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A complete guide on how to use Freshsales more effectively!

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Aug 25, 20237 min read
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  • What is Freshsale?
  • What is the use of Freshsales?
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  • A complete guide on how to use Freshsales more effectively
  • What is the difference between Freshsales free and paid?
  • Who Needs a Sales Cloud for Freshworks CRM?
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  • FAQs
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Few things are more crucial for sales, service, and marketing professionals than having the appropriate customer relationship management tools. Understanding your consumers' needs to the farthest degree is essential for converting and keeping customers in the present market. Tools can assist Freshsales, like the Freshsales CRM sales cloud platform.

Freshsales is a specialized sales CRM solution created to assist salespeople in the digital environment in communicating with the appropriate prospects more contextually. The Freshworks Sales CRM system will teach you how to develop client interactions while assisting in aligning your company's many departments.

What is Freshsale?

Freshsales is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides businesses with a suite of tools for managing and growing their customer relationships. With Freshsales, businesses can:

  • Store and manage customer data: Freshsales provides a centralized place to store customer information, such as contact details, lead and account information, and sales activity.
  • Track and manage sales activity: Freshsales provides sales teams with the tools they need to manage their sales pipeline, from lead capture to deal closure.
  • Deliver great customer service: Freshsales provides customer service teams with the tools they need to manage customer inquiries, resolve issues, and provide omnichannel support.
  • Automate marketing processes: Freshsales provides marketing teams with the tools they need to automate lead nurturing and email marketing campaigns, and track their success.
  • Gain insights into customer behavior: Freshsales provides businesses with the insights they need to understand their customers, including the ability to track customer interactions and create reports.
  • Mobile app: Freshsales provides a mobile app that allows sales teams to access their customer data and manage their sales pipeline while on the go.
  • Customization: Freshsales allows businesses to customize their CRM to meet their specific needs and workflows, including custom fields, workflows, and integrations.
  • Integration: Freshsales integrates with a wide range of tools, including email, calendars, and marketing automation platforms, to provide a seamless and integrated customer experience.
  • Reporting and analytics: Freshsales provides businesses with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing them to gain insights into their customer data and track their progress.
  • Customer support: Freshsales provides its customers with comprehensive customer support, including online resources, email support, and a customer community.

Overall, Freshsales is a comprehensive and easy-to-use CRM platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to manage and grow their customer relationships.

What is the use of Freshsales?

First, you must be aware that Freshsales is the CRM and sales platform of the greater Freshworks brand. Additional Freshworks apps include Freshmarketer for email marketing automation and other tools, Freshdesk for customer support, Freshteam for HR requirements, and Freshservice for IT requirements.

Freshsales has the bulk of your company needs to be covered, especially if you select the Freshsales Suite, which includes all the sales tools and some tools from the marketing module.

Companies adopting Freshsales (previously Freshworks CRM) for CRM Sales Engagement include distributors, a distribution company with 5500 people and $5 billion in annual revenue, and Sotheby's, a retail company with 1713 employees and $805.0 million in annual revenue.

A complete guide on how to use Freshsales more effectively

1. Management of contacts and accounts

Contacts are the foundation of customer relationship management. Therefore, Freshsales starts there. You may quickly add new contacts, change existing ones, and remove contacts. Accounts frequently refer to entire corporations that may have several connections, and the functionality is the same. Additionally, each contact's detailed activity chronology, which includes engagement and correspondence histories, is provided.

2. Auto-enrichment of contact profiles

For the most recent action your contacts may have undertaken with their public profiles, Freshsales may automatically scan and gather general information, such as that found on social network accounts. Along with changing basic contact information, this might contain a change in employment, firm, or relocation to a new place. Your contact information will subsequently be updated automatically in your CRM program.

3. Advanced CRM customization tools

By default, you are not constrained to the information fields that the Freshsales CRM system includes. You may build custom fields using various customization options to organize your contacts further. These might be numbered fields, drop-down menus, or text fields. With automatic follow-ups, more sophisticated CRM technologies can help you keep your contacts interested.

4. Managing the sales funnel

The first groups to gain from pipeline management are the sales teams. Salespeople may now see everything happening during the sales process, from early lead handling to deals farther down the sales funnel. There are several customized visual sales pipeline choices available to you. Notifications are sent when an offer is about to expire and help you stay on track with your sales objectives. Lead scoring and sales forecasting are the last two options that provide best-case predictive projections.

5. Modernized automation of sales forces

Sales force automation uses workflow automation to create accurate and efficient funnel journeys. The goal is to free up the time and energy your sales representatives typically invest in these repetitive duties. It is perfect for referral selling, cross-selling, and up-selling.

What is the difference between Freshsales free and paid?

The fact that Freshsales does provide a free plan is fantastic news. Contact management is included in Freshsales' free edition. However, sophisticated contact enrichment is not. The free plan also offers much fewer customizing choices.

Deal management is included in the free edition. However, there are no graphic sales funnels. Basic chat and phone functions are provided, but sophisticated social media communication options are needed. The free plan includes traditional web forms but excludes intelligent web forms and user tracking. Finally, the free Freshsales plan does not include Freddy, the AI toolbox.

Who Needs a Sales Cloud for Freshworks CRM?

A top option created especially for growing sales teams is the Freshworks CRM sales cloud, often known as Freshsales. Freshworks has you covered if you want to ensure you can have more meaningful, contextual discussions with sales prospects.

The Freshsales environment is user-friendly and scalable, and it has connectors for the technologies your staff uses daily. Access to intelligent insights and automation guarantees that you can increase your workforce's productivity, whether based in the office or working remotely. Anyone might gain from using a Freshsales-like ecosystem that improves performance in the current fast-paced sales climate.


1. How can Freshsales benefit companies?

Freshsales, a cloud-based CRM tool, is made to assist businesses in generating new sales leads and managing contacts with potential customers. You can access the CRM platform via a mobile app for iOS and Android, and it offers an AI tool to help you build and convert leads.

2. What does Freshsales' workflow entail?

You may automate operations in Freshsales using workflows at a predetermined time or date or as soon as an event trigger occurs. Field attributes can be automatically updated, Freshsales can send email alerts, follow-up actions are made, and webhooks can send messages to outside apps.


This information regarding Freshsales and how it may help in lead generation for your business is extensive. A few advantages offered by Freshsales include API Access, Contact Management, Database Management, Funnel Reporting, Integrations, Performance Reporting, Pipeline Management, and many more. Freshsales is designed for startups and small businesses and offers free deals. Freshsales is a genuine market producer and provides a comprehensive CRM and sales solution.

Freshsales has its own strengths and limitations, and the best choice for your business will depend on the specific goals you are trying to achieve. However, If your main goal is to automate customer interactions and improve the customer experience through chatbots, BotPenguin is a better choice.  


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