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10 Uses of Restaurant Chatbots that Customers will Love!

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Aug 25, 20234 min read
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    Table of content

  • 1. Online food ordering chatbot usage
  • 2. Takeaway orders
  • 3. Table reservations
  • 4. Online booking
  • 5. Feedback form
  • 6. Automated surveys
  • 7. Menu bot
  • 8. Restaurant chatbots can answer FAQs
  • 9. Restaurant chatbots can provide suggestions
  • 10. Automated marketing
  • Conclusion

Restaurant owners are always looking for the next big order and profit. 

There is always a waiting line and rush in a restaurant and there's no better way to deal with issues like these than using a restaurant chatbot. 

It is found that Chatbots can decrease time spent on handling all of it by 77%. 

Chatbots are virtual assistants who can answer questions, make suggestions and even book reservations for you! 

Below we'll talk about 10 ways that restaurants can use bots in their daily operations:

1. Online food ordering chatbot usage

Online food ordering chatbot usage

Online ordering is easy and convenient. 

You can order from your phone or computer, and there are no wait times to get into the kitchen. You can also pay online, so you won’t have to wait in a queue at the counter. 

Online ordering has become so popular that most restaurants now offer this service as an alternative to ordering through their own website or app, which is why more than half of the population have tried online ordering at some point during their lives!

2. Takeaway orders

No more running back to the restaurant to grab a ticket or waiting in line at the counter.

Never again would you have to worry about what's on your receipt and whether or not it matches up with the order already on file when you have restaurant chatbots by your side.

Restaurant chatbots can help with cash flow as well! 

They'll ensure that every customer gets exactly what they ordered without issues or question marks and all without having to call anyone else in between orders. This reduces manual work.

3. Table reservations

Table reservations are a great way to get customers at the door. 

You can make table reservation restaurant bots for your restaurant and set them up to accept payments through a restaurant chatbot, or you can accept online orders from customers who want to reserve tables ahead of time by using restaurant Chatbots.

4. Online booking

Restaurant chatbots are especially handy when you want to offer table service without someone sitting at every seat waiting to get it empty so they can enjoy their meal at the table.

Finally, table reservations are useful if you need help managing large crowds during peak hours. 

This can be done by allowing people with similar interests (or lack thereof) as your target audience access to an exclusive experience. 

At the same time keeping others out means less competition between parties vying over limited space in situations where there aren't enough seats available anyway.

5. Feedback form

Feedback form

Restaurant chatbots are the perfect way to get customers to share their feedback with the restaurant. 

Not only does this give you a chance to improve your business, but it also helps you build trust with your customers and potential clients.

6. Automated surveys

Restaurant chatbots can send out an automated email survey that asks customers' thoughts on various aspects of their experience at your establishment. 

This allows them to provide valuable insight into what they liked or disliked about their visit—and then reward them accordingly!

You could integrate a restaurant chatbot into your digital marketing efforts. This will eventually send push notifications to your users whenever they use certain features on one of those platforms. 

The push notifications received by the users direct them back to your website, where they become more likely to order from your restaurant.

Suppose you have a restaurant with multiple locations. In that case, it's important to provide information about your menu and hence list all of the items available. 

This is where the restaurant chatbot comes in handy. The menu bot can be used for online and offline orders, allowing customers to order their favorite dishes while at home or on vacation.

The menu bots can also be used for takeout, delivery orders, and even dine-in!

8. Restaurant chatbots can answer FAQs

Restaurant chatbots will help you get answers to your questions and make sure that everything goes smoothly when ordering food or drinks from your restaurant. 

You can ask the restaurant chatbot all your queries, be they basic or complicated ones, and get them solved then and there.

9. Restaurant chatbots can provide suggestions

Restaurant chatbots can provide suggestions

Suggestions are based on previous orders, so you don't have to worry about getting them wrong.

Additionally, you can customize the suggestions for each user. They can be based on the frequency of order, type of cuisine, time of day, and location.  

10. Automated marketing

Restaurant chatbots can send ongoing offers and discount information to all your leads with just a single tap. 

Restaurant bots can perform marketing on all platforms at a single time.


Restaurant chatbots are great. They're easy to use, convenient and fun—you can personalize them too!

This is just the beginning of a new age in online dining where technology is evolving at lightning speed, and businesses are starting to utilize Restaurant chatbots for their business benefit. 

We’ve shown you 10 ways restaurant owners and managers can use chatbots to increase sales, attract new customers and improve the customer experience.

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