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Olark Review -A Detailed Guide 2024

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Oct 31, 202312 min read
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  • Introduction
  • Olark Review: How Does it Work?
  • Olark Review: Features
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  • Olark Review: Benefits
  • Olark Review: Drawbacks
  • Olark Review: Which users are best suited to it?
  • Olark Review: The Bottom Line


In any digital business such as eCommerce, it's essential to communicate with your customers. Live chat is a great tool to provide real-time support, encourage sales and increase customer satisfaction. One such tool available out there is Olark. Using Olark, you can quickly and easily add live chat to your site. It is a live chat software specially made for small businesses. It aims to help sales and support teams increase their website conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction. Continue reading and get our Olark Review to help you decide on the platform.

Olark offers a variety of features that can help you capture and convert more leads, decrease churn, and boost revenue. These include visitor monitoring, proactive chat invitations, canned responses, team chat, calendar integration, website analytics, offline messaging, etc. The features are all designed to allow you to have the best and most impactful conversations possible.

Olark Review: How Does it Work?

Olark Review How Does it Work_

With Olark, you can chat with customers from anywhere. It works on your mobile phone, tablet, and computer, so you're connected to your customers no matter where you are.

Olark is easy to set up and use. By using the chat widget on your website, customers can reach out quickly and easily. You will receive a notification that a visitor is trying to chat with you. Once you accept the chat request, you start talking with them.

If a visitor has any questions while browsing your site, they can request a chat at any time. Olark will notify you that someone wants to talk to you on any device. You can start chatting with them right away or schedule an appointment.

Olark makes it easy to track all of your chats. It helps to look back at weekly progress efficiently and comprehensively. You can even tag any conversations that were sales leads or FAQs, so it's easy for your team to view which chats were productive and which chats weren't as valuable. It allows everyone on your team to stay informed about what's going on with your business.

Olark Review: Features

Below is a list of Features that can empower sales to reach any target they set. All these features work towards one goal: to create a lasting relationship with the customer. A loyal customer can generate five to ten times the profit by simply sharing their experience with others.

  1. Real-time Visitor Monitoring: Know who's on your site, what page they're on, where they're from and what links they've clicked.
  2. Proactive Chats: Trigger chats with visitors based on the pages they visit. Engage visitors with a live chat before they leave your website.
  3. Mobile Apps: Use Olark's mobile apps to chat with your web visitors while you're on the go.
  4. Unlimited Operators: Olark allows you to add additional operators at no extra cost. They don't believe in charging more as you grow.
  5. Visitor Triggers: Set up automatic triggers to engage visitors when they enter specific keywords into a form field or click certain links on your site.

Olark Review: Benefits

Olark Review- Benefits

Customer Service Automation with chatbots

Using Chatbots, you can automate the Customer Service and Lead Generation process. You can create a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions, book appointments, or provide support. It can save time for your employees and help you serve more customers. Chatbots are easy to set up and use.

You can trigger a chatbot on your website based on specific rules set up in our software. For example, you could start a chatbot when someone visits your pricing page or after being on your website for a certain amount of time.

Efficient and Multi-Functional Dashboard

The first thing you see when you log in to your Olark account is the dashboard. It is a quick overview of all conversations and any members of your team who are online and available for chatting.

You'll see all visitors currently on your site in the Visitors tab. It will give you a list of their locations and their current page on your site and how long they've been there before they start chatting with you or one of your team members. You can click on any visitor's name and instantly send them an invite if you'd like to start a conversation with them right then and there.

Customizable Chat Widget 

Olark has a chat widget that offers customization options to help you create the chat widget that fits your needs.

Users can customize all of the following features within the Olark dashboard:

  1. Chat Widget Alignment: You can have your chat widget on the left or right.
  2. Chat Widget Position: You can set your chat widget to appear at the top or bottom of your website.
  3. Window Colors: Customize the colors of your window, including background and text colors. (You can also include a custom logo if you want)
  4. Auto-Messages: Set up auto messages for when certain events occur, including when someone visits, leaves, and returns to your website.
  5. Send User Info: When enabled, this feature will send user info (such as location, browser, and IP address) to you when someone initiates a chat with you.
  6. Show/Hide Widget When Offline: You can hide or show the widget depending on online or offline. If hidden, users who visit your site won't see the widget. Instead, Olark will invite them to send you an email if they want to contact you via another method.

Native IOS and Android Apps Access

Olark's native mobile apps are a powerful tool for businesses who want to stay in touch with their website visitors even when they're away from the office. The app allows Olark users to see and chat with visitors at any time, on any device. The mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices. Users can download them from their respective app stores.

Some Noteworthy Features of the apps are as follows:

Push Notifications

You will receive push notifications when you have a new chat waiting or when a visitor initiates a conversation. It allows you to see who is on your site and engage them in real-time with live chat.

Chat History

Use the chat history feature to look back at any conversations you've had in the past. It will let you see the conversation quality and satisfaction with each customer and any other relevant information. (customer's name, email address, and phone number)

This feature will help you keep track of all conversations for future reference. Moreover, you can use chat history for training purposes.

Chat Previews

In addition to the push notifications, other features are available in Olark. You'll also see a preview of new messages right in your phone's notification bar. To reply directly from this view, tap "Reply" or swipe left. If you tap on the preview, it will open the app and bring you to the associated chat.

Olark Review: Drawbacks

  1. While there are plenty of customization options available, they require additional payment. You can only create pre-chat surveys if you upgrade your plan too.
  2. Olark also offers a mobile app, but it doesn't include all the features available on the desktop.
  3. It is an excellent tool for connecting with your website visitors and potential customers. However, the default Olark installation method doesn't work well for many WordPress websites.
  4. Olark is not a full-service customer service solution. If you are looking for a help desk software or ticketing system, Olark is not the best option. For this purpose, it would be better to look at something like Zendesk or Freshdesk.
  5. Although the Pro version of Olark does offer some basic chat history features and an offline form, it does not provide a robust chat history management system.
  6. The chat history features are limited to just being able to search through past conversations based on keywords and phrases.
  7. No support for more than one agent at the same time is accessible. You can't have two people logged in as the same operator (aka your business) and help clients simultaneously. They have to log in, chat, and sign out before someone else can log in.

Olark Review: Which users are best suited to it?

Olark Review: Which users are best suited to it?

Olark is perfect for

  1. Small businesses that want to convert more website visitors into leads and customers.
  2. Marketing and sales professionals who want to improve conversion rates and close more deals using live chat
  3. Businesses that want to track each visitor's activity and see when they are most interested in a product or service
  4. Companies that want to offer live support but can't afford the expensive, complicated solutions

Olark Review: The Bottom Line

When it comes to improving customer service, website chat is a powerful tool. But most of the time, it's used by large companies with substantial support teams and even larger budgets. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you may think live chat is out of your price range.

If you are looking for new ways to boost customer service while saving time and money, Olark might be what your business needs. Take a look above and trust what your gut tells you. We hope this blog will help you make an informed decision for your business.

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