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Jul 10, 20245 min read

Podium Tutorial: How to use Podium in 2024

Updated onJul 10, 20245 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Podium: A brief overview
  • How do you easily set up a Podium?
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  • How to bring users to Podium?
  • Conclusion 
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The pace of development on the Internet platform is swift and dynamic, with new software being released every second. 

Keeping up with these changes can be overwhelming for some individuals, who may require assistance. 

While it is acceptable to seek help, failing to stay current could negatively impact your business, especially if it involves online sales.

With the increasing prevalence of online commerce, proficiency in digital tools is essential for business growth.

If used appropriately, a podium live chat is a piece of software you can employ for your company and that can help it flourish. 

With more than 45,000 customers, Podium live chat is one of the most well-liked live chat products and a recognized leader in the industry. 

Since its founding in 2014, Podium has assisted more than 26,000 businesses in improving communication with more than 50 million customers.

You will find a thorough, step-by-step podium live chat tutorial in this article. Now that we've covered the basics, let's look at how to use a podium live chat in 2024

Podium: A brief overview

Podium is a user-friendly live chat platform for text message marketing with unique tools for managing customer relationships. 

The podium live chat has a special Google Business integration that allows you to text review requests and use the messaging window's built-in review solicitation tool, which is excellent for managing online reputation and customer relationships. 

This live chat feature elevates Podium to the top SMS marketing choice for customer relationship management, along with its web chat feature and payment widgets.

Additionally, you can use Podium live chat to get client feedback from your clients, like a Net Promoter Score. 

Podium makes gathering this data as simple as possible, and acting on it is just as important as gathering it. 

Podium consistently shows to be the best and most reputable management solution. All vendor evaluation procedures must include it.

How do you easily set up a Podium?

After you've signed up for Podium live chat, users can log in and allow the guide to take them on a detailed tour. 

We've only seen similar guidance features in just a few other SMS marketing platforms.

Due to Podium's advanced and specialized features, setup may take longer with this guide than with other text message marketing platforms. 

You may need to enter your credit card details, create review templates, and build consumer surveys, which are only sometimes included in the setup processes of other text messaging platforms. 

Having said that, Podium offers all of its features as part of the base price, unlike other platforms that only offer some of them as add-ons.

Selecting the Standard or Professional plan will make your Podium setup quicker. 

As part of these plans, you will receive personalized onboarding assistance from a Podium team member. 

Instead, if you select the Essentials plan, you will receive an onboarding video that your team can watch collectively. 

Your Podium subscription comes with these onboarding services. Adding contacts or migrating your data won't cost you extra, either.

Organizing your integrations is challenging for setting up Podium because Google Business is the only native integration. 

You'll need to request some integrations manually, but Podium will connect you with several people who can assist you with the other integrations.

How to bring users to Podium?

1. Invite users

Invite users to create a podium account via text, email, or a link. 

While most users can send invitations, only users with certain roles can create invitation links. 

To send an invitation, click the settings icon, then click the ‘users’ option.

2. New user invitations

New user invitations can be sent over email or via a text message. 

To make the process go more smoothly, you'll want to ensure you have your new users' names and phone numbers or email addresses available. 

3. Send the invitations

When you invite fewer than 6 users at one time, those users will have the same role and same location access by default. 

If you invite more than seven users at one time, you can adjust permissions by an individual. 

When each individual has the correct location and role, you can send the invitations.

4. Accept the invitation

Each person will receive an email or text with a clickable link that lets them accept the invitation. 

When the user clicks the link, they'll provide personal details to create their account. 

5. Adjust the user's role

You can also see who accepts or declines the invitation.

While a user is pending, you can adjust the user's role. 

If the user cannot find their invitation or has problems with the link, you can resend it.

If you accidentally send an invitation to the wrong person, you can disable the invitation by clicking remove user. 

Generating a shareable invitation link can be easier if you want to add many people to the podium live chat. 

When someone creates an account with this link, they'll be assigned the team member role and have access to all locations. 

By default, this link can be used by anyone who receives it, but you can change the settings so that the link only works for users with certain email address domains.

Access it anytime on the user settings page. 

Now, you can copy it and post the link on an internal company website or for the link to your managers so they can send it to their teams.


Podium provides simple tools for requesting reviews, customer feedback, and seamless Google Business integration. 

These characteristics set Podium apart as the best live chat platform for managing customer relationships through text message marketing.

Podium is recommended for small businesses seeking to solicit customer feedback through a high-response and open-rate communication channel. 

In addition, small businesses seek to use a highly responsive channel to gather customer feedback.

Even small companies wish to enhance customer satisfaction with live chat and hassle-free SMS payments.

On the topic of live chat, BotPenguin's live chat feature ensures that your customers receive immediate assistance, without having to wait for a human agent to become available. 

This results in higher customer satisfaction rates, increased engagement, and ultimately, more conversions.

With its advanced AI technology, BotPenguin can handle complex customer queries and provide personalized responses in real time. 

So if you want to take your customer service to the next level and stay ahead of the competition, try BotPenguin today!

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Table of Contents

  • Podium: A brief overview
  • How do you easily set up a Podium?
  • arrow
  • How to bring users to Podium?
  • Conclusion