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25+ Marketing Memes that'll cure your Monday blues

Updated on
Aug 8, 20235 min read
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Monday got you down? Skip the sad songs and lengthy intros - memes are the only cure you need. Our collection of marketing laughs will meme those blues away.

Let's push those boring emails away and start with the first meme. 


Marketing memes

Mine sits next to me…


Marketing memes- Designer memes

“I know someone who can do it cheaper."


SEO Expert Meme

And, I’ll rank you #1 on Google by this afternoon…


Marketing memes

To identify their “Pain Points”


Marketing memes- Banner Ad

It’ll explode if I write, “Only few hours left”…


Marketing memes- Content Writer memes

Just get off my back FR dude…


Marketing memes- Copywriters meme

Writer’s block is no joke, guys!


Graphic Designer memes

Graphic Designing Interns be like


Marketing memes- HR memes

HRs, when they use 100% of their brain


Marketing Memes

Don’t forget to subscribe to my monthly Newsletter…


Marketing memes

They all look same to me


Social Media Marketing Memes

“How to attract grammar nazzis in 60 seconds or less?”


Marketing Memes- Content Writer Memes

“Writer’s block” is just a symptom of a rather easily cured malady—”LRS,” or Lazy Research Syndrome.”

Marketing Memes- Content Writer Memes

Words multiply like skin cells


Marketing memes- SEO Memes

I know like 6 people who’d do this:


Marketing memes- Content Writer memes

What writers think the audience would react when they write corporate jargon


Marketing memes

I request pharma companies to make this pill…


Marketing Memes - Link building/backlinks

I’ll be silent…


Marketing memes- SEO Memes

I started a blog 2 years ago but haven’t ranked #1 on Google search, I Blame the algorithm.


Marketing Memes - Link building/backlinks



Marketing memes- SEO Memes

Am I at the right place?


Marketing memes- Copywriter Memes

Why y’all looking at me?


Marketing memes

Are we on the first page yet?



Marketing memes- YouTube Ad Memes

I use Youtube to watch ads.



Marketing Memes

Or at least it used to…

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