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Jul 10, 202429 min read

Chatlio: All You Want to Know About the Slack Live Chat

Updated onJul 10, 202429 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What is Chatlio?
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  • Chatlio features
  • How to install Chatlio
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  • Chatlio Pros and Cons
  •  Chatlio Pricing
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  • Chatlio Alternatives
  • Conclusion
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Do you want to talk to your customers directly from Slack? Don't want to use different chat software for talking to your customers? Chatlio is a software tool for Slack business users that makes website chat easy. However, it's just not for Slack users. Anyone can use Chatlio by creating a Slack account to go with it. It is a simple one-minute installation and setting up.

With the help of Chatlio, visitors can chat instantly about support issues and pre-sales questions. Your team can also respond directly without going through many additional tools. Chatlio offers a significant number of options for integrations and customization.

Chatlio also focuses on offering its live chat option while keeping in mind its chatbot feature. Chatlio can be an excellent tool for you if you want both options, as it requires only a sample of simple coding for creating any chatbots.

Continue reading to know more about Chatlio, including its features, benefits, and more.

What is Chatlio?

Chatlio is a Slack team live chat solution. Visitors to your website see a chat box on their screen, and messages are sent right to your Slack account. The first and greatest app for talking to users and visitors of your website from Slack is Chatlio. You may place the chat widget anywhere on your website after a quick setup that takes less than a minute.

Then, users of your website may quickly talk with you regarding pre-sales inquiries, customer service problems, etc. You and your team answer from Slack without needing to install or use any other tools. There are other additional options, such as the ability to send visitors messages based on the page(s) they are now on.

The same fantastic experience you are used to from Slack is offered through Chatlio. There are many features, such as typing indications, emoticons, code block highlighting, screenshot requests, visitor location and browser detection, and whatever other unique information you supply about your visitors, like email or name, among many more.

Chatlio features

Recognize your guest.

The current page your consumer is talking from, their location, local time, browser, and operating system are all automatically shown by Chatlio.

Activate automated visitor engagement.

You may automatically contact users to your website with Chatlio Triggers based on the page they are now reading, their location, or their conduct.

Fully customizable.

They don't charge extra for complete customization, unlike many chat companies. In the Chatlio control panel, you may choose to alter the characteristics of your chat widget, such as its form, colors, and labels. Alternately, you may ultimately control the whole widget design with free, unlimited access to CSS.

Developer friendly.

They provide developers complete control over the widget and chat data by providing a javascript API.

Know the visitor's current page.

By default, Chatlio displays each visitor's IP address, location, current page, and local time.

Using your data, identify visitors.

You may send in any of your unique data using our JS API, and it will appear alongside each discussion.

Instant response.

You may communicate with your consumers through live chat at the most crucial points in the conversion process.

Ask for your name and email.

Before talking with guests, ask for their names and email so you can identify them.

Take screenshots.

Ask a customer for a screenshot right from Slack without additional software.

Recognize your clients.

By default, Chatlio displays each visitor's location, browser, operating system, current page, and local time.

Continuous Integrations.

You may interface with hundreds of third-party CRMs and other applications via our webhooks.

Code blocks are accepted.

Use backticks to share code snippets and examples, much like in Slack.

How to install Chatlio

  1. Sign up for Chatlio and follow the setup steps to use the service.
  2. Once the setup is complete, you may select how the widget will appear on your website.
  3. There are now three possible methods for the Chatlio widget to appear on your website.
  4. Standard: Places the Chatlio widget in your website's bottom right corner.
  5. Sidebar: Your site's right sidebar is entirely covered by the Chatlio widget (when open).
  6. Inline: Shows the inline Chatlio widget (always open). It helps customize popups or complete pages for your visitors.
  7. You may combine many styles; use the appropriate embed code version on the page(s) where you want it. You can also use CSS to change any/every aspect of the Chatlio widget. 

