Why healthcare chatbots are essential for hospitals? Find Out

Why healthcare chatbots are essential for hospitals? Find Out

Eighty-six out of a hundred people prefer not to fill forms manually when going for a routine medical check-up. 


Call this laziness but filling out your medical history is necessary to avoid any problems during an emergency. 


Fortunately, we humans are as lazy as we are innovative. Around the world, people are now using healthcare chatbots. They have access to medical information and are enjoying access to top-notch care. 


All this is possible because of healthcare chatbots. In the pandemic, a time of true panic and horror, these chatbots acted as a lifeline and brought comfort to many people. False information is often how panic spreads and problems develop. Healthcare chatbots directly counter this issue and give people meaningful information that makes a healthy difference in their lives. 


Let’s take a glance at what healthcare chatbots are? How are they changing the field of medicine and why are they essential in this modern-day age?


Healthcare chatbots are widgets or applications that help people find essential precautions, medical information, fill out healthcare history, order prescriptions and let them perform other important medical tasks from the safety of their homes. 

Benefits Of Healthcare chatbots:-

  • Act as preliminarily healthcare consultants

  • Reduced virtual queues and waitlists

  • Make bill payments easy

  • Order  prescription refills easily

  • Schedule appointments and consultation calls in minutes

  • Schedule appointments and consultation calls with ease

  • Serve as patient information collectors

  • Collect feedback and assess patient satisfaction efficiently

What are healthcare chatbots?


Healthcare chatbots are widgets or applications. They help people find essential medical information, fill out healthcare history, order prescriptions and let them perform other important medical tasks from the safety of their homes. 


These healthcare chatbots can be divided into two categories.


  1. Healthcare chatbots that follow a predefined set of instructions. They will lead the conversation with an already set of instructions. These healthcare chatbots will show bubble-like options from which you can choose and perform your tasks.
  2. These can be used to fill forms, order prescriptions, and do redundant tasks.
  3. Healthcare chatbots that will converse with you based on their artificial intelligence. These healthcare chatbots will analyze your input and show you the best possible results based on their database. 
  4. Artificial intelligence has come a long way. Nowadays, it doesn’t simply show you relevant answers but also takes your search intent into account.
  5. These chatbots can be used to do a simple search on the symptoms a person is suffering with. With the healthcare chatbots provided, a user can make an informed decision.


Some Successful Examples


  1. Woebot – it is an application on the google play store. This healthcare chatbot aims to provide users with several options and information to optimize mental health. It employs Cognitive Behavioral therapy(CBT), how to practice mindfulness. This app is popular on the play store in the health and fitness category and has an expanding user base.
  2. Healthily – This is also an application on the google play store that has helped numerous users with their medical queries. This application is updated daily by thousands of medical practitioners around the world. This healthcare chatbot provides people with instructions on how to handle symptoms. It also tracks a user’s health and acts as a locator for the nearest station to healthcare. 
  3. During the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple healthcare chatbots have appeared in the market, all with the same aim to stop the spread of false information and provide people with only accurate data. 
  4. The modern age is what it is has grown accustomed to these healthcare chatbots as they save time money and provide an overall satisfactory user experience. 


Some statistics about healthcare chatbots


  1. The healthcare chatbot industry is expected to bag a mammoth amount of a hundred plus billion dollars with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.5% by 2026.
  2. Fifty out of a hundred people prefer to get medical information through digital means, including apps, healthcare chatbots, and websites.
  3. Ninety-three out of a hundred doctors believe healthcare chatbot programs can make an immense quantifiable difference in their patients’ lives.
  4. Thirty-six out of a hundred doctors say healthcare chatbots are the best way to have simple conversations with people seeking medical advice.
  5. 40% of people think that healthcare chatbots provide users with a friendly and appropriate experience.
  6. Healthcare chatbots used by professional healthcare providers have a highly regarded satisfaction rate of about seventy-five percent.
  7. Around eighty percent of healthcare chatbot users can obtain an instant answer to their questions.


