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Frequently Asked Questions

Improving your typing speed is a continuous effort. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the keyboard layout. Ensure you position your fingers correctly, with each finger responsible for its own region on the keyboard. Practice regularly using various typing exercises. Gradually increase your typing speed while maintaining accuracy. Lastly, remain patient and consistent as progress may come slowly. Use our free typing speed test to gauge your improvements.

Yes, typing speed remains a critical skill in the modern digital realm. As technology becomes increasingly central to various sectors, so does the necessity for quick and accurate typing. Decent typing speed is tied to productivity in various roles: in jobs where typing forms a significant part of the tasks — such as data entry or transcription — speed requirements may range from 60 to 90 WPM. Even in less typing-focused roles, an average of 40 to 60 WPM is desirable. It's also worth noting that just as speed is crucial, so is accuracy. Therefore, typing speed, along with accuracy, remains highly important today.

Typing fast is more of a skill than a talent. It's not something people are naturally born with but rather something acquired and improved through consistent practice and proper training. As with many other skills, learning to type fast requires patience, discipline, and a well-planned typing method. Start by learning correct finger positioning, then gradually increase your speed while maintaining accuracy. Regular practice with real-word sentences, as opposed to random characters, will aid in building muscle memory faster. Practice and test it with our Live Typing Test.

Typing Speed test uses common words to reflect everyday language use. They also ensure a variety of lengths and types, from short to long, and include alphanumeric combinations. This ensures all keyboard sections are tested. Further, tests often incorporate full sentences to assess punctuation and capitalization skills. This thorough word selection provides a comprehensive measure of typing proficiency.

A good typing speed generally falls around 40 words per minute (WPM), as this is considered to be the average speed. However, a good score can also be subjective and dependent on a person's job requirements or personal goals.

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