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Enter the Website URL and campaign information

Fill out these campaign details, and our tool will automatically generate a Campaign URL. Copy and use it on your campaign.

The full website URL (e.g.
The ads campaign id.
Marketing medium (e.g. email, cpc, banner)
Identify the paid keywords (e.g. running+shoes)
The referrer (e.g. newsletter, twitter, google, etc.)
Product, code, or slogan (e.g. spring_sale)
Use to differentiate ads (e.g. logolink)

Generated URL

Use this URL to track your campaign traffic.

Anatomy of a URL

Understand the anatomy of the UTM URLs in Campaign UTM Generator

Generated UTM URL:

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Base URL: This is the main website address directing users to a specific page, e.g., product page.

UTM Source: Identifies where your traffic originates from, e.g., "facebook" denotes Facebook as the traffic source.

UTM Medium: Shows the path users take to reach your site, like "cpc" (cost-per-click) signifies paid advertising.

UTM Campaign: Specifies the particular marketing campaign linked to the URL, e.g., "summer_sale" belonging to a summer sale campaign.

UTM Term: Used mainly in paid searches. It pinpoints the keyword triggering the ad click, e.g., "beach_towels".

Content: Helps distinguish different ad variations, like diverse ad copies or designs, e.g., "ad_variation1."

Frequently Asked Questions

Utilize an online UTM Code Generator like this one to create custom tracking codes by filling in the required parameters like Source, Medium, and Campaign.

UTM stands in UTM Code Generator for Urchin Tracking Module, which are tracking codes added to URLs to gather performance data from marketing campaigns.

Yes, creating and using UTMs is generally free, and many online tools facilitate easy generation of these codes.

UTM source identifies the platform or site where your traffic originates from, like social media networks, search engines, or specific websites.

UTM coordinates use a metric-based system of measurements that divide the Earth into 60 equal zones, providing precise location data using X (Easting) and Y (Northing) coordinates.

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