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Jan 10, 202420 min read

How you can create Automated Customer Service with chatbots?

Updated onJan 10, 202420 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What Is Customer Service Automation?
  • Why are chatbots important in customer service?
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  • Why Should You Prioritize Automated Customer Service with chatbots?
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  • How can you create automated customer service with chatbots?
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  • 3 Fully-Automated Customer Service Chatbot Solutions
  • Conclusion
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Today's customers want more digital service with less patience and attention. There is a huge increasing demand for digital assistance with a simple click. Nearly 85% of customer interactions happen without a human. Every customer expects top-notch customer service from any brand.  But who can provide such tremendous customer service hours without burning themselves out? Many would say chatbots, but it also needs humans to intervene. Not unless it is an automated system. Oh no! You don't need a robot, like Chitti or Terminator. Automated customer service chatbots can do your job! But what is automated customer service? Automated customer service is the new face of client-serving platforms. It automates workflows and reduces human involvement. 48% of customer service interactions are handled entirely by customer experience automation chatbots?

Every business is not only turning its heads toward AI and chatbots but also to automates customer service. If you want to create automated customer service with chatbots, continue reading.

What Is Customer Service Automation?

Customer service automation is a client service that uses tools to automate workflows and activities, decreasing the need for human intervention to resolve customer issues. Customers who want account information, answers to frequently asked questions, or assistance locating a specific resource benefit the most from this approach. In the event of inefficiency or redundancy, the automated customer support procedure removes human touchpoints.

Customer service automation involves replacing human operations with advanced automation technologies and virtual assistants, such as a keyword or AI chatbot. It employs defined standards and artificial intelligence (AI) to assist clients with concerns such as order changes, bug reports, business hours, and account information.

Here are a few examples of automated customer service features:

  1. Chatbots
  2. Email Automation
  3. Automated Workflows
  4. Self-Service Help Desk
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These capabilities help your audience get the help they need on time, minimize customer support employees' workload, and save money by covering several platforms.


Why are chatbots important in customer service?

Customer care chatbots may significantly cut response time and total handling time. Customers anticipate a speedy answer when they have an essential inquiry, especially when using channels like live chat. They can answer Customers' questions in seconds with a chatbot, which boosts service agent satisfaction since the task of a customer support representative becomes more complex and less routine. Chatbots allow businesses to deliver faster, more efficient service while lowering their OPEX. A chatbot may also assist clients with their issues on any day, including holidays and weekends.


Why Should You Prioritize Automated Customer Service with chatbots?

Increase brand loyalty and referrals

Customer service automation allows you to develop a one-to-one relationship with consumers through seamless assistance across channels, devices, and platforms. Companies can acquire referrals and promote client acquisitions by providing excellent customer service. Customers who have had good customer service are 38 percent more inclined to suggest the firm, and 93 percent are more likely to make repeat purchases.

Eliminating Human Error

Humans make mistakes, no matter how competent or experienced your support workers are, and they may happen at any moment. Automating your customer support process may help you minimize your team's burden, eliminate typical mistakes, and increase customer happiness.

Automate Simple and Repetitive Tasks

Instead of an agent inputting the same information every day, a simple bot might take over for a typical set of inquiries. A bot can collect feedback after an encounter in addition to responding to consumer inquiries. The client is more likely to answer the survey since it is part of the dialogue. It allows employees to focus on more complicated questions while saving time and resources.

Reduce Cost

Reduce expenses by automating customer service. Businesses save money when they use a chatbot efficiently. How? A chatbot may respond to many messages at once. This capacity makes it an ideal alternative for dealing with growing customer support inquiries while keeping expenses under control. As a result, deploying an intelligent bot for your company reduces operating expenses and makes you available wherever your customers need you.

According to an IBM research, businesses spend nearly $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer support calls. Chatbots, according to Chatbots Magazine, can save service expenses by 30%.

Improve omnichannel customer experience

The core of successful customer service is an omnichannel customer experience. Consumer experiences should be consistent and exceptional across all touchpoints to increase engagement and loyalty. According to studies, 90% of customers demand omnichannel service with seamless communication across all platforms. Researchers revealed that businesses with great multi-channel engagement had a 9.5 percent annual gain in revenue, compared to a 3.4 percent yearly raise for companies with a mediocre omnichannel experience. Customer service automation contributed to a better omnichannel experience and increased customer satisfaction.

Keep Testing and Ask for Feedback

Customers and employees alike should find customer service automation enticing. Furthermore, it should be advantageous to your company. To obtain that degree of coherence, you must continue to test the system. Testing will also assist you in staying current and running smoothly from there. It also aids in the development of your automation plan. 

Automated Follow-ups

Chatbots help if you have more than a functional website to convert a potential consumer into a paying customer. And it rarely happens on the first visit. To create a successful sales proposal, you must have outstanding follow-up abilities. A human agent isn't always up to the task. Apart from being a time-consuming task, the leads typically dry up in a couple of hours.

