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May 29, 202417 min read

How to Create an Awesome Lead Funnel Strategy

Updated onMay 29, 202417 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • What Is a Lead Funnel?
  • What are the stages of the lead funnel?
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  • How to create an excellent lead funnel?
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  • What are the strategies, tips, and hacks for an awesome lead funnel?
  •  Conclusion
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Every business has one common goal: to sell their product more and more. To get more sales, companies need leads. And to get more leads, businesses need to create a terrific lead funnel with new strategies and tips.

A lead funnel is an online marketing funnel that develops strategies around the customer for a great experience and has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. With a lead funnel, you can quickly build trust with your customers and communicate with them. The more customer is informed and connected, the more your sales rate will rise.

There are many ways to generate leads, with content creation being the top. This strategy capture data of leads. But is it the only way of generating leads? How to create a strategical lead funnel for more leads? You must understand how to maximize your marketing lead funnel for brand success.

Please continue reading to find out more about lead funnel with their tips and hacks.

What Is a Lead Funnel?

The lead funnel, also known as the marketing funnel, conversion funnel, or sales funnel, is a concept used by marketers to describe the process of increasing conversions.

Every element of your client acquisition plan must work together and have a digital record.

In a nutshell, the inbound marketing funnel is the process through which prospects go from initial brand awareness to becoming brand advocates.

You must keep track of these conversion rates to create precise targets and efficiently manage your time and resources.

What are the stages of the lead funnel?

Top of the funnel: This is the funnel's largest section. Therefore it requires the most leads to deal with. It would help if you increased your efforts in this area to attract the biggest amount of individuals.

At this level, inbound marketing offers should be free, accessible, and informative. You can include eBooks, blogs, and videos, for example.

Middle of the funnel: Your funnel is in charge of screening through the first stream of leads and weeding out some less relevant prospects. You may accomplish it by providing focused information that educates the prospect on what you are indeed selling.

When a visitor considers your offer, they become a possible customer.

Use case studies, tutorials, and free samples with a specific goal in mind to entice people to learn more.

Bottom of the funnel: Your most intriguing leads are attracted to the end of your funnel. You'll now present them with a conversion opportunity that they could find fascinating. The conclusion of your internet marketing funnel must be the most enticing for it to be effective.

Make your marketing offers informative and even pushy. Demonstrations and discounts, for example, as well as consultations and free trials.

How to create an excellent lead funnel?

Step 1. Map your customer journey

A customer journey map depicts potential consumers' stages, from visiting your website to signing up for your newsletter or purchasing your goods. It is critical to map out the specific processes and touchpoints involved in guiding consumers through this journey since it allows you to: 

  1. Effectively nurture leads.
  2. Measure the quality of your leads and how many of them convert.
  3. Discover innovative ways to generate leads.
  4. Identify and remove places of friction in your lead-generating funnel.

According to research, controlling your client journey may save your sales cycle time by up to 18 times. You must first map out your customer's journey to create an optimal lead generation funnel.

Step 2. Create great content

Your next task is generating content that will surprise and please your customers once you've sketched their path. We're talking about material communicating with your customers, such as blog articles, videos, podcasts, and ebooks. And don't worry, you don't need a large crew or an endless budget to generate great content that your audience will like.

Here's how to create content that stands out.

  1. Outperform the competitors. Examine your rivals' websites and the stuff they're putting out. Then make a better version of it. More words alone will not be enough to outshine the competitors. 
  2. SEO-optimize your website. Make sure the content is SEO-friendly. As people search the web for answers to their questions, your audience will be able to find you naturally. It entails including structured data, header tags, and internal linking into all of your site's content.
  3. Create content for each level of the lead funnel. Make content for each stage of the lead-generating process. For the top of the funnel, blogs, social media posts, and YouTube videos are ideal. The funnel's center is best served by downloadable information such as ebooks, special reports, and case studies. Free trials and discounts will encourage those at the bottom of the funnel to take the next step and become customers.

Step 3. Drive traffic

It's time to drive traffic to your great content now that you've developed a few pieces. Driving traffic can accomplish in a variety of ways:

Organic search

People looking for and finding your product online are called organic search. Because you don't have to pay for this type of traffic, it's called organic traffic.

You must generate search engine-friendly content to increase organic traffic to your sales funnel. To accomplish so, you'll need to employ SEO best practices. Using keywords in your content, including search/user intent, building backlinks to your blog articles, and creating a great user experience (UX) on your website is the most crucial.

