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An Overview of Real Estate Whatsapp Bot (with Examples)

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Apr 8, 20238 min read
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  • What is a Real Estate Chatbot?
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  • Top use cases of Real Estate Whatsapp Chatbot 
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  • Top 8 chatbot examples for real estate in 2023
  • Conclusion 

Aren't you sick of rescheduling appointments all the time?

Is it easy to tell which lead is genuine?

Is it taking up the majority of your time to answer the same queries over and over?

Real estate agents must be able to multitask and be organized to be successful. This can be difficult if you operate online.

There are, however, some things you may do to make life simpler.

Real estate chatbots, for example, are an excellent way to run your business, engage with clients, and stay on top of things. You can handle this boring stuff with a real estate Real Estate Whatsapp bot. 

Real estate is a major engine of global development. The real estate sector in India alone is worth US$120 billion. It is predicted to reach $1 trillion by 2030 and contribute 13% of GDP by 2050.

This blog will cover chatbots with live chat, messaging apps, and your website. Additionally, we will make platform recommendations suitable for various business types.

Let's first examine some of the primary uses of chatbots in the real estate industry.

What is a Real Estate Chatbot?

A real estate chatbot is a fully automated assistant that facilitates communication between agents and clients. Real estate chatbots can help agents respond to inquiries from clients and guide them through the real estate consulting process by booking appointments, giving virtual tours, providing property details, and much more. Chatbots for real estate can be helpful in several ways. They might even act as an online assistant in specific circumstances. Because of this, chatbots are quickly making real estate brokers' lives easier.

Top use cases of Real Estate Whatsapp Chatbot 

1. Lead Generation

As they engage with internet users continuously, chatbots can quickly generate potential leads. Customers can get the information they need from them with the most incredible precision in just a few seconds. They might gather contact information and set up automatic emails or rapid replies to stay in touch with the customer.

2. Follow-ups

After the property visit, you want to make sure your prospects are clear for a while. Following up with them is always intelligent, and your chatbot can automatically complete that task. If your prospects are not interested in that property, the Real Estate Whatsapp bot can offer them alternative options and make suggestions if they are ready to move forward with the deal. Prospects are kept interested in your business by following up with them, which reduces the likelihood that they will switch to a rival.

3. Lead Qualification

The next stage after lead generation is lead qualifying. Additionally, lead qualifying enables them to locate high-value clients for selective servicing.

A conversational WhatsApp chatbot can serve multiple consumers simultaneously without waiting for a representative to respond to their requests. Instantaneous reaction and this level of automation enable real estate companies to save operating expenses while boosting client satisfaction.

4. Property valuation

To gain a rough idea of the property value in light of the current market conditions, prospects can utilize your chatbot and provide some basic information about their home, such as the location and floor plan. Although it's still an approximate estimate, this will benefit your clients. The users can even schedule a meeting with one of your representatives after reviewing the valuation to get a more accurate picture of the value.

5. Site Visit Scheduling

Your chatbot can assist your prospects in setting up an in-person property viewing with one of your representatives. The bot may even integrate with your team's calendars to display to your users the time slots that are open on particular dates and let them select the time slots that are most convenient for them (and for you). Even more so, a day or two before these prospects' scheduled home viewings, your real estate bot can send them reminders over WhatsApp.

Top 8 chatbot examples for real estate in 2023

1. BotPenguin

BotPenguin obtains the real estate sales lead data you require through discussions, so you do not need to ask for it explicitly. It develops a comprehensive offering for your clients, keeps them informed of the most recent offers they might miss out on, or redirect them with creative widgets and drip campaigns. Your clients can always contact BotPenguin at any moment to get their repeated questions answered.

BotPenguin sends out tailored welcome messages to your customers. To get to know your consumers better, create a unified customer profile with BotPenguin. By training BP to take orders, you can offer customers help around the clock, connect to the ticketing system, and send inquiries to the help desk

2. Tidio

A well-liked live chat and real estate Real Estate Whatsapp bot broker is Tidio.

