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Aug 25, 20236 min read

Interesting Facts about Bold360

Updated onAug 25, 20236 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is Bold360?
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  • Highlight of Bold360
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  • 12 facts to blow your mind about Bold360.
  • Conclusion 
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For the last few years, Bold360 has been one of the top-rated CRM and has also gotten 94% of positive reviews. 

It is a cloud-based CRM software or a live chat platform that offers customer communication from any place in the world. 

Bold360 CRM uses AI or artificial intelligence to support organizations.

An integrated AI chatbot offers a primary client engagement option for salespeople. With the help of this CRM, users can engage with customers, enhance their business relationships at scale, and reduce the stress on customer service teams. 

The bots are available 24/7 for your customers when you are not available. It helps you generate more leads and increase sales. 

Want to know more about Bold360 CRM? 

Here are 12 amazing facts about Bold360.

What is Bold360?

Bold360 is a one-stop shop for omnichannel engagement that allows customers to communicate and manage support from anywhere in the world.

 It is a conversational AI and live chat platform with customer engagement and service features. 

Bold360 CRM enables users to humanize customer support efforts, communicate and manage reports online, and also helps the user to engage Smarter to Deliver better customer engagement outcomes. 

Highlight of Bold360

Bold360's features:

  1. AI/Machine Learning
  2. Alerts / Escalation
  3. Augmented Analytics
  4. Automated Responses
  5. Automated Routing
  6. Canned Responses
  7. Chatbot
  8. Code-free Development
  9. Collaboration Tools
  10. Communication Management
  11. Content Management
  12. Contextual Guidance
  13. Customer Segmentation
  14. Customer Support
  15. Customizable Branding. 

What does Bold360 Offer?


  1. Live Chat (Desktop & Mobile)
  2. In-App Mobile Chat (Mobile SDK)
  3. Email
  4. Text Messaging
  5. Facebook Messenger
  6. WhatsApp (beta)
  7. Video Chat
  8. File Transfer
  9. Co-browsing
  10. Visitor Monitoring
  11. Skills-Based Routing


  1. Includes all Agent features, plus:
  2. AI Chatbots/Virtual Agents
  3. Conversational Designer
  4. Natural Language Processing
  5. AI-Powered Self-Service
  6. Proactive Outreach Engine
  7. Dynamic Search Bar
  8. Resource Management
  9. Smart Routing


  1. Natural Language Processing
  2. Portal Templates
  3. Knowledge Management
  4. Salesforce Integration
  5. Chrome Browser Extension
  6. Article Suggestions
  7. Exposed Meta-Data
  9. Insights Dashboard


  1. Includes all Agent features, plus:
  2. AI Chatbots/Virtual Agents
  3. Conversational Designer
  4. Natural Language Processing
  5. AI-Powered Self-Service
  6. Microsoft Teams Integration (beta)
  7. Chrome Browser Extension
  8. Knowledge Management
  9. Agent Smart Advisor
  10. Voices Dashboard


  1. Salesforce
  2. ServiceNow
  3. Zendesk
  4. GeoFluent
  5. Google Analytics. 

12 facts to blow your mind about Bold360.

Bold360 engages smarter, not harder. 

Bold360 helps live chat and support agents efficiently deliver smarter, personalized customer experiences with self-help automation. It offers live chat, email, social, and remote support from a single platform. Engage smarter with Bold360 customer analytics. 

Bold360's AI makes life easy.

Bold360 AI provides a simple and highly intelligent solution you can deploy across all your existing and future customer engagement platforms.

The customer journey starts with a Bold360 AI frictionless conversation engine which uses natural language understanding to determine intent. It effortlessly supports millions of customers to provide consistent and scalable service. Bold360 CRM can make every engagement more impactful to deliver better outcomes faster.

Self-service at full speed. 

Traditionally finding an answer on a company website meant scrolling pages and reading numerous articles, hoping to find what you need. However, with Bold360's self-service chatbots, customers can simply ask what they're looking for. 

Even if the same question is asked differently, the chatbot's natural language processing understands the question's intent and delivers the correct response. 

More engaging content like videos can be shown right in the chat window, creating a rich media experience for the customer without directing them off your website. Businesses can also present click button options to the customer. 

You can guide people to products and services and help them find exactly what they're looking for. 

You can offer a carousel of images and links, which makes it easy for customers to take action immediately, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. 

Seamless Bot-To-Agent flow. 

It offers a completely seamless experience for the customer, a welcome message, and a list of common questions to help the customer get started. 

Bold360's artificial intelligence continues to support this engagement even after passing it off to a human. The AI acts as a smart advisor to the agent, reading the interaction and providing suggested responses for the agency's using all. 

The agent has to click on the suggested answer and send it to the customer. They can make changes to the response before sending it if needed. If the response was appropriate and answered the question, the agent can give it a thumbs up. 

However, suppose the article was irrelevant or needed improvement. In that case, the agent can give it a thumbs down and provide detailed feedback to the content manager. 

When talking with a chatbot or a human agent Bold360 CRM makes it easy for your customer to get the answers they need when chatbots and humans work seamlessly together. 

Better KPIs ASAP! 

With Bold360, you never have to worry about how you're performing key KPIs, and actionable insights are right in front of your eyes. 

Bold360 CRM voices dashboard gives you a quick overview of how you are doing with self-service. See how many more engagements and interactions you've had with customers since adding self-service to your site and how well self-service is answering customer inquiries. 

Also, you can see where unanswered questions are routed to other channels when needed. 

The interactions chart gives a quick overview of engagements over time, showing how you're trending with self-service metrics.

 The journey tracking chart measures the completion rates of tracked events during the visitor's journey. Insights are endless with our AI analytics and reporting. 

The Bold360 CRM live agent interface also offers robust analytics and customizable reporting. 

You can schedule a snapshot of key KPIs updates in real-time, and reports to run as frequently as you need. 

Detailed report results help managers identify when their customers are experiencing friction so they can make changes that improve the customer experience with Bold360 CRM.

Bold360's integration experience feels amazing. 

It connects with numerous third-party integrations. You can import and export data across various platforms and create a great lead pipeline.

Personalize every engagement with Bold360. 

Bold360 helps personalize and enhance every customer engagement, allowing companies to deliver better and more consistent customer experiences seamlessly. It helps agents do what they do best – be human. 

The human touch in Bold360. 

Bold360 uses natural language in its conversation engine. It is one of the best AI-powered live chat and conversational software. You can Deliver better customer outcomes faster with Bold360.

Bold360 is super instrumental. 

Bold360's flexibility and integrations make it instrumental for many companies.

Bold360, a bolder way to communicate

This AI-based CRM listens to the customers. It helps communicate to create a good bonding between customers and your business.

More than 94% of positive reviews for Bold360.

Bold360 has been one of the top-rated customer support platforms for the last few years.

Clean and Smooth UI Bold360.

Bold360 is an open-book CRM that provides a crystal clear experience with robust features. Also, consults everything with your company's service teams before taking any major decision.


You can get many alternatives to Bold360, but it is undoubtedly effective and pragmatic. In addition, it also provides tightly connected live agent and chatbot, customer data utilization, omnichannel support and engagement, and more.

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Table of Contents

  • What is Bold360?
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  • Highlight of Bold360
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  • 12 facts to blow your mind about Bold360.
  • Conclusion