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Apr 8, 20234 min read

How to Easily Integrate CRM With Whatsapp in 7 Steps?

Updated onApr 8, 20234 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is WhatsApp CRM?
  • What is the significance of CRM integration with WhatsApp?
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  • Getting a WhatsApp CRM Integration: In 7 easy steps
  • The Final Note
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If your CRM solution does not integrate with chat apps, you should read this: Text messages are preferred by customers over phone calls and emails. 80% of WhatsApp messages are viewed within 5 minutes after being sent. However, email receivers often take 10 hours to respond.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging program for personal and commercial communication. Why do business companies utilize WhatsApp CRM? This customer relationship management (CRM) technology is essential because all your consumers utilize WhatsApp to check messages and respond.

Business enterprises can use WhatsApp as a sales machine and gain extra advantages by integrating the messaging service with their CRM systems.

We'll begin by defining a WhatsApp CRM and discussing the essentials of CRM WhatsApp connection. All of your queries will be addressed in this blog post.

What is WhatsApp CRM?

The combination of a WhatsApp API account and a CRM is called WhatsApp CRM. To receive and respond to WhatsApp messages inside of their CRM, businesses typically want a WhatsApp CRM.

However, because CRMs were designed with email as the primary communication channel in view, not all of them enable native WhatsApp interfaces, and instead rely on third-party integrations and extensions.

How you combine a CRM with WhatsApp depends entirely on your company's needs and the CRM you already use. Before investing in a WhatsApp CRM integration, you should be aware of a few things.

What is the significance of CRM integration with WhatsApp?

As you have now realized, a CRM WhatsApp integration enables business owners to chat with numerous clients simultaneously.

As a result, you may use your CRM system to send multiple customers direct messages at once. There are various reasons why you should combine WhatsApp with a CRM system.

  • First, integrating WhatsApp CRM enables two-way communication between your company and customers. 
  • You can share multiple multimedia assets to any customer-facing issues using this method.
  • Also, a CRM system significantly lessens the administrative burden on your sales representatives. They are more productive and operate more effectively thanks to this system.
  • CRM WhatsApp integration improves customer service, increases client retention, and boosts business growth.

Getting a WhatsApp CRM Integration: In 7 easy steps

By harnessing the potential of CRM and WhatsApp integration, all commercial companies can send direct WhatsApp messages to their prospective clients and customers. Integration of CRM demonstrates a two-way exchange of information between the company and its clients.

This integration swiftly addresses specific consumers' concerns by sending them multiple multimedia attachments.

Through a single WhatsApp channel, you can streamline your operative manner. Integrating WhatsApp with your CRM can help you increase customer retention and drive sales. To get the most out of WhatsApp and your current CRM solution, follow these instructions to link WhatsApp to your CRM account.

Step 1

First, determine whether WhatsApp integration is supported by your current CRM program. There are several potential causes for your present system's lack of support, including an outdated version of WhatsApp or configuration problems.

The majority of the top CRM programs allow WhatsApp integration.

Step 2

If your CRM system allows for a WhatsApp connection, you must first create a WhatsApp API account.

Step 3

You must upgrade to a WhatsApp API account even if you already have a free WhatsApp business account.

Step 4

If your CRM system supports WhatsApp integration, you must choose the phone number that is most accessible for your WhatsApp API account.

Step 5

Verify that this figure won't change in the future.

Step 6

Connecting your CRM and WhatsApp API account is the following action. Make a procedure for incoming WhatsApp messages next.

Step 7

Viewing all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages on the CRM dashboard completes integrating CRM with WhatsApp.

The Final Note

WhatsApp CRM integration can significantly improve your company's communication efforts and customer experience. Whether you are a small business or a well-established major enterprise makes no difference.

All commercial businesses can guarantee a lengthy list of advantages after connecting their CRM with WhatsApp, as shown in the blog that was just mentioned.

These features include access to client information, broadcast messages, effective team collaboration, helpdesk capabilities, instant and real-time chats, pre-set message templates, scheduled messages, seamless communication, ticket production, and WhatsApp message alerts.

When integrating WhatsApp with the CRMs of your choice for increased sales productivity, a WhatsApp CRM integration service provider in India can give you a competitive advantage. Check Out BotPenguin.

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Table of Contents

  • What is WhatsApp CRM?
  • What is the significance of CRM integration with WhatsApp?
  • arrow
  • Getting a WhatsApp CRM Integration: In 7 easy steps
  • The Final Note