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Groove vs Zendesk: is Groove the best new age helpdesk software?

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Mar 21, 202310 min read
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The customer support team's work-life becomes much easier when they have excellent helpdesk software. The more seamlessly the helpdesk fits into the workflow, the more straightforward work becomes. The helpdesk software is simple to use and gets tasks accomplished faster. If you have a personalized helpdesk, it can solve human problems and software issues. Although all helpdesks have customization options, You cannot personalize all to the same extent.

You might be wondering why we are talking so much about helpdesk software. There is a trend going on about Groove vs. Zendesk. Zendesk is widely known as one of the leading cloud-based customer service software solutions with on-demand helpdesk integration. Groove is a real-time customer support software across multiple platforms and dashboards. Many people claim that Groove is the best new-age helpdesk software.

Continue reading to learn more about Groove vs. Zendesk – Is Groove the best new age helpdesk software? 

What Is Helpdesk Software?

Helpdesk software helps to automate and streamline corporate management services, as the name implies. Customers who have purchased goods or services from you or your staff may use this management tool to seek support. Helpdesk software has simplified handling user concerns by improving your understanding of client problems and reducing the time it takes from a complaint to a resolution. 

For a well-run Helpdesk, Helpdesk software serves as a solid foundation. A ticketing system lets team members do important jobs with less supervision and a more practical approach to time management. It also enables smarter multitasking even when you're not in the office and assists with prioritizing essential activities. 

These are just a few of the user advantages that come with Helpdesk software. In non-IT areas like HR, Helpdesk software is used by 34%. Software that has more security features was also noted to be preferred. It leads us to conclude that Helpdesk software has countless advantages. Knowing which software will work best for your company is crucial.

 What is Groove?

Despite being more recent than many of these alternatives, Groove should not be discounted just yet. It has quickly gained popularity thanks to its sleek, user-friendly design. Groove is made to be easily learned, so you won't have to spend much time learning it, and your customer service team can start using it right away. After all, the main goal of customer support software is to make your business operations more efficient.

There are no levels in this software. Rather, you pay for the essential software, which contains:

  1. Rules
  2. Tagging
  3. Canned replies
  4. Custom folders
  5. Conversations
  6. Performance
  7. Customer reports
  8. Mobile compatibility
  9. Integration for almost any app

You need to pay for the basic package, so you may change it whatever you like. The abundance of possibilities won't overrun small businesses. Still, you must consider your options more carefully when deciding how to set them up. Once you've done that, you can help your agents get going by making it simple and natural for them to do so.

Additionally, Groove offers a free 15-day trial so that you may try it out.

What is Zendesk?

One of the most well-known alternatives for customer service software, Zendesk provides a complete support suite with all the tools you need to connect with consumers.

With live chat and texting, it's convenient to provide consumers with a tailored experience. You can also link Zendesk to your social media accounts without dealing with many platforms.

Agent productivity is increased through Zendesk's ticketing system, which incorporates tracking, problem-solving, and a priority system. Nobody loses track of tickets in their email, and you are always aware of their status.

The software's built-in speech technology lets you customize the voice experience for each customer. To make your call center effective, you may either generate a new phone number or use an existing one.

Zendesk provides options for companies of various sizes, including:

Zendesk Guide is an innovative knowledge library that may assist you in finding resources. Answer Bot is an AI bot that proposes articles to clients. Smaller firms have five software tiers: Essential, Team, Professional, Enterprise, and Elite. These tiers range in price from $5 to $199 per agent each month.

Groove vs. Zendesk: Helpdesk Feature Comparison

Helpdesk Ticketing Systems


Ticketing on Groove is similar to an email inbox. All emails and folders are shown as tabs in the sidebar of Groove. By selecting a different folder, users can modify the ticket list. Only administrators may create new folders and use conditional triggers, such as Help Scout and Zendesk, to catch tickets.

The mailboxes on Groove are simple to swap between. Consequently, its folders are as well. Switching between mailboxes will be helpful for those on various support teams. However, support teams must use the same mailbox configuration because only administrators can change folder settings. Groove's user interface (UI) is simple and practical. However, compared to the competition, it lacks ticket management customization.


The ticket list on Zendesk is similarly organized using Views. By putting up a sequence of ticket circumstances, any Zendesk user may build new Views. Then, they may view their Views to the left of their feed.

In Zendesk, switching between Views is made incredibly simple by listing every View next to the ticket stream. However, it cannot personalize the ticket list as well as Freshdesk. Complex Views that filter for particular criteria are substantially less straightforward to construct since You must set up Zendesk Views on a distinct panel.

Helpdesk Automation


Only administrators can create the "Rules" that Groove uses for automation. Rules lack time-sensitive automation and are mainly used to categorize incoming requests.

In comparison to the other Helpdesks, Groove rules have less customizable conditions. Groove has little automation because its focus is on essential features. Individual automation is not a possibility.


Three types of Zendesk ticket automation are available:

  1. Triggers can categorize tickets and run rules as soon as a ticket is produced or changed.
  2. Automations carry out scheduled event rules.
  3. Agents are notified through service level agreements (SLAs) if they go over the permitted resolution time to uphold the performance standards agreed upon with clients.

These are for administrators. However, "macros" may be created by any Zendesk user. A macro will automate several tasks to run them all simultaneously using a single command. A ticket might be automatically closed, and a follow-up email sent, for instance, by using a macro.

All users may access automation thanks to Zendesk. Agents have a lot of leeways to streamline their operations when macros and admin automation are kept apart. Administrators can select from various automation options, and agents are free to create macros without requesting permission.

Helpdesk Analytics


Groove gathers all ticket information in one location. By mailbox, filter the data. Below the graph is Groove's eight metrics, which show the number of clients served over time. Four collect customer ratings while four assess response time. More thorough data analysis is made available by clicking on each metric.

Groove provides succinct but constrained facts. The reports provided by Groove can be sufficient for a small firm with few clients. However, a big company that wishes to