bots to instantly respond to questions based on information. Bots are ready around-the-clock to communicate with users and provide prompt responses.

Request advice to make improvements.

Consumer opinions are crucial to every organization. Feedback is one of the finest ways to learn about consumer happiness. Feedback offers insightful information that can help you improve your product and business operations.

Afterward, you can immediately solicit consumer feedback:

The conclusion of a live chat: You can ask clients for comments on their live chat experience after the discussion has ended. Upon the completion of the customer service request, you may contact your clients to get their feedback.

Asking for client input and acting on it are crucial live chat etiquette rules and a crucial element in determining a company's success. Customer feedback is useful in transforming your brand's goods and services to suit their demands better.

Use salutations of welcome

One of the best methods to engage and convert visitors to your website is with warm welcomes. Your audience can be greatly engaged and given a better experience with a well-timed greeting message.

Following welcome messages as a norm of chat etiquette encourages users to use the product correctly to receive considerable benefits, start conversations, and improve product engagement.

These are some rules for using chat greetings in live chat:

  1. When onboarding new clients, delivering welcome messages is the best way to communicate the main brand messaging.
  2. Employ page-specific chat greetings - When a visitor spends a long time on a page, it is an excellent opportunity to start a proactive chat by sending the appropriate personalized messages.
  3. Employ triggers to reach the correct audience. Sales conversions are greatly impacted by sending the right communications to the right people at the right time.
  4. Promote deals with welcome messages - By proactively starting dialogues with visitors, you can engage them more and increase conversions.

Teach live chat ethics to your team

Team building exercises are required and crucial. A deep understanding of the product and services helps handle problems promptly and efficiently. 

You can use a chat etiquette PowerPoint presentation to train your employees to handle client inquiries effectively.

  • While speaking with customers, prefer using the first-person perspective.
  • Employ language that is appropriate to your products and services.
  • Steer clear of technical jargon.
  • Determine the issue and present workable remedies.

Customer questions are answered immediately by a workforce that has received proper training and understanding. As a result, team productivity and first-contact resolution are enhanced by miles!

Develop the appropriate social abilities as conversation guidelines

It's crucial to connect with people on a human level when you work with clients. The client should think they are speaking with someone who genuinely cares and wants to address their issue.

The following fundamental interpersonal competencies might be regarded as professional chat etiquette:

Use active listening skills

The chat protocol at work should be to listen intently to the customers. Simply said, the fact that customer service representatives do not "listen" to them is one of the key reasons businesses receive so many customer complaints.

Finding out exactly what your customers want, as well as their ideas and criticism may be done by listening to them. The gathered data can be distributed to the teams within the relevant business teams for implementation.

Keep your word.

Keep your word when you guarantee or promise something to your clients, like free delivery, to avoid future disappointment. 

It demonstrates that you cannot uphold your obligations to your consumer due to circumstances beyond your control. Therefore, one of the greatest live chat manners is never overpromising to customers.

Be understanding

It takes skill to manage your clients' moods. When resolving consumer complaints and angry clients, display your aesthetic beauty. 

You can demonstrate your capacity to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes" using appropriate empathy statements. Customers feel understood and validated when you use the appropriate language.

Use clear language with proper grammar and spelling.

Customers typically have trouble understanding technical jargon. It is a crucial chat etiquette that you explain things to them simply and without using jargon. Use clear, concise queries as much as possible. 

It is always beneficial to identify and fix the problem right away.

You must ensure no grammatical or spelling issues in the chat solutions you provide to your consumers. Make careful to read all of your customers' questions before preparing your responses.

Control over ellipses, emojis, and abbreviations allows users to customize chat interactions. It reduces the likelihood of a word being misunderstood.

For instance, because it is a neutral word, "OK" can be understood in various ways. The word "OK" can be made expressive by adding an emoji.

Protip: For a dialogue, avoid utilizing ALL CAPS in your phrases. Ideally, capital letters stand for screaming; therefore, utilizing them can come out as unpleasant or burdensome.

Abbreviations should only be used appropriately because chat exchanges with clients move quickly. The excessive use of acronyms reveals your lack of activity.

Specify your goals

Letting clients know how long it can take to speak with a live support agent is usually a good idea. Customers can know how long they will have to wait by giving them an approximate queue time by queuing up the chats.

Queuing allows you to keep expectations in check while allowing clients to use their precious time however they see fit.

Here are some suggestions for communicating the waiting time to your consumers.

  • You can instruct the agents to manage many chats at once.
  • Chats sent to the appropriate teams can lead to quicker resolutions and shorter wait times.
  • Establish a clear expectation for the wait time so they won't be irritated.

Stick to the subject at hand.

Although it is welcomed when consumers engage in general conversation, leaving the subject frequently is not a good practice. Making it a requirement of live chat policies would ensure that all new and returning clients observe it.

Customers typically appreciate it when conversations stay on-topic because it shortens the conversation time and enables them to return to work following a rapid query resolution.

Never ignore a customer's message

Customers anticipate a prompt and efficient response from you when they contact you. Nonetheless, it is common to encounter situations for which you do not have a pertinent response or solution.

Customers may occasionally ask you questions that necessitate gathering further data or speaking with top managers.

What protocol is expected in this chat room? You can respectfully inform them that you are considering their question and will get back to them shortly.

By using encouraging expressions like "Just give me a minute. I'll swiftly research this for you. Believe me! You won't be made aware of your helplessness. Instead, it will demonstrate your desire to assist and solve the issue.

Top recommendations:

  • Instead of responding immediately with a nonsensical response, taking time and delivering important facts is preferable. 
  • The latter can put your brand's trust in danger, causing a major loss.
  • Ensure you update customers when you say you'll return quickly. 
  • Customers value your professional chat etiquette, and it makes a positive impression.

Conclude discussions on a positive note.

Ending the conversation is crucial because you, as a company, are expressing your joy at the opportunity to serve them and your gratitude for their choice.

By using encouraging language such as, "Thank you for choosing us. We hope you are satisfied with our service." and "It was a pleasure serving you. 

Encouraging word-of-mouth promotion and following these guidelines for business chat etiquette will help you grow your customer base.


Effective communication is vital for providing excellent customer service through live chat. 

By following the given guidelines of live chat etiquette, businesses, and individuals can improve their online conversations and create a positive customer experience.

 Be courteous, professional, and empathetic when communicating with customers or clients online. 

Always listen carefully, address their concerns promptly, and strive to exceed their expectations.

By implementing these practices, businesses can build stronger customer relationships, enhance their reputation, and ultimately drive growth and success.

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  • Live chat guidelines to provide excellent customer service
  • Conclusion