These ideas are critical for assuring many visits at the TOFU stage of your funnel.

Email marketing

Email is the top source of ROI for 59% of marketers. It's an excellent method to get the word out about your company's content.

If your company has an email list, you can use it to notify subscribers about new material and tempt them to read it.

If your company doesn't have an email list, I recommend building one now. Email marketing generates an average ROI of 4,400 percent in the United States, according to Wordstream.

Social media

Sure, it's social media, created to help people connect on a social level. However, social media has become a potent lead generation channel for B2-B and B2C businesses.

If you use it correctly, social media can help you go viral. However, this can only happen if you write pieces that resonate with your target audience.

Paid advertising

Finally, you may pay to have your material advertised. For B2Bs, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads are three standard options.

Other search engines and social media sites, on the other hand, include advertising possibilities.

The secret is to locate the correct ones for your specific target market. Once you've done so, you'll be able to use them to target your market with helpful content.

Step 4. Collect prospect information

A solid customer relationship manager (CRM) comes in helpful in this situation. A robust CRM not only serves as a database for your contact list but also assists you in the following ways:

  1. Segment your list, score prospects, and manage your sales funnel (and leads) from a single location.
  2. Effortlessly streamlines the sales process.

Another critical advantage of employing a CRM is that it aids in the conversion of leads into customers. It is mainly owing to CRMs' effectiveness in delivering excellent customer experiences. Utilizing a CRM to automate the lead nurturing process, you can ensure that each lead receives the appropriate (tailored) material at the proper time. Consequently, they will go smoothly through each level of your sales funnel.

You can also utilize lead generation tools for data enrichment to take prospect data from your CRM and provide prospects with a more customized experience.

Step 5. Close the sale

A website visitor is now classified as a lead since you have their contact information. The only thing left to do is sell your goods to them. Closing the transaction, on the other hand, is unique to each organization.

For some, the process will begin with your marketing staff encouraging prospects to join up.

Others, on the other hand, will start by sending qualifying leads to a sales team member to start a dialogue and close the transaction.

Determine what works best for you and begin converting leads into customers.

What are the strategies, tips, and hacks for an awesome lead funnel?

Use the right tools.

Several software products and tools are available to help you create more leads. You'll find out what firm they work for, how much time they spend on each of your websites, and obtain detailed content information for those individuals.

You may then change your entire lead funnel approach based on this information. If your company has the resources, seek products to help you generate more leads. Remember to use the tools in conjunction with the five-step procedure indicated above.

Use personalized images

Every day, prospects are bombarded with dozens (if not hundreds) of sales presentations. Using unique photos in your outreach is one method to stand out from the crowd.

You may give prospects a memorable experience by sending them a message that sticks out among the abundance of other sales communications.

 Qualify your leads

Leads aren't all made equal. It's your best advantage to qualify leads and focus your efforts on those most likely to convert. To qualify a lead, look at how they interacted with your material in the past.

Those who download anything directly related to your firm, such as a case study, are more likely to be high-quality leads than those who peruse your career's website. After they've provided you with their contact information, you may qualify leads based on their contacts with your firm.

Do they open your emails frequently? Are they willing to participate in polls? Do they return phone calls from salespeople? The answers to these questions will reveal each lead's qualification level.

Never stop experimenting

Never stop trying new things! You can always do something to improve your lead-generating funnel. What worked last year may not work this year. Your target demographic is shifting, and your lead funnel must adapt.

As a result, experiment with different types of content to find what your potential consumers respond to best. Also, make any necessary adjustments to your advertising, landing sites, and sales efforts.

Personalize your website

Remember to provide a personalization feature for your website visitors. When people come to your website, they're more likely to make an impact and take action. The best thing is that it takes little time and requires no coding experience.


Lead funnel is an essential way to create good marketing strategies. Your business will have an effective lead generation with a strong and practical lead funnel. All you need is to be innovative and unique while creating your content, as it should be able to attract users to buy your products. You came across five steps for building and optimizing your lead funnel in this article. You can create a sustainable lead generation pipeline by following the steps mentioned above. It would help if you had a steady flow of leads. That's why you need a terrific lead funnel.

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Table of Contents

  • What Is a Lead Funnel?
  • What are the stages of the lead funnel?
  • arrow
  • How to create an excellent lead funnel?
  • arrow
  • What are the strategies, tips, and hacks for an awesome lead funnel?
  •  Conclusion