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Hiver: An In-depth review 2024

Updated on
Oct 31, 20235 min read
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    Table of content

  • What is Hiver?
  • Features of Hiver
  • How does Hiver work?
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  • The Benefits of using Hiver
  • Drawbacks of Hiver
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  • Hiver pricing models
  • Integrations of Hiver
  • Conclusion 

As a business, you want to make your customer feel special with great customer service. But managing support through email can slow you down. 

That's why Hiver has been created, a delightfully simple solution for your customer service needs. You get all the functionalities of a powerful helpdesk right inside your Gmail. 

So no more missed emails, asking around for updates, no more confusion. 

With Hiver, your team can work together on emails using tools like email assignments, chat-style notes, collision alerts, and shared drafts. 

Not to forget, you can track all your important metrics with high verse rich analytics, and all of these through the super familiar interface of Gmail.

This article will provide you with a depth review of Hiver. Keep reading to learn more about Hiver.

What is Hiver?

Hiver is a no-code conversational chatbot for actual leads, which enables you to manage your sales efficiently and allows users to close more sales in less time. 

Hiver is utilized by thousands of enterprises globally. Users may modify their bots by customizing welcoming messages, agent data, and colors by selecting templates from various popular chat scripts. It provides all the tools you need for exceptional customer support without any of the complexities and feature overload that come with other help desk products.

Features of Hiver

Here are some main features of Hiver:

  1. SaaS help desk software
  2. Collaborative inbox for teams
  3. Email delegation for Gmail
  4. Share emails in Gmail
  5. Email Monitoring
  6. Remote Support
  7. Response Management
  8. Project Management
  9. Alerts / Escalation
  10. Automated Routing

How does Hiver work?

Hiver is the simplest path to customer delight. 

It enhances user-friendly collaboration features, advanced analytics to keep on top of your metrics, and automation to power up productivity. It grows as your business grows.

Without breaking a sweat, Hiver works with your Gmail so you can provide stellar personalized customer service to every customer.

Hiver is designed to make your job easier so that you don’t have to learn another solution and sweep customers off their feet with fast, meaningful communication. 

Since Hiver validates prospects in real-time, users won't have to worry about heavy traffic or fraudulent leads, as It also features an automated lead verification feature.

By sending periodic follow emails to high-quality prospects, it broadens its reach. 

As a consequence, users improve their efforts by monitoring, as well as by accessing a data-driven analytical dashboard for better understanding. 

Additionally, native connectivity with users' favorite tools such as Slack, Mailchimp, WordPress, and others is simple. 

The Benefits of using Hiver

1. Allows Cost-Effective Collaboration

Hiver is business software, an out-of-the-box solution that makes collaboration robust and simple for your team without your company needing to shell out a big sum for a custom platform. 

To perform top-notch customer support, all you need is a Gmail account, hire individuals and teams, manage your daily operations efficiently, and handle tasks right from the familiar Gmail inbox interface.

2. Useful Shared Inbox

Hiver enables you to manage shared inboxes from your Gmail account. You can organize your emails and assign them to the right team members for appropriate follow-ups. 

You can easily view all your emails, track their progress, delegate work to your teammates, and mark the emails completed after they are resolved from the shared inbox. 

3. Shared Notes and Templates

Hiver enables your team to communicate and collaborate effectively by allowing them to jot down notes on email conversations. 

Your teammates can share these notes to provide suggestions, ideas, and added details to assist other staff members in doing their work efficiently. 

In addition, the Hiver system offers reusable email templates that you can share with your team reviews indicated by reviewers. 

4. Share Your Contact Groups

Hiver allows you to share your contact groups. Alterations made to the contact profiles are immediately updated in addition. 

On top of that, you can schedule your emails, share templates, and set reminders so that emails show up later on the designated date.

Drawbacks of Hiver

  1. Several customers reviewed that after installing the tool, they began to suspect that their clients were not receiving our emails consistently.
  2. Hiver completely derailed the operations during a period of peak media coverage.
  3. Hiver provides a highly inept and unprofessional team. It is, undoubtedly, the worst nightmare for a growing startup.
  4. Hiver is unable to mark notifications as unread; however, this is an upcoming feature.
  5. It could be considered expensive but can be worth every penny for the customers who use shared inboxes/groups to run their business.
  6. Currently, there is no way in Hiver to create a support ticket unless related to an email already received. 

Hiver pricing models



  1. Active Bots - 1
  2. Conversations - 30
  3. Notification emails
  4. Zapier
  5. Data retention - 90


$25 /Month

Billed Yearly

Unlimited calendly events

3 active bots

Basic integrations


  1. Active Bots - 3
  2. Conversations - 200
  3. Notification emails
  4. Action emails
  5. Data retention - Unlimited


$49 /Month

Billed Yearly

Unlimited calendly events

Unlimited active bots

Native integrations


  1. Active Bots - Unlimited
  2. Conversations - 1000
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Data retention - Unlimited
  5. Other Native integrations


For growing teams


  1. Active Bots - Unlimited
  2. Conversations - Unlimited
  3. Notification emails
  4. Action emails
  5. Data retention - Unlimited
  6. Other Native integrations

Integrations of Hiver

Hiver allows you to connect with thousands of the most popular apps so that you can automate your work and spend more time on what matters most. 

  1. Asana 
  2. Jira
  3. Salesforce 
  4. Slack
  5. Zapier


Undoubtedly, Hiver can make your work simpler than you would have ever imagined. 

It allows you to connect with thousands of the most popular apps so that you can automate your work and spend more time on what matters most. 

It is tremendously helpful in improving your email support.

In addition, it offers Email Monitoring, Remote Support, Response Management, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Shared Inboxes, Ticket Management, Workflow Management, Project Management, and many more. 

If you have a goal to become successful in your business life and you are trying to accomplish then, Hiver can be a great option for you.

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