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How to generate outbound leads and convert them: List of 5 best tools!

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Aug 25, 202326 min read
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  • Introduction
  • What is Outbound Lead Generation?
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  • How to generate an outbound lead 
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  • 5 Best Tools To Generate And Convert Leads
  • Conclusion


Online businesses thrive on outbound and inbound leads. Generating leads is one thing but converting them to clients is another challenge. Inbound leads are easier to deal with compared to Outbound leads.

Outbound leads are any B2B prospect that has expressed interest in the company's products and services but has not yet purchased anything. To be considered a lead, the buyer must show interest in your products or services. You can then enter them into the sales funnel.

75% of outbound leads will have a meeting with you based on a cold email alone. Outbound lead generation allows you to reach potential customers that might not be aware of your product. It is done by sales reps sending communications to potential leads.

Generating interest in the product or service and building a sales pipeline is essential. Cold calling, direct Email, and social selling are communication methods you can use to generate outbound leads.

However, some tools will automate the whole process for you. Let's take a look and make your life easy!

What is Outbound Lead Generation?

The term "outbound" is most commonly used in marketing circles to refer to means such as television and radio commercials, press releases, and billboards. These strategies are excellent for enlightening clients but do not identify prospects from a large group of people. You'll need an outbound lead-generating team to reach out to potential clients promptly and aggressively. The goal of such a group is to go out to your target market and interact with potential consumers via Email, cold phoning, and social media prospecting. They can even expand their operations to trade exhibitions and conferences by giving out pamphlets, for example. After determining prospect interest, the lead generation team passes the potential leads on to the sales team for conversion.

How to generate an outbound lead 

Step 1. Conduct cold calling

Cold calling isn't gone, despite popular belief. In reality, it's still an excellent way to generate revenue and expand your company.

After all, speaking with your prospects directly is the best approach to discovering more about them. You may learn more about what the prospect cares about and their pain points.

Then, customize your sales presentation using this information to address these specific pain spots and how your product or service can help.

Here are a few pointers to help you master your cold call:

  1. Investigate the prospect thoroughly.
  2. Prepare and practice for the phone call ahead of time.
  3. Prepare a script.
  4. Always maintain a pleasant demeanor and smile during the chat (yes, the person on the other end can hear your smile)
  5. Don't be obnoxious; instead, use a collaborative approach.
  6. Always express gratitude for their time.
  7. For further advice from industry professionals, read some cold-calling books or listen to podcasts.

Step 2. Personalize to build a meaningful bond

Using consumer data to create personalized marketing communications and product offerings is personalizing your approach. It establishes a connection with prospects and allows you to personalize your marketing messaging for each one (or group of similar individuals).

  1. According to marketers, personalization allows you to have better and more meaningful dialogues with your consumers, providing them a better experience and boosting customer happiness.
  2. Tailoring your cold call scripts and customizing your cold emails are two approaches to customize your approach.

Step 3. Make use of social media

Especially in the B2B arena, social media is one of the largest platforms and most effective tools for networking with like-minded individuals and targeting new clients. Fifty-nine percent of B2-B marketers claim they use social media to create leads.

You can use this tool to View profiles and issue automated connection requests, much like social media schedulers and email marketing solutions.

  1. View profiles and send connection requests automatically.
  2. Send an introduction message as well as a follow-up message.
  3. Filter candidates based on their job title, seniority, location, education, experience, and other factors.
  4. Take important information from profiles and enter it into your CRM.

Step 4. Focus on content syndication

Information syndication is the process of spreading your content to a bigger audience. You put your finest material out there to reach the appropriate individuals and inform them about your company.

  1. Content syndication combines inbound (content) and outbound (marketing) tactics to attract more leads to your website.
  2. Rather than merely producing content and hoping for leads to come to you, promote it via Email and social media.

Step 5. Use a multichannel approach

Multichannel marketing allows you to communicate with your clients across various channels, employing a healthy mix of direct and indirect contact.

It's similar to the expression "don't put all your eggs in one basket."

  1. Using multichannel outreach, you may boost customer retention and brand recognition and create a comprehensive customer journey for your prospects.
  2. You may use social media, messaging platforms, cold calls, and marketing to create outbound leads.
  3. What's nice about multichannel outreach is that you can pick and choose which platforms and channels your consumers use and which are most convenient for you.
  4. It's totally up to you to choose and choose a mix of channels, whether it serves to be more practicable with your existing workforce or something that works better for your budget.

