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Unable to close the Leads? 5 proven hacks to close leads instantly

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Oct 20, 202317 min read
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  • What is Lead Generation?
  • What is the Lead Generation Process?
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  • How to Start with Online Lead Generation?
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  • 5 proven hacks to close leads instantly
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With each passing day, there appear some new trends and leads. 80% Of Corporations say lead generation is their priority in marketing. According to BrightTalk, 55% of companies spend half their marketing budget on lead generation. Nothing like new leads to brighten up your day! 

Lead generation instructs people on what you do and how it can help them. Sustainably scaling the lead generation process can be very tricky. It can be exhausting to do without applying some tricks. Without lead generation, people won't know about your brand, or your existing customers can leave due to a lack of assistance.

Lead generation is essential in business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) sales. Each has its way of business but generating leads is the same for both. Closing on your marketing generating leads is also essential. Without that, lead generation won't be ultimately fruitful.

You will instantly find five proven hacks to close leads in this post.

What is Lead Generation?

A person interested in purchasing your goods or service is a lead. Hence, lead generation is getting customers to want to buy from you.

At each point along the client journey, you may create leads. You should avoid concentrating too much on any one step. You should ideally be able to contact clients in the stages of awareness, evaluation, and conversion.

You won't be able to convert as many leads into consumers if you solely focus on increasing brand recognition. Similarly, if you concentrate on Conversion Optimization but ignore Awareness and Evaluation, you won't have any prospects to convert.

What is the Lead Generation Process?

The lead-generation marketing process attracts leads and then converts them into sales leads. It is generating sales leads. Both processes are intertwined.

You must understand where lead generation fits into your sales and marketing funnel to turn leads into sales. Moreover, you must clarify the primary information generating channels and how lead generation relates to other marketing approaches like brand recognition.

Let's start with a description of a typical lead generation workflow. It's generally known as a funnel, a terrific way to illustrate how individuals progress from being unfamiliar with you to becoming clients. When doing a funnel analysis, the most crucial stages of a lead-generation funnel are as follows:

  1. Brand awareness: when consumers first hear about your company. It is known as the top-of-funnel stage (TOFU)
  2. Consideration: when individuals are looking for answers and weighing your offer. It refers to as the middle-of-funnel stage (MOFU)
  3. Determination – when individuals select a solution, ideally yours. Bottom-of-funnel is the term for this stage (BOFU)

How to Start with Online Lead Generation?

Buyer Personas

Before you launch your next lead-generation campaign, you must first understand who your target market is. The more detailed you are, the more focused and successful your lead-generation methods will be.

Create a buyer persona for your target consumer as the first step. It's OK to have many buyer personas. After all, someone shopping for men's clothing is unlikely to be interested in women's clothing. 


Your lead-generation strategy revolves around your website. Capturing people's interest, so they visit your website or landing page and enter your lead-generation funnel is a crucial goal of online lead generation. They want to discover more about your company, products, and services when they visit.

Lead Magnets

A lead magnet, a resource you provide in return for an email address, is a terrific lead-generation tool. This content should be informative and actionable for your target audience. It's not about making a complex sale; instead, it's about enticing your audience to participate more.

You can use Checklists and worksheets as lead magnets in addition to ebooks. Webinars, free trials, and gated material are other options. In return for an email address, you hide a portion of a high-value piece of material and disclose it.

Search engine advertising

While the pay-per-click (PPC) model is famous for various ads, search engine advertising is still the most popular. Moreover, Google continues to be the revenue leader.

Search engine advertising is a method of purchasing website traffic. When someone searches for a relevant phrase, you bid for a spot on the search engine results pages (SERPs) as advertising.

A short search for "marketing tools" yields adverts from firms like Bronto, PWC, Capterra, and SurveyMonkey.

Content Marketing

Many lead-generating attempts start with content marketing. Material marketing uses internet content to increase brand recognition, nurture leads, and stimulate purchases. It's helpful across the sales and marketing funnel.