Seamless Transfer

For effective customer service, chatbots and human workers must work together. Suppose a chatbot correctly answers basic questions but fails to send complicated ones to a human agent. In that case, the overall customer experience effort will suffer. In an automated system, a smooth chatbot to human handoff is critical.

Personalized customer experience 24/7

Chatbot-assisted customer service allows clients to receive individualized care throughout the year. Thanks to chatbots set in numerous languages, customers may obtain service in their local language. Chatbots' multilingual capabilities enable organizations to provide tailored experiences for their consumers while increasing brand appeal to a broader audience. Chatbots assist customers all year long, increasing engagement and brand loyalty. According to 64% of clients, the best aspect of chatbots is 24/7 service availability. 


How can you create automated customer service with chatbots?

Step 1: Don't Forget About Human Touch

One of the essential parts of any effective support service is the human-to-human interaction, which should never sacrifice for automation.

Customer service automation intends to supplement rather than replace your personnel. Customers still require the empathy, flexibility, and respect that they receive from human agents.

Remember that the objective isn't to replace the support agents but to lessen the amount of work they have to do to please customers and provide them the respect and support they deserve. As a result, only utilize automation where it benefits the client journey.

Step 2: Create and Update Content for Your Knowledge Base

One of the most critical tasks in automating your customer support is to create knowledge base material. You can address simple difficulties and answer your clients' commonly asked questions without any human participation if you create and update it regularly.

Share accessible and aesthetically beautiful material like FAQs, tutorials, infographics, product images, or step-by-step directions. Moreover, you can update them often to prevent your visitors from moving away and seeking elsewhere for their answers.

Step 3: Make use of chatbots to communicate with customers.

AI chatbots can maintain genuine conversations and provide programmed replies to your consumers' fundamental inquiries. Chatbots may contact your users, inquiring about their problems, and route them to the appropriate team and agent.

You may use them to track down consumers who call after business hours, generate tickets, and follow up with them later.

While no one enjoys receiving an automatic response, chatbots may save you more. They can provide you with a holistic perspective of the situation by first inquiring about the problem and gathering information. It can collect data about the person's background and previous purchases so that the agent has enough knowledge to solve the problem.

Step 4: Make Your Automated Customer Service More Personal

There's nothing wrong with employing premade automatic replies as long as they don't come across as robotic. Automated responses don't need to act like actual people. Still, they must be tailored and adapted to the specific concerns.

Pre-write replies, build distinct templates for each channel and let your agents customize them by adding the customer's name, transaction history, and other facts. Personalizing answers may give your company that additional friendly touch that your clients will love.

Step 5: Collect and act on feedback

Automation is a terrific approach to improving customer service, but it takes time. To construct excellent automated customer support, you'll need multiple testing and frequent feedback from your customers.

After your customers' issues no longer exist, create a survey asking them to rate your services on a scale of 1 to 10. Moreover, you can ask them to write about any issues they had.

Capturing consumer feedback and acting on it helps them feel appreciated and encourages them to engage more with your brands. It will also influence your automation improvements and assist you in providing better service to your clients.


3 Fully-Automated Customer Service Chatbot Solutions

Hubspot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is a service management platform that allows you to perform frictionless onboarding. It provides flexible customer assistance and regularly strengthens customer connections by adding new services. Service Hub lets you enhance your support services and satisfy your consumers by giving effective end-to-end services, such as automation and self-service.


BotPenguin is a multi-channel automated customer care solution that connects your staff with consumers and leads that want quick assistance. BotPenguin's many automation capabilities, such as its chatbot and ticketing system, allow you to automate customer interactions and begin servicing customers or prospects in only a few clicks.

Zoho Desk

Your team may use Zoho Desk to automate categorizing tickets by due dates, status, and attention needs. Reps can access prior client discussions and handle their queries faster instead of wasting time searching for information about a customer.


Human touch and automated customer service are the two sides of a seesaw. A balance of both is vital for providing a great customer experience. After all, automation has put a stronghold in the future of customer service. Chatbots won't replace humans. 

Instead, they work together with the customer service team. When a customer gets stuck with an issue, automation chatbots are intelligent enough to help them. If not, they can also seamlessly transfer to human agents. It provides crisp and precise answers to all users' questions throughout the day and night. 

Building automated customer service chatbots is simple with the steps mentioned above. Having automated customer service is an excellent boost to any business.

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Table of Contents

  • What Is Customer Service Automation?
  • Why are chatbots important in customer service?
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  • Why Should You Prioritize Automated Customer Service with chatbots?
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  • How can you create automated customer service with chatbots?
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  • 3 Fully-Automated Customer Service Chatbot Solutions
  • Conclusion