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May 13, 202413 min read

10 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps | Alternatives to WhatsApp Plus

Updated onMay 13, 202413 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • 1. GBWhatsapp
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  • 2. WhatsApp Go
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  • 3. YOWhatsApp
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  • 4. FMWhatsApp
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  • 5. WhatsApp Aero
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  • 6. OGWhatsApp
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  • 7. WhatsApp Prime
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  • 8. ZE WhatsApp
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  • 9. Soula WhatsApp Lite
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  • 10. KRWhatsApp
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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You’re here, which means you are fed up with the basicness of WhatsApp's official app. You want the power in your hand– Customisation, extra privacy, extra control, everything. 

Chances are you’ve googled “WhatsApp mod apps” and found more than 100 options. And now, you’re confused about which one you should choose!

Well, we can’t point out one app and say this is the best one out of 100 WhatsApp mod Apps. 

But we can surely narrow down your choices to the Top 10 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps. 

How’s that for fair?

So, here’s the first one out of the 10 Best WhatsApp Plus Alternatives…

1. GBWhatsapp

GB whatsapp
Image Source: IndiaTimes

GBWhatsApp is like a playground for those who love to tweak and personalize. 

Wave goodbye to plain old chats because GBWhatsApp lets you change themes, fonts, and even the color scheme of your conversations. 

Want to keep your chats secret? You can password-protect them. It's like giving your WhatsApp a stylish makeover.

The Chat Organization Guru

Are your chats a chaotic mess? GBWhatsApp comes to the rescue with its ability to pin more chats – yes, beyond the limit WhatsApp allows. 

And if you're a chatterbox, rejoice! GBWhatsApp lets you broadcast messages to up to 600 people at once. It's like having a megaphone for your messages.

But Wait, There's More...Or Is There?

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room – the cons. 

While GBWhatsApp brings a bouquet of features, it's not an official WhatsApp product. This means it's not as secure as the real deal. Your private chats might not be as private as you think, and there's a risk of data breaches. 

Plus, the developers behind GBWhatsApp aren't the original WhatsApp team, which means updates might be slower, and bugs might take longer to fix.

In a Nutshell

GBWhatsApp is your gateway to customization and chat organization heaven. It's like a VIP pass to a swanky party where you control the theme and vibe. 

But remember, like all things that add flair, there's a trade-off. While GBWhatsApp offers a world of features, it's not without its security concerns. Use it wisely, and your WhatsApp experience could level up like never before.  


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2. WhatsApp Go

WhatsApp GO is like the minimalist's dream come true. It's designed to be straightforward and efficient, making your messaging experience as clean as a freshly wiped whiteboard. 

Forget about bells and whistles – WhatsApp GO is all about delivering your messages without any distractions.

WhatsApp Go
Image Source: APKMB.Com

Privacy Matters: A Safer Chat Haven

Privacy-conscious? WhatsApp GO has got your back. It comes with enhanced privacy features that allow you to hide your online status, blue ticks, and even the "typing" indicator. 

It's like having your own fortress of solitude in the digital realm.

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A Word of Caution: Consider the Trade-offs

While WhatsApp GO excels in simplicity and privacy, it's important to note that it might not have all the advanced features you're used to. 

Think of it as choosing a minimalist room with only the essentials – some frills might be missing. 

Additionally, because it's a WhatsApp Mod App, there's a possibility of security risks. As with any alternate version of a popular app, it's essential to proceed with caution and consider the trade-offs.

Summing It Up

WhatsApp GO offers a back-to-basics messaging experience that's perfect for those who value simplicity and privacy. 

If you're looking for an escape from the busy world of WhatsApp Plus and want a leaner way to connect, WhatsApp GO might be your ticket. Keep exploring!


3. YOWhatsApp

Image Source: Malavida

Imagine your good old WhatsApp, but with a magical twist. YOWhatsApp adds a dash of extra features that can make your messaging experience pop. 

From changing themes to revamping the look of your chats, it's like giving your smartphone a snazzy new outfit. 