5 Best Tools To Generate And Convert Leads


The greatest landing page builder on the market is SeedProd. Users may use a beginner-friendly drag and drop builder to create several pages for your website in just a few minutes. You can create multiple pages for your site using SeedPod. It helps you, whether it's for sales, maintenance, webinars, or opt-in campaigns. You don't even have to build adaptable and mobile-ready pages with 150+ landing page templates. All of the hard work has already been done for oneself.

SeedProd gives you a leg up on the competition by connecting with various email service providers and safeguarding your pages against spam, bots, and other forms of fraud.

Key Features:

  1. Edit material in real-time and see your website as it would seem to your visitors with a live preview.
  2. Put your website in a coming soon, 404, or maintenance mode, and then go live whenever you're ready, all with a single click.
  3. Compatible with any WordPress theme and assists you in ensuring that your website is consistent with your branding.
  4. SeedProd charges $39.50 for their Basic package, $89.55 for their Plus package, and $159.60 for their Pro plan annually.


WPForms is a basic form builder that lets you quickly add simple lead-generating forms to your website. With 300+ pre-built templates, you can quickly add a suitable form to your website.

While targeting criteria are restricted compared to technologies like OptinMonster's popups, forms are still a good and dependable approach to creating leads.

Key Features:

  1. Customization is simple by using the drag and drop builder. You may collect leads from every sort of visitor using mobile-friendly forms. You can swiftly reply to leads thanks to instant alerts.
  2. Intelligent conditional logic will assist you through the process of building high-performing forms.
  3. WPForms annual cost ranges from $39.50 for the Basic plan to $99.50 for the Plus package, $199.50 for the Pro package, and $299.50 for the Elite subscription.

Constant Contact

Try Constant Contact if you have a more extensive contact list or want a MailChimp alternative. It's an excellent email marketing tool that will keep you in touch with your prospects.

Constant contact offers a very user-friendly and lightweight UI. Constant contact, one of the world's leading email marketing firms, can guarantee high deliverability rates.

Your emails will seem clean and professional thanks to their drag-and-drop editor and email newsletter templates, which will wow your leads.

Key Features:

  1. Integrates with various lead generation systems, allowing you to begin contacting prospects straight immediately.
  2.  To enhance interaction and generate sales, marketing automation sends out pre-designed emails. In real-time, easy-to-read reports measure email success.
  3. Simple contact management tools allow you to organize, add, and manage your email contacts easily.
  4. Constant contact's email marketing plans start at $20 per month for Email and go up to $45 per month for Email Plus. There is a free trial available.


Sendinblue is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that includes email and SMS marketing services. Additionally, they provide a drag-and-drop builder for creating highly engaging emails, automating workflows, and segmenting consumers. Sendinblue can help you with practically every aspect of email marketing. Sendinblue provides it all, including automation, segmentation, and email design tools. It also has a Facebook ad, landing page, and registration form builders.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable dashboard depending on your company's needs
  2. An all-in-one marketing solution
  3. You can see how your contacts interact with your emails using email heat maps.
  4. A/B testing allows you to compare different emails to find which ones resonate most with your contacts.
  5. Sendinblue has a free service that includes unlimited contacts and up to 300 emails each day. The Lite subscription costs $25 per month, while the Premium package costs $65 per month.


Hunter is a helpful tool if you need to make a quick email search. Enter the domain, and You will find the email address pattern. Whenever you need to conduct a fast email search, Hunter is a valuable tool. As a consequence, Hunter is one of the best email-finding tools on the market.

Key Features:

  1. Email verifier is a program that validates the legitimacy of any professional email address in a batch.
  2. Extensions for your browser and Google Sheets
  3. Integration with Gmail to launch cold email campaigns
  4. Hunter's cost is determined by the number of requests you submit. For up to 25 searches and 50 verifications every month, it's free. Paid plans start at $49 per month for the Basic plan and go up to $399 per month for the Enterprise plan.


You must evaluate these tools against others before deciding on them. However, the investment is worth it because it works and generates results. Such Steps attract more potential consumers and, as a result, more money while being cost-effective.

Outbound lead generation is a tried-and-true method of reaching out to many B2B prospects and expanding your client base. Many aspects will influence your tactics, but learning to apply outbound lead creation will enhance your entire lead-generating strategy.

These tools will surely be a big help. You need to pick the one which suits you well. 

BotPenguin is an AI-powered chatbot platform that enables you to supercharge your lead generation and conversion strategy. Try it today for free!


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