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5 Amazing Platforms for Appointment Bookings with Chatbots

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Mar 25, 20234 min read
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  • What is a Scheduling Chatbot? 
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  • 5 incredible chatbot appointment scheduling platforms
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Visualize this situation. You've had back-to-back meetings all day. These meetings are critical to the operation of your company, and you must attend all of them. It would help if you also took advantage of the chance to interact with your website visitors. These visitors could increase your customer base and help your business grow. Then what would you do? Here we have an answer for you!

Appointment booking with chatbots will make your life much easier! A beauty and cosmetics company raised its makeover appointments by up to 11% thanks to its Facebook Messenger bot.

Chatbots are used in various industries, including e-commerce, real estate, logistics, healthcare, and spirituality, with roles ranging from answering FAQs to appointment scheduling and gathering customer feedback. The most popular among them is appointment scheduling.

Even though the appointment booking process appears to be the same across industries, the reality is quite different. 

So, let's look at 5 amazing chatbot platforms for appointment bookings. But before that, it's essential to know about a scheduling chatbot.

What is a Scheduling Chatbot? 

Scheduling Chatbot is one of the most effective methods for appointment scheduling. It makes scheduling an appointment simpler, quicker, and more practical. Additionally, it offers a direct line of communication between the client and the customer service agents of the business. It makes it easier for clients to arrange an appointment with the business. 

Businesses in various sectors, including restaurants, health care, and beauty services, can improve customer experience and satisfaction by utilizing the Scheduling Chatbot.

5 incredible chatbot appointment scheduling platforms

1. BotPenguin

BotPenguin, a website chatbot, allows users to select the type of doctor they want, schedule appointments, and answer frequently asked questions. Collecting information from website visitors via a booking form can take time and effort. However, interacting with BotPenguin can improve your chances.

Key characteristics include:

  • Advanced AI capabilities 
  • Multi-channel support
  • Customizable templates 
  • Designed for businesses of all sizes.


Connect ArtiBot to your Google Calendar. It will offer appointment slots to your visitors, allowing them to schedule an appointment on the fly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Key characteristics include:

  • Allow visitors to self-schedule their visits.
  • Gather any additional information that is required.
  • Send a calendar invite.

3. ChatOnce

With the growing popularity of website chatbots, you have many options. The most effective chatbots target, qualify, and schedule meetings with website visitors on whom you want to focus your time and energy.

ChatOnce is designed to do just that. You can use this chatbot scheduling software to meet with people who meet your ideal customer criteria.

Key characteristics include:

  • Versatile appointment scheduling and messaging platform with automated reminders
  • Integrations with popular calendars and CRMs, 
  • Customizable branding
  • Secure data management 
  • Suited for various industries.

Before scheduling meetings with website visitors, your ChatOnce chatbot qualifies them.

ChatOnce allows you to add a chatbot calendar schedule to your website quickly. These will make it simple for potential clients to schedule meetings with your staff quickly.

Your ChatOnce chatbots for calendar scheduling will help you save time. And they do it all without making you forget about the people who support your business growth.


Service providers frequently need help finding the right tools for booking, scheduling, and managing customer appointments across multiple channels. The lack of a "single source of truth" has frequently resulted in an unpleasant derailment of the customer journey.

With Gnani's deployment-ready appointment booking bots for chat and voice platforms, you can achieve a high level of automation in your customer care fabric.

  • Seamless integration of CRM
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Available in over 20 languages worldwide
  • Direct synchronization with Google Calendar, WhatsApp, and other services
  • Customers can benefit from the DIY experience.


Customers can schedule appointments, make reservations, and check their bookings using Futr's online booking bots anytime. So you never put another customer on hold again.

Some ways can assist you are:

  • Utilize to assist your customers in making a reservation or appointment. 
  • provides sophisticated integrations for hotels, restaurants, housing associations, and other businesses. 
  • assists with reservations and online bookings and is available to help your live agents.


Working smarter, not harder, is a saying you may have heard. 

While automating some tasks could free up your time to concentrate on other, more crucial tasks for your business, it doesn't mean you should work any less than you already do.

Since managing chatbots requires constant iteration and input from team members across your organization, including designers, marketers, salespeople, and product managers, it can be challenging.

However, because there are so many advantages at stake, you and your team must work out the design and administration of your chatbot.

With a long list of chatbot solutions, you can begin exploring BotPenguin's features. With the help of this platform, you can give your customers intelligent chat-based support with a personal touch.

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