Oh, and have you ever wished you could send hefty files? YOWhatsApp grants your wish with larger file sharing capabilities.

The Pros Galore

YOWhatsApp isn't just about aesthetics; it's a playground for features. Want to freeze your last seen status? Done. 

Wish you could hide specific chats? YOWhatsApp's got your back. 

And if you're a sticker fanatic, rejoice – you can use thousands of them. It's like having a treasure trove of tech tricks at your fingertips.

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A Word of Caution

While YOWhatsApp offers a boatload of goodies, it's worth noting that it's not an official WhatsApp product. This means there's a security risk involved. 

Plus, since it's not supported by the original WhatsApp team, updates might be slower, and bugs might linger longer.
In a Nutshell

YOWhatsApp is your gateway to a WhatsApp experience that's as cool as the other side of the pillow. With features that can make your chats dance with excitement, it's a WhatsApp Plus alternative that brings the wow factor. 

Remember, every gem has a rough edge, and in this case, it's security concerns. Choose wisely!

4. FMWhatsApp

what is FMWhatsApp
Image Source: Malavida

FMWhatsApp isn't your regular messaging app – it's like a DIY project for your chats. 

From changing the colors of your chats to customizing the icons, it's your chance to play Picasso with your messaging interface. It's like having a virtual art studio for your smartphone.

An Array of Features

Get ready to be spoiled for choice. FMWhatsApp packs a bag full of features – hiding your online status, freezing last seen, and even disabling forwarded tags on messages. 

Plus, the cherry on top: you can send up to 1GB of videos, which is like sending a mini-movie to your pals.

A Quick Glance at the Cons

As with many WhatsApp Mod Apps, FMWhatsApp comes with a trade-off. Since it's not the official WhatsApp product, security can be a concern. 

And while FMWhatsApp showers you with features, updates might be less frequent and not as reliable as the real deal.

Summing It Up

FMWhatsApp is a playground for customization enthusiasts. If you're all about adding your personal touch to everything you own, this might just be the best WhatsApp Plus alternative for you. 

But remember, with great features come great responsibilities – in this case, security concerns. 

5. WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero
Image Source: Aditi Jindal - Medium

WhatsApp Aero is like the James Bond of Mod Apps – sleek, elegant, and loaded with surprises. 

It brings a plethora of themes, allowing you to personalize your chats in style. It's like wearing a tailored suit for every conversation. 

Plus, if you're a stickler for tiny details, you can even tweak the font style and sizes.

Features Galore: The Pros Unveiled

Beyond the style, WhatsApp Aero offers features that can elevate your messaging game. You can lock your chats with a fingerprint, ensuring your secrets stay safe. 

If you're a media-sharing aficionado, you'll love the increased file-sharing limits. It's like upgrading to business class for your chats.

A Quick Glimpse at the Cons

While WhatsApp Aero is a treasure trove of goodies, it's important to note that it's not an official WhatsApp product. This means there's a security risk involved.
Additionally, updates might not be as timely or reliable as with the official version.

In a Nutshell

WhatsApp Aero is the mod app for those who want to blend style and substance in their messaging experience. 

It's like having a personal stylist for your chats. But remember, with great style comes great responsibility – in this case, being cautious about security. 

6. OGWhatsApp

Image Source: LinkedIn (Tabish Khan)

OGWhatsApp is like a magician's trick for your smartphone. It lets you use two separate phone numbers on a single device – perfect for keeping business and personal chats separate. 

It's like having two phones without the hassle of carrying two devices.

Double the Fun

What's the best part of OGWhatsApp? The ability to manage two accounts effortlessly. You can switch between accounts with a few taps, making it a breeze to keep work and play in separate realms. 

Plus, you still get all the features of regular WhatsApp with the added bonus of dual numbers.


While OGWhatsApp offers dual number magic, it's essential to consider the trade-offs. 

As with many WhatsApp Mod Apps, it's not an official WhatsApp product, which means potential security concerns. 

Additionally, updates and support might not be as reliable as the original version.

