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Why You Should Use Custom Chatbots To Promote Your Business In UK?

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Feb 9, 20244 min read
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  • Why are custom chatbots important for businesses in the UK?
  • Wrapping it up 

Did you know, chatbots handle 68.9% of chats from start to finish?

The chatbot market is becoming more lucrative as the day passes, and choosing among many chatbots is also difficult. You need to keep in mind your business while choosing the right one. 

One of the major types of chatbots is custom chatbots. With the help of custom chatbots, you can collect your potential leads even while you asleep. 

Custom chatbots may sound complicated, expensive, futuristic, and probably out of your reach, but we assure you that's not the case. 

Custom chatbots are probably the best way to halt this development in companies in the UK, which is considered to be one of the developed countries.

In this article, you will explore why you should use custom chatbots to promote your business in the UK!

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Why are custom chatbots important for businesses in the UK?

The following are some advantages of custom chatbots for promoting business in the UK:

1. Natural language processing

All chatbots are not built in the same way. The basic thing separating them is their natural language processing quality and how it works. 

Custom Chatbot Development

The custom chatbots give you more control over language processing ability compared to other traditional chatbots. 

The better natural language processing in your chatbots, the easier it will be for the customer to understand and give a suitable reply. 

Custom chatbots offer you recognizable different semantics, dialects, and intentions of the customer, which makes it easier to communicate with the customer and engage with them to respond to their inquiries. 

2. Automate more functions

Chatbots are common nowadays and have more or less the same features. 

However, customers continue to look for new or more advanced features that will help them differentiate good chatbots from great chatbots, since the more applications a chatbot has, the more leads it will drive.

With the help of custom chatbots, you can easily overcome obstacles to solve tasks and automate more functions in your business. 

For example, you can take the shopping assistant. It will help you with the entire shopping process. 

From greeting customers to recommending products or offering them coupons, it will help you round the clock. 

Custom chatbots can be programmed for common behavior and recognize frequently asked questions. It can be optimized to increase conversions for your business. 

3. Versatile

The extensively applicable platforms are one of the main advantages of custom chatbots. 

It not only works with an average chatbot and carries out simple tasks like answering customer questions or providing contact information but also communicating with various platforms. 

Also, it can automate conversations on websites, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Shopify, and more. 

Custom chatbots are versatile because it supports you on any virtual platform and helps you to save time and money. 

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4. Integration

Almost every custom chatbot has integration capabilities. And some have many magnitudes of integration. 

Custom chatbots allow you to leverage extensive integration, which is beneficial for your business and allows you a better customer experience for endless chatbot personalization. 

On the other hand, third-party integrations offer applications like CRM, SEO tools, analytical tools, and many more. 

5. Advanced features

The custom chatbots go under a routine check to ensure no bugs and implement more advanced features frequently into the chatbot. 

Data-Driven Insights by custom chatbots

This also allows other tasks like scheduling appointments, sending user surveys, scanning QR codes, and sending drip campaigns. 

In order to increase the value of your business by adding exciting features to your chatbot automation, we perform regular maintenance on custom chatbots.

This can be done by in-house developers as well as outsourced developers.

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Wrapping it up 

To conclude, custom chatbots hold the utmost importance on their own. They will help you more than an average or traditional chatbot can! 

These chatbots are customizable and increase persuasive interactions with the clients of your business. 

Besides this, it collects email addresses and phone numbers, schedules meetings, and requests the user to share their current location. 

It also has a multilingual customer support and a natural language processor. Custom chatbots help your business to grow internationally or in global markets.

It is highly recommended that the UK promote business through custom chatbots as it works 24/7, reduces the pressure of time zones, integrates extensively, answer simultaneously, and many more.

Go check out BotPenguin to experience the same if not more! 

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