Advantages Of healthcare chatbots in the medicine industry


Healthcare chatbots offer numerous benefits and advantages to the people who practice medicine and their patients. This way, every patient is now vigilant and equipped with accurate information; it automatically raises people’s living standards and life expectancy. 


Healthcare chatbots can act as preliminarily healthcare consultants


There are numerous people with minimal symptoms who often get scared by the information they get from the internet. Healthcare chatbots can resolve this by providing accurate and concise assessments according to their symptoms and medical history. 


People with major health concerns can also be alerted swiftly to seek aid at the nearest hospital to avoid any mishaps. People, during the pandemic, suffered from these same issues leading to panic, horror, and isolation. 


Credible websites have also crashed due to unprecedented traffic that hurt a lot of patients. It wasn’t until professionals started using healthcare chatbots that the situation appeared to be in control.


Reduced waiting times in virtual queues and waitlists 


Healthcare chatbots are equipped to deal with a lot of incoming traffic. Users don’t need to wait to get in touch with someone to get information about diseases and other precautions. Every outbreak worsens with the ripple effect of panic; this directly counteracts this and ensures people. 


Make bill payments easy with different payment options and plans


Medical bills often turn into debts for people who are not well-insured and lack the means to deal with a medical crisis. When emotions are running high during a medical emergency, a hefty bill to pay makes life all the more difficult.


This is where healthcare chatbots shine; haven’t you got the money? No problem; healthcare chatbots can present you with options to settle on the best payment plan according to your income. Moreover, they can also recommend suitable insurance policies that will protect you in the future.


Users can easily order a prescription refills


The whole logistics pipeline is suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No contact deliveries or self-pickups are the norms nowadays. Users of all ages are on one prescription these days due to several external factors.


Healthcare chatbots make it easy for people to order a prescription refill when they run out or accidentally spill their medicine. These chatbots can also serve as a reminder and alert patients a few days before they will run out on their prescriptions. Hence, it will reduce accidents as people will keep up with their prescribed precautions and care instructions.  


Schedule appointments and consultation calls with ease


Healthcare chatbots are designed to handle high incoming traffic on a website. They often do this by a ticketing system. When the user count is too high, they assign users a time slot according to their convenience. 

Healthcare chatbots can also be repurposed for this only. Hospitals and clinics can add an appointment scheduling widget to their websites. Another option is to create a separate healthcare chatbot application if they treat numerous patients in a day.


Hence, treatment centers can maintain a smooth patient flow throughout their day and provide the best standard of care possible. People also feel at ease and put more stock in hospitals that run smooth operations day-to-day.


Patient information collectors


Healthcare chatbots save millions of dollars in the medical industry just by patient information collection. Filling medical forms is the most redundant task faced by clinics and hospitals. The medical history questionnaire is lengthy and feels annoying to most people. 


For example- a person came to get a routine check-up about a sprained ankle and had to spend ten to twenty minutes just filling out a long-form riddled with questions.


However vexing it may be, it is vital to delivering optimal healthcare. They make this process easy and time-efficient. The maximum time to complete filling forms is just under three to four minutes. 


Hence, it’s a win-win for everyone. Doctors can spend more time per patient; patients can spend less time filling out forms.


Collect feedback and assess patient satisfaction efficiently 


Not only can you collect patient information but also send surveys to them. Feedback is essential to assess the performance of a team. They make surveys a piece of cake compared to the traditional model. 


Moreover, they can also can total control to a doctor if the situation warrants it. Chief doctors can also monitor their team when giving out advice and help if needed. 


the future of top-notch medical care


These chatbots have proven to be a boon to the medical industry. Healthcare chatbots have completely revolutionized the way doctors and patients used to interact. Now, there are no limitations between them. A person can answer their problem in under sixty seconds, no matter how big or small.


Looking forward to being the best care provider?


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