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11 Mind-Blowing Facts You Should know about Bitrix24

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Dec 22, 20236 min read
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  • 11 Mind-Blowing Facts You Should Know about Bitrix24
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Bitrix24 is a fantastic CRM tool. It is one of the greatest CRMs available for free. It is ideal for teams, startups, and small enterprises looking to get started with a CRM but doesn't want to make a long-term commitment

Apart from that, Bitrix24 CRM includes an extensive range of lead management capabilities, over 10 million customers globally, and some helpful automation features, all of which combine to make it a good SMB(Small and Medium-sized Business) value, albeit it still has a long way to go in terms of software simplicity.

Bitrix24 provides a centralized location for your files, projects, communications, tasks, and contacts. You may utilize the site by creating an account and inviting your colleagues.

According to research, more than 14 companies, including SkyQuest Tech Stack, PC Pulse, and Compare, employ Bitrix24 in their tech stacks.

11 Mind-Blowing Facts You Should Know about Bitrix24

1. Bitrix24 CRM Features

Bitrix24 is a free collaboration tool. To better serve its customers, Bitrix24 CRM offers a variety of tools, including CRM, document management, tasking, time management, and project management, all of which are integrated into a social ecosystem that incorporates content sharing, instant chat, likes, and comments from other users. 

Bitrix24 CRM offers a valuable option for online commercial transactions. From checking in at the beginning of the day to processing sales and closing with reporting, there are flexible and precise tools to handle each activity. 

2. What is the purpose of using Bitrix24 CRM?

Bitrix24 CRM is an online workplace created to connect the people, resources, and information in your business most naturally and effectively.

Bitrix24 CRM offers the advantage of quickly replacing all other software products you could utilize, saving time, money, and headaches.

Bitrix24 CRM is a wise choice for contemporary organizations when considering its plans' extraordinary affordability and the absence of per-user charging.

3. Bitrix24 CRM pricing

There are various commercial options and a free plan for Bitrix24 CRM Cloud. The free program offers 12 users, a contact center, task and project management, website, and landing page functions. 

The starting price for two people with site and CRM capabilities is $19 per month when paid yearly. 

4. Bitrix24 CRM Review

Bitrix Review: “Its Snapshot”

The capabilities of Bitrix24's CRM include website creation, corporate communications, customer service, and even project management. 

Bitrix24 CRM is highly cost-effective and offers a fixed monthly subscription for an infinite number of customers despite providing such a vast array of functions.

Bitrix Review: “Excellent cloud communication tools and project management.”

Everything works in favor of internal communication with the help of Bitrix24 because it may replace traditional collaboration tools with a single platform. 

The platform of this fantastic program is what users appreciate most because it is lovely and well-structured. It is very user-friendly, and customer service is first-rate. 

It has all the required features, tools, and online storage and collaboration tools. Using this platform, you can organize your tasks, projects, communications, files, and time spent on each task, allowing the rest of the team to stay on top of everything.

Bitrix Review: “Bitrix24, the all-encompassing software”

As it resembles an internal social network, its interface is incredibly user-friendly, making it dynamic and simple. 

Video conversations are crystal clear and audible, and files and documents are received and uploaded rapidly. Your PC becomes manageable with data since it is stored in the cloud.

5. Bitrix24 CRM discount coupons or promo codes

Bitrix24 Crm offers discount coupons. However, coupons and discount codes frequently have a deadline before expiration. Some recent offers can be found with a quick internet search.

6. Reason you need to utilize Bitrix24

You should consider whether Bitrix24 CRM is the best option for your business. As was already said, Bitrix24 mainly targets small to medium-sized companies, and it works best for businesses trying to boost communication.

You'll like Bitrix24 CRM if your team has trouble communicating openly and items frequently 'get lost in the shuffle.' Or when you speak live and via video chat. Additionally, you might be sharing calendars and setting up department-based group calendars. With Bitrix24, you can quickly and amicably address problems or grievances on the social internet accessible through the dashboard without repeating yourself in several chat threads.

Security of data and information is another concern. You don't have to be concerned about someone hiding information or acting dishonestly as much when all discussions take place in a semi-public venue.

Many HR capabilities are also included in the Bitrix24 CRM to help you manage your workforce and ensure everyone is operating at peak efficiency.

7. Bitrix24 is user-friendly

Bitrix24 is one of the simpler CRMs. However, you'll need some time to get used to the UI. 

It has a better aesthetic appeal. However, some components needed to construct fundamental and intermediate campaigns might take a lot of work to find. It may be challenging to navigate at times.

8. Bitrix24 CRM is always free

Yes! If you select the Free plan, Bitrix24 CRM is free indefinitely for an infinite number of users.

We have a user cap on paid plans (up to 5 users for the BASIC plan and up to 50 users for the STANDARD plan). However, there is no user fee. It implies that as long as you stay under your plan's user limit, you may continue making monthly payments of the same amount (or annually, depending on your subscription preferences).

9. The following are some examples of how various departments can use Bitrix24

Sales & Marketing: Create prospects, increase conversion rates, and automate procedures. Schedules their tasks to improve team productivity.

Human Resource: Easily manages employee information and produces performance reports for them, And it simplifies the legal procedure and makes new leads.

Customer service: Enables customer care representatives to communicate with customers through various channels, including chat, phone, social media, etc.

10. Bitrix24 CRM is a secure platform

It provides the most secure cloud solution from the perspective of the business, and the information you save is only accessible to you and your team members.

11. Bitrix24 offers integration with many third-party applications

Bitrix24 offers integration with many third-party applications, making it a versatile platform that can be customized to meet the specific needs of different businesses. Some of the most popular third-party applications that can be integrated with Bitrix24 include:

  1. Zapier: Bitrix24 can be integrated with Zapier to automate workflows and connect with over 2,000 other applications, including popular tools like Trello, Slack, and Salesforce.
  2. Google Drive: Bitrix24 can be integrated with Google Drive to allow users to store and access files from within the platform.
  3. Mailchimp: Bitrix24 can be integrated with Mailchimp to allow users to manage their email campaigns and track their marketing performance.
  4. Zoom: Bitrix24 can be integrated with Zoom to enable video conferencing and online meetings directly within the platform.
  5. Shopify: Bitrix24 can be integrated with Shopify to enable businesses to manage their e-commerce operations and customer interactions in one place.


Is Bitrix24 an open source?

Yes, Bitrix24 is an open source, and you may modify features to suit your company's needs.


Bitrix24 is a CRM software that integrates internal communications, customer support, project management, and website building with lead-generating and sales capabilities. Bitrix24 CRM has a feature set that is difficult to match, even if we don't say it is the best in its class in any of these areas.

While essential, advanced features like chatbots and completely customizable reports are only some of the issues with Bitrix24, it describes how difficult the product is to grasp for uninitiated people. With so many options and settings, getting confused or losing sight of its crucial features is simple.

By integrating Botpenguin with Bitrix24, businesses can create and deploy chatbots that can interact with customers and employees through the Bitrix24 platform, helping to automate workflows, improve response times, and enhance the overall user experience.

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