Inbound marketing strives to help people find your company, pick your brand, and eventually become customers. Content marketing is a crucial component. Your consumers want to read, watch, or listen to your content or use the tools you supply with inbound marketing. Outbound marketing, such as print and television advertisements and billboards, is an example of inbound marketing.

Start by deciding what material you'll employ at each level of your potential customers' connection with you while developing your lead-generation strategy. It is the buyer's experience. It frequently resembles the funnel we discussed previously. At each level, you'll employ new material. However, some content categories may appear in many stages.

Blog entries are good content for the awareness stage. These aid in the education of new and current clients. Sharing blogs is another way to get digital leads.

Email Marketing

It is an effective way to get leads online through email marketing. DMA Insight reports that 99 percent of users check their email inboxes at least twenty times daily.

People enjoy receiving high-value emails from businesses. According to Adestra: more than half of those who sign up for coupons do so.

An email is a terrific approach to communicating with potential consumers personally.

Social Media

Your content may also assist you in generating leads through social media. You can't disregard social media as a lead-generating tactic.

According to We Are Social, active social media users have increased by 8.6% to 4.43 billion in the last year.

To leverage your content to generate social media leads, you must determine where and what your target audience spends their time. Use the statistics embedded into social media platforms to determine what's hot or trending in your niche. Then, evaluate where your audience's demands and the material you must provide intersect.


It signifies that a form will be used as part of a prospect's access to your material.

Although a 60-second explainer video (essentially a commercial) should not demand a form fill, other forms of instructional and amusing films are ideal for generating internet leads.


Webinars are one of the strongest online lead generation tactics today, especially for B2B marketing, even though they need a lot of planning, preparation, and advertising.

Effective webinars tend to concentrate on specific issues and obstacles. They can also improve interest by incorporating some interactivity. Repurposed webinar material may support several extra lead-generation campaigns, and recorded webinars become an evergreen asset.

5 proven hacks to close leads instantly

Leverage content

It would help if you were considered a leader in your business to gain the confidence of your leads and prospects. Using content to generate trust and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Go beyond an introductory blog post or email campaign. Take the time to compose something more substantive, such as an eBook, newsletter, or booklet, on top of those. Use social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Google + to get your material discovered.

Ask for a Referral

Referrals are a simple method to show that you care about your clients. Tell your customers you loved working with them when you asked for a reference. Then inquire if they know anybody else who would be interested in your product or service. Say how much you'd love to work with someone just like them for a little more flattery.

You can give a referral bonus in the form of a different product, a free service, or a credit against future purchases. Many people are willing to make referrals without expecting anything in return if they have had a positive experience.

Keep up-to-date with Google Alerts.

Google Alerts is a terrific way to stay on top of new information about your prospects. Set up notifications to tell you when one of your prospects gets featured in the press or publishes a new article. You'll see if they had a successful quarter, how much they spent, etc.

All of these details will assist you in leveraging your sales proposal when the time comes.

Customer service and social media responses

Everyone desires to be heard and noticed. Show your care for your customers by responding positively to public comments on social media. Similarly, prompt and excellent customer service may raise the bar for working with you. Satisfying your current clients is a terrific strategy to get referrals and repeat business.

Rank in search engines to generate leads

You must ensure your target audience can find you while searching for your product or service online. Use SEO and SEM for your website to produce more leads for your business.

Begin by conducting keyword research to understand which terms your target audience uses to find your product or service. For searching data, utilize programs like SEMrush or the Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Optimize your page content once you've found the relevant keywords. It may be tough to rank if you organically offer a highly competitive product or service. Hiring an SEO firm can be a terrific approach to creating regular leads if you're ready to pay.


Undoubtedly lead generation is essential for attracting more customers and growing your business. If you are generating leads but cannot close them, there might be some problem with your way of generating leads. Hence, take some time and analyze where you are lacking in lead generation. Try to learn about what you are selling, who you are selling, and where its lacks for not selling. Generate leverage content, asking for a referral, and keeping up to date with Google alerts are some proven hacks to close leads. Customer service, social media response, and ranking in search engines are new tricks for lead generation. Follow these proven hacks to generate and close leads instantly.

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