Tidio is a free CRM tool that you can utilize. You may tag visitors, build customer databases, and divide your audiences based on their interests, such as buying, selling, renting houses, apartments, and other real estate-related activities, using Tidio's customer segmentation functionalities.

3. Tars

A chatbot for customer care named Tars facilitates client communication for organizations. It can conduct transactions, respond to queries, and offer assistance. These capabilities make it a fantastic chatbot for the banking and finance industries, but real estate brokers will also find it beneficial. The application can also propose open houses or viewings to potential buyers and assist you in keeping track of your current listing appointments.

4. MobileMonkey

Real estate businesses may use MobileMonkey to deploy chatbots on all popular messaging platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and web chats. It offers all the resources enterprises require to build and deploy chatbots. These consist of a visual chatbot builder, templates, and AI capabilities. Additionally, MobileMonkey provides a variety of third-party service interfaces, making it simple to link bots with your CRM or sales tools.

5. Engati 

An Engati-powered chatbot can serve as your virtual agent by putting you in touch with several buyers, renters, and sellers at once. Users interested in renting or purchasing a home are presented with offers, and their contact information is collected. The chatbot can also help your rental listing process by vetting potential tenants. It is also helpful for converting online leads and enhancing customer service.

6. Brivity

This chatbot is for you if you're seeking one focusing on the real estate industry. Brivity uses artificial intelligence to offer a meaningful user experience.

Many of its features are crucial for any modern real estate practitioner. Sites for home appraisal that are directly linked to your CRM allow for a seamless transfer. Email drips that provide listing alerts are another tool that promotes sales.

Each neighborhood's specific characteristics can be encoded into the AI. This one is simple to modify. You receive assistance from a real estate industry chatbot that serves all your needs.

7. Landbot

Landbot allows all users to create their own chatbots. These are appropriate for a live chat widget. This one may also be used to build your conversational AI design landing page. Using Landbot is simple. It takes just minutes for real estate professionals to establish their own chatbots.

To use it, you don't need to know how to code. Adapting it to suit your and professional requirements is very simple. You can utilize chatbots as standalone landing pages. This is a particularly advantageous choice if you have a large WhatsApp user base.

8. Manychat 

Users of ManyChat can design custom bots that allow their customers to schedule convenient property viewings on various social media platforms.

This one integrates Facebook especially nicely. It offers a tonne of features that were created exclusively for this platform. Setting up Facebook marketing campaigns will be particularly simple for real estate brokers. You can utilize Messenger chats to communicate with customers and learn about their needs.

Moreover, chatbots can be developed to respond to numerous typical queries from every one of your prospective consumers. Users may schedule property viewings for the properties they like the most using real estate chatbots on Instagram and Messenger.

Many agents favor the availability of a free plan. If you are unfamiliar with chatbot functionality, this is a decent alternative. If you engage in a lot of social media marketing, it's also a wise choice. Customizing chatbots to suit individual needs is another common practice among agents. This can be difficult at the same time. You should only use this chatbot if you have rudimentary programming knowledge.


Say farewell to the 1990s shapes. Say welcome to formless, conversational lead capture.

The complexity and option selection of the WhatsApp chatbot template for real estate should be heavily influenced by the organization's specific business requirements. For instance, creating a scripted bot is best for a company that needs a chatbot to be available 24/7 to respond to simple consumer requests. As opposed to this, a firm that wants its chatbot to carry out more complicated duties, including following up on leads, validating leads, and making tailored recommendations to clients, would benefit from having custom AI or a platform-based chatbot.

Which option, though, will be the best fit for you?

BotPenguin is a developer of artificial intelligence chatbots with advanced real estate capabilities and a high conversion rate. Any program with an API can easily be integrated with BotPenguin. Whether you need a contact list, property management software, or a CRM solution, we have your back!


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