Chatlio Pros and Cons


  1. Chatlio enables corporate teams and support workers to implement live chat online without the requirement for additional software by leveraging their existing Slack service.
  2. The system employs an embeddable widget that you can add to a website or blog in minutes. Further allowing for styling and positioning modifications depending on CSS-based customization or JS-based developer API.
  3. Chatlio is built and tested to work consistently between desktop browsers and those on iOS or Android smartphone viewports.
  4. Support staff may gain valuable insight into possible customer leads by automatically collecting helpful visitor information, including location, current page visit, IP address, payment plans, local time, browser, and OS.
  5. Scalable price plans include options for monthly subscriptions for Starter users up to Enterprise customers.


  1. You can't just use it to talk with your buddies; it's only accessible to teams and businesses.
  2. Expensive and poorly structured, with conversations. 
  3. Finding shortcuts is challenging
  4. It's simple to lose sight of conversations.

 Chatlio Pricing

The pricing is as follows:

  1. Free Trial - A 30-day free trial is available
  2. Starter: $29 per month 
  3. Basic: $49 per month 
  4. Pro: $99 per month 
  5. Enterprise: $199 per month

Chatlio Alternatives


Vicodo users may add text and video chat features to their accounts to interact with their clients. Customers can receive invitation links by SMS and join the call without logging in. The video interactions are captured and available for subsequent viewing. Cost savings, effective customer service, and a decrease in client visits are some advantages for organizations. Customers of users gain from direct assistance and visible interaction. 

Customers and agents may submit photographs and documents along with simultaneous discussions, write indicators, and read receipts. It functions across various browsers and operating systems, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. It features SSL certification and end-to-end encryption for security.


BotPenguin is an easy-to-use live chat platform that enables companies to communicate with their clients via messaging. The platform lets users keep tabs on and live chat with website visitors. You can react to support issues and foster a supportive atmosphere, enabling users to enable consumers to obtain assistance quickly. Customers always have some inquiries concerning the things they purchase in their minds. 

BotPenguin assists companies in providing customers with excellent service and pertinent information. It provides users with a centralized location from which they may connect with their clients wherever. Additionally, the site offers its customers quick-access FAQs, enlightening articles, and shortcuts to help them answer more quickly. Businesses can instantly see which page a consumer is on by using BotPenguin.


Intercom is a sales, marketing, and support solution to interact with more consumers and build your business more quickly. It also helps you acquire, engage, and keep these clients. Use Intercom's built-in bots and live chat features to gain clients to qualify soon. Also, you can route and convert any leads, enhancing your lead generation process and a sale. 

Intercom assists you in sending more individualized emails, in-app messages, and push notifications to your consumers to engage them. And increase the number of individuals who sign up for your marketing lists, eventually becoming customers, purchasing your goods, and developing a lasting relationship with you.


Crisp is a live chat program with features and capabilities to assist you in turning visitors into customers. When chatting on Crisp, your agents may add files and emoticons to make the conversation more engaging and enjoyable. Your agents can see your customers' screens thanks to the Magic Browse feature, which makes it much easier for them to complete sales and address issues. You can maintain all the details on your leads, including their conversation, in one place thanks to its customer intelligence platform. 

Thanks to Crisp, your representatives may even conduct video calls with your guest. Although Crisp's free basic plan is always available, you can switch to a premium version if you need more features or to develop your business.


One of the most popular live chat programs, LiveChat serves over 23,000 businesses in 150 countries. It features a variety of chat capabilities that assist your customer support representatives in quickly responding to consumer questions. Your agent can see what the client is typing or attempting to write using the message sneak-peek function. It gives insight into the client and allows him to prepare his answer better. 

You may create premade replies to save your agent from repeatedly typing the same response. Additionally, LiveChat may be combined with other third-party applications, like Facebook, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and many others.


Summing up, Chatlio is a monthly subscription-based tool that provides live chat website chat to customers via Slack. Chatlio operators don't require any extra knowledge or tools for using the stool for customers via Slack. The tool has a simple and quick setup with a lightweight chat widget that can be set anywhere. You can style the widget giving your personal touch and preference and rebrand your website. Chatlio automatically captures top leads data like location and browser details and turns them into sales. If you want slack live chat features for your business, use Chatlio.

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Table of Contents

  • What is Chatlio?
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  • Chatlio features
  • How to install Chatlio
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  • Chatlio Pros and Cons
  •  Chatlio Pricing
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  • Chatlio Alternatives
  • Conclusion