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The Ultimate Guide to Trello

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Aug 25, 20238 min read
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    Table of content

  • Trello: the only collaboration tool you will need to organize everything for your business!
  • What is Trello?
  • 10 Trello statistics that will push up your productivity:
  • How does Trello work? 
  • Why is Trello so popular? 
  • Features of the Trello app:
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  • Pros and cons of the Trello app. 
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  • Pricing of Trello:
  • Trello Integrations
  • Trello Alternatives
  • Conclusion

Trello: the only collaboration tool you will need to organize everything for your business!

Collaborating and communicating with your team can be a massive headache when working on a project. To manage the projects, you need to attend several meetings. Addressing hundreds of emails that are part of long email threads to get a trace of all your project conversations. There's also a workload associated with managing a project. As a result, this all becomes time-consuming and a bigger hassle than just working on a project.  But not now! There is a better way to solve this problem. It's Trello. Trello is simple and easy to use and software that manages and organizes projects into boards. Trello also allows you to make as many lists as you need on a board. You can arrange them as categories, workflow, etc. Trello has more than 90 million registered users. This blog will explain what Trello is, what issue this software is solving, and outline the main features. [wptb id=9455]

What is Trello?

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that is simple and easy to use and software that manages and organizes projects into boards. With Trello, you can get information like the ongoing project, how the project's progress is, who is working on what, and what needs to get done. It simply means you have to conduct fewer meetings, handle few emails and get high productivity.   Trello also allows you to make as many lists as you need on a board. They can be organized as categories, workflow, etc. Trello brings up the fun matter into the work by adding various cards, boards, and lists that enable you to work more efficiently and flexibly. 

10 Trello statistics that will push up your productivity:

  1. More than 2 million users use Trello for better project management. 
  2. Trello has an estimated 1.1 million daily active users.
  3. Trello receives around 150,000 new users every week.
  4. Every month Trello counts more than a hundred visitors. 
  5. Likely more than a hundred countries around the world are connected with Trello. 
  6. Most of the Trello users are unknown to the technical roles. 
  7. Trello's annual recurring revenue is $15 to 25 million.
  8. One million active Trello teams. 
  9. More than 90 million registered users are there for Trello. 
  10. Trello has grown to 19 million users by 2017.

How does Trello work? 

Trello is the best in its job and the only collaboration tool you will need to organize everything for your business. For instance, you can add cards and create a new title for them. You can also change the title to make it more informative. Trello sends notifications to the members who are added as team members to the card for assigning them the task. It brings on a feature to add a due date for the people to know the deadline and realize that they must do the work before the due date.  Adding the labels to your cards is also an upgraded step and makes it visually informative. Trello provides a convenient way to share ideas and opinions on a particular project or task. 

Why is Trello so popular? 

Trello successfully witnessed the lack of commitment problem. People get frustrated and get difficulties managing tons of work single-handedly which ultimately leads to incomplete e and insufficient work. Trello apps targets to lessen the wood load from you and sets general goals to break them down. It is anonymously popular for its manageable part and being committed to a schedule that also helps you be committed and meet the goals on time. Trello app helps in teamwork and better bonding.  High productivity encourages others and motivates them to do better. It also has a well-organized board and card system, great collaboration, reasonable timeframes, security, a searchable database, etc. 

Features of the Trello app:

Trello stands out from other task and workflow management systems due to some intelligent features-

  • Butler is an automation tool in Trello that lets you automate many commands, including card and board buttons. Also, it automates scheduled commands and due date commands depending on how you configure commands. You can use a butler to automatically mark when a card is finished on a specific date, items on a card's checklist, or remove members from a card. 
    • Automation saves you from clicking and dragging cards around so much. Still, it also helps workflows and processes run like clockwork to prevent mistakes. 
    • All users can build commands with butler by filling out the command building window. 
  • Trello also has archive cards; it declutters your board without deleting old cards. You can always access information if you need to look back. 
    • You can also move archived cards back to the main board if you decide to revisit a project. You can automatically archive cards on a specific date and time using butler. time
    • You can also designate a label or a list to be automatically archived. 
  • The card aging feature provides a visual cue notifying you to check in on neglected cards. 
    • Card aging highlights cards that you have opened in a while, which helps to keep essential tasks from getting lost in the Shuffle and small tasks from collecting dust. The more extended card goes without being opened, the more it fades. Opening or updating a card returns it to its normal state. Still, a card left unattended for more than four weeks will enter pirate mode. 
  • Trello lets you add color-coded labels to cards. Labels can help organize projects and deadlines, adding clarity and structure to the cards without making them look cluttered. 

Pros and cons of the Trello app. 


  1. One of the essential pros of Trello is that it is easy to use and has a simple user interface. You can use it without spending hours on training. 
  2. Trello app offers a free plan with fundamental features. You can always upgrade with a paid one if you want. 
  3. There are a lot of upgrades, and you can customize them too. 


  1. Trello works great for simple projects and workflows but keeps in mind that it doesn't work well for full-scale project management. 
  2. Trello gets hard to handle when it comes to handling more users. 

Pricing of Trello:


$0USD Free for your whole team Included in Free:

  • Unlimited cards
  • Up to 10 boards per Workspace
  • Unlimited Power-Ups per board
  • Unlimited storage (10MB/file)
  • 250 Workspace command runs per month
  • Custom backgrounds & stickers
  • Unlimited activity log
  • Assignee and due dates
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • 2-factor authentication


$5USD Per-user/month if billed annually ($6 billed monthly) Everything is Free, plus:

  • Unlimited boards
  • Advanced checklists
  • Custom Fields
  • Unlimited storage (250MB/file)
  • 1,000 Workspace command runs per month
  • Single board guests
  • Saved searches


$10USD Per-user/month if billed annually ($12.50 billed monthly) Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Dashboard view
  • Timeline view
  • Workspace Table view
  • Calendar view
  • Workspace Calendar View
  • Map view
  • Unlimited Workspace command runs
  • Admin and security features
  • Workspace-level templates
  • Collections
  • Observers
  • Priority support
  • Simple data export


$17.50USD Per-user/month - billed annually ($210.00 annual price per user) Est. cost for 25 users Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Organization-wide permissions
  • Organization visible boards
  • Public board management
  • Multi-board guests
  • Attachment permissions
  • Power-Up administration
  • Free SSO and user provisioning with Atlassian Access

Trello Integrations

  1. BotPenguin
  2. Gmail
  3. Slack
  4. Zoho CRM
  5. Adobe XD
  6. Jira
  7. Mailchimp
  8. Salesforce
  9. AWeber
  10. Google meet

Trello integrates with more than 4000 other apps on Zapier. 

Trello Alternatives

Here is a list of some Kanban and project management software. 

  • Hive
  • Asana
  • ClickUp
  • Airtable
  • ProofHub
  • Notion
  • LiquidPlanner
  • Wrike
  • nTasks


All in all, Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Trello is straightforward to use with project software management. It lessens your workload and does it more effectively and efficiently. Trello includes a progress meter checklist, data filters, activity logs, discussions, In-line editing, deadline alerts and notifications, information backup, etc. 

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