In a Nutshell

OGWhatsApp is the dream Mod App for those who lead a double-life with dual numbers. It's like having a secret identity without the superhero cape. 

But remember, with great powers come great responsibilities – in this case, being cautious about security.

7. WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Prime is like a burst of confetti in your messaging world. It offers a range of features that can add a splash of brilliance to your everyday chats. 

It's like upgrading from a basic phone to a smartphone loaded with extras.

Feature Parade: The Pros Unveiled

What makes WhatsApp Prime shine? It's a treasure trove of features. Think customizable themes, the ability to hide your online status, and even blocking messages from specific contacts. 

And if you're a sticker enthusiast, WhatsApp Prime has an arsenal of unique ones to choose from. It's like having a magic toolbox for your chats.

A Glimpse at the Cons

However, it's important to keep the flip side in mind. As a WhatsApp Mod App, WhatsApp Prime isn't officially endorsed by WhatsApp. 

This could lead to security concerns, and updates might not be as prompt as with the original version.

In a Nutshell

WhatsApp Prime is the Mod App that adds a sprinkle of sparkle to your messaging world. If you're all about embracing features that go beyond the basics, this might just be the best WhatsApp Plus alternative for you. 

Just remember, with extra goodies come extra responsibilities – in this case, being cautious about security.

8. ZE WhatsApp

ZE WhatsApp
Image Source: Kowawa

ZE WhatsApp is like a playground for the creative souls. It brings a treasure chest of customization options to your fingertips. 

From changing chat backgrounds to modifying the appearance of your interface, it's like tailoring your messaging experience to fit your personality.


What sets ZE WhatsApp apart? Its arsenal of features lets you dive deep into customization. With various themes, fonts, and even the ability to change the chat bubble style, it's like having a design studio for your messages. 

Plus, you can fine-tune privacy settings to suit your comfort level – it's like crafting a digital sanctuary.

Cons in a Nutshell

However, let's not forget the cautionary notes. ZE WhatsApp, like other WhatsaApp Mod Apps, isn't officially endorsed by WhatsApp. This means there's a potential risk in terms of security. 

Additionally, updates might not be as prompt or reliable as with the official version.

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In a Nutshell

ZE WhatsApp is the creative's dream WhatsApp Mod App. If you're all about turning your messaging interface into an artistic canvas, this could be the perfect playground. 

Just remember, with customization prowess comes the responsibility to be cautious about security. 

9. Soula WhatsApp Lite

Ready to explore more in the world of WhatsApp Mod Apps? Our spotlight now shines on Soula WhatsApp Lite – the choice for those who want a sleek, efficient messaging experience.

Soula WhatsApp Lite

Lightweight Marvel

Soula WhatsApp Lite is like a breath of fresh air for your smartphone. It's designed to be lightweight and fast, ensuring your messages zip through the digital realm in a blink. It's like having a sports car for your chats, minus the hefty gas bill.

Speed, Efficiency, and Simplicity

What's the big deal? Soula WhatsApp Lite prioritizes speed and efficiency. It's perfect for those who want a no-fuss messaging app. It loads quickly, sips on your data, and doesn't hog your phone's resources. It's like a digital butler – efficient, reliable, and always at your service.

A Peek at the Cons

Of course, no tool is without its limitations. Soula WhatsApp Lite might lack some of the fancy features that other Mod Apps offer. And like any Whatsapp Mod App, it's important to note that it's not an official WhatsApp product, potentially posing security risks.

In a Nutshell

Soula WhatsApp Lite is your go-to Mod App for a streamlined messaging experience. If you value speed, efficiency, and a minimalist approach, it might just be your perfect fit. 

Just remember, simplicity comes with its trade-offs – in this case, fewer advanced features. 

10. KRWhatsApp

We're back on the road of exploring WhatsApp Mod Apps, and this time, the spotlight is on KRWhatsApp. If you're ready to infuse your chats with a splash of creativity, you're in for a treat.

Image Source: Malavida

KRWhatsApp's Specialty

KRWhatsApp is like an art studio for your messages. It offers a collection of creative features that can transform your chat interface. 

From changing the colors of chat bubbles to personalizing your conversation headers, it's like adding your artistic touch to every message.

Pros Galore

What makes KRWhatsApp shine? Its array of features that cater to the creative minds. With customizable styles, fonts, and even the ability to tweak the animation effects, it's like having a palette of options at your disposal. 

Plus, the ability to change the background of your chat screen adds an extra layer of personalization.

Cons at a Glance

Of course, with creativity comes a flip side. As with most Whatsapp Mod Apps, KRWhatsApp isn't officially backed by WhatsApp. 

This means that while it offers a world of artistic possibilities, there's also the potential for security risks. 

Additionally, updates might not be as consistent as with the official version.

Summing It Up

KRWhatsApp is a haven for the creatively inclined. If you're all about turning your chats into a canvas, this Mod App might just be your muse. 

But remember, every masterpiece has its challenges – in this case, it's important to remain cautious about security. 


These WhatsApp Mod apps alternatives, like creative tools in a digital workshop, offer ways to personalize your chats. 

But remember, while the allure is strong, these apps aren't officially backed by WhatsApp. So, as you venture into this dynamic world, it's wise to stay aware. 

Tailor your messaging adventure, embrace the features that speak to you, but tread with caution. Enjoy the enhanced experience that WhatsApp Mod Apps bring, always mindful of the security landscape. 

*The mod apps listed above aren’t developed by Meta. BotPenguin does not endorse use of WhatsApp Mod apps. This guide is for informative purposes only.* 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are WhatsApp Mod Apps?

WhatsApp Mod Apps are modified versions of the original WhatsApp application, offering additional features and customization options not available in the official version.

How do WhatsApp Mod Apps differ from WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Mod Apps are a category of modified best WhatsApp applications, while WhatsApp Plus is a specific WhatsApp Mod with unique features, themes, and functionalities.

Are WhatsApp Mod Apps safe to use?

Using WhatsApp Mod Apps carries some risks, as they are not developed or endorsed by WhatsApp. 

Such apps may compromise user privacy or security, leading to potential bans from WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Plus and its Alternatives?

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial, modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. 

Some popular alternatives to WhatsApp Plus include GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, NSWhatsApp, WhatsApp Prime, Soula WhatsApp, WhatsApp MA, NOWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Tweaker.

Can WhatsApp Mod Apps be used on both Android and iOS devices?

WhatsApp Mod Apps are mainly available for Android devices. However, there are limited options for iOS, and users should exercise caution and verify the sources before installing any Mod on iOS.

Do WhatsApp Mod Apps offer more features than the official WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp Mod Apps typically offer additional features like advanced privacy options, custom themes, extended file sharing limits, and enhanced media controls, which are not available in the official WhatsApp.

Are WhatsApp Mod Apps legal to use? 

Using WhatsApp Mod Apps may violate WhatsApp's terms of service, which could result in account bans. 

Additionally, some countries or regions might have specific laws or regulations concerning the use of modified applications.

Do WhatsApp Mod Apps support end-to-end encryption? 

While some Mod Apps claim to maintain end-to-end encryption like the official WhatsApp, there is no guarantee of their security or the authenticity of such claims. 

Users should exercise caution when sharing sensitive information on these platforms.

Can I migrate my WhatsApp data to a WhatsApp Mod App? 

Migration of data from the official WhatsApp to a Mod App is usually possible, but it varies based on the Mod. 

Users should follow the provided instructions carefully and backup their data before attempting any migration process.

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Table of Contents

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  • 2. WhatsApp Go
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  • 3. YOWhatsApp
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  • 4. FMWhatsApp
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  • 5. WhatsApp Aero
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  • 6. OGWhatsApp
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  • 7. WhatsApp Prime
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  • 8. ZE WhatsApp
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  • 9. Soula WhatsApp Lite
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  • 10. KRWhatsApp
  • Conclusion
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)