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Jan 5, 20249 min read

Tidio vs vs LiveChat: The battle of the Live chat titans, who wins?

Updated onJan 5, 20249 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is LiveChat?
  • What is Tidio?
  • What is
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  • Tidio vs. vs. Livechat: The battle of the Live chat titans, who wins?
  • Conclusion
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Over the past several years, live chat platforms have regularly ranked as the best customer service channel, with 41% of customers choosing live chat over all other channels.

Buyers today need information, and they demand it quickly. The brands that provide it then and there win and have the highest customer retention rate. 

Live chat has the second-highest customer satisfaction ratings (85%). According to a different survey, 38 percent of customers claimed that the live chat was why they made their purchase. 

 40% of consumers who had used live chat were more inclined to make online purchases (compared to 22% of consumers who had never talked).

With Live Chat, you can send a visitor's questions to your support team and push visitors through your sales funnel. Every discussion is immediately recorded, preserved, and placed in your conversations inbox and on the contact's timeline so that your team has a comprehensive picture of every encounter.

Tidio and LiveChat are some of the best Live Chat service providers. Let's see which one takes the prize! By the end of this blog, you can decide which suits you best.

What is LiveChat?

With the help of live chat, your company may communicate with website visitors in real-time. Customer message or live chat software are two familiar names for the program that facilitates live chat. Live chat software may start dialogues with new website visitors, converse with returning clients, and assist current users. It is a contemporary, ongoing, and contextual strategy to increase engagement, delight consumers, and keep them around for the long term.

Live chat provides:

  1. A tailored customer experience.
  2. Improved brand engagements.
  3. A competitive advantage.
  4. A tool to gauge the mood of your consumers.

Your marketing, sales, and customer service departments may benefit from using a live chat solution for your company, which will be helpful throughout the customer journey.

What is Tidio?

Tidio Chat is a web-based live chat platform that merges messages from Facebook Messenger, emails, and website chat widgets into a single agent interface. It allows agents to handle all client communications simultaneously and with the same resources, regardless of the channel they arrive from.

Users of Tidio Chat can choose from a range of live chat alternatives, including chat widgets, sidebars, and specific chat pages, all of which can be customized. Users may personalize the popup with multiple colors, button placements, and customizable status messages. Three distinct chat widget layouts are available: classic, modern, and business. you can change the background graphics and welcome texts on the chat pages. Before a conversation begins, users may include a custom pre-chat poll to collect visitors' names, contact information, and email addresses.

Tidio Chat users may configure various automation to launch predefined actions when a specific circumstance is met. There are several possible triggers, such as when a user opens a new page on the website, visits the site, later visits the site, and time spent on a particular page. Sending emails or chat messages, adding tags to customer profiles, or deleting tags from customer profiles are all activities it might trigger.

What is

A cloud-based live chat and messaging service called was created to make it easier for companies of all sizes to engage with clients through mobile applications or websites. Users of the platform may check chat history, analyze performance data, and use configurable pages to keep track of customer interactions.

Real-time monitoring, native mobile applications, customized widgets, an integrated ticketing system are just a few of's standout features. Users can limit access through particular domains, websites, or IP addresses using the platform's domain restriction capabilities. 

Additionally, has sentiment tracking, enabling users to examine comments and raise consumer engagement. is a white-label solution that allows customers to design customized emails and widgets. The interactive dashboard on offer helpful information about visitors, discussions, page views, and more via graphs and historical metrics. Numerous third-party platforms and apps, such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Trakdesk, Weebly, Wix, Zencart, Cayzu, and Cloudflare, are integrated with the platform.

Tidio vs. vs. Livechat: The battle of the Live chat titans, who wins?


  1. Tidio, with 232 reviews and a 4.75-star average.
  2. To improve customer service, chatbots are included in the live chat widget. Our investigation revealed that Tidio users appreciate the platform's usability and feature set. Tidio is used by Jeff Moriarty of Moriarty's Gem Art to assist in closing deals, and he mentioned that it integrates effectively with Shopify. He said it has a decent user interface, enhancing the client's shopping experience.
  3. However, customers have complained that chat alerts can be erratic, and we had the same issue when testing the program. Overall, compared to many other live chat solutions, Tidio provides a wide variety of marketing options at a reduced price.
  4. It has a remedy for email marketing initiatives. It is an excellent option if you don't already use an email service provider. Improving your client interactions would help you develop your business.
  5. There is a vendor that enables you to pay for the particular features you require.
  6. For small to medium-sized enterprises seeking a one-stop shop for consumer interaction, Tidio is a dependable option.
  7. For small firms who desire to centralize their communication and automate parts of their communications, Tidio was created. Currently used on more than 300,000 websites worldwide.
  8. Tidio will not offer screen sharing
  9. Tidio has a free plan in addition to options that cost between $10 and $46 per month.

  1. With 261 reviews, has a 4.6-star rating.
  2. With, you may employ 24/7 chat operators to manage live chat services on your behalf. is a reliable option for businesses of any size that desire free live chat. It will be a wise decision, especially if you want chat agents to manage chats on your behalf.
  3. The most feature-rich free live chat plan is offered by Although the interface is not as cutting-edge as those seen in other programs, it nevertheless functions appropriately. While evaluating the product, we also discovered that their support staff is dependable, which is advantageous for any client needing help.
  4. It features the capability to track customer issues. Customers have generally expressed satisfaction with the product. However, some have complained that the mobile version may be unpredictable regarding notifications and usability.
  5. Live chat on is entirely free, and add-ons are available for a monthly cost. In contrast, Tawk To offers higher use coverage across a broader range of website categories. Including 20 other categories, such as Business & Consumer Services, Science & Education, E-commerce & Shopping, and Computers, Electronics & Technology.
  6. In the majority of nations, including the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, and 154 other countries, Tawk To is in the lead.

Live chat

  1. With 1207 reviews, LiveChat has received a 4.65 out of 5-star rating.
  2. LiveChat is available as a SaaS product; the cost is recurring based on the number of live chat operators utilizing the service. LiveChat offers four different plans: Beginning at $16 per seat/month when invoiced annually or $19 per month. Team: starting at $39 per month, or $33 per seat, payable yearly. Business: starting at $59 monthly or $50 per seat per month when invoiced yearly. Enterprise: $149 monthly per seat, invoiced yearly only
  3. Top 10K, Top 100K, and Top 1M Sites are all led by LiveChat.
  4. More website categories have better use coverage with LiveChat. Including 17 other categories, such as Business & Consumer Services, Finance, Health, Computers, Electronics & Technology.
  5. LiveChat is the market leader in 27 countries, including the UK, Australia, Poland, and Indonesia.


Customers are becoming more used to live chat technologies today. Additionally, people not only prefer it but also anticipate it. Beyond enhancing the client experience, your ability to boost agent productivity will help you succeed with live chat as part of your customer support strategy. It is due to the data you'll gather. 

By offering live chat, you provide clients a method to contact you right when they have queries or issues they can't resolve on their own. It is considerably more satisfying than emailing a support staff because you never know when to hear back from them. Here, we've discussed three critical distinctions between live chat on Tidio,, and other sites. You must now select one of them.

If you don't find these contenders worthy, try out BotPenguin for free!

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is LiveChat?
  • What is Tidio?
  • What is
  • arrow
  • Tidio vs. vs. Livechat: The battle of the Live chat titans, who wins?
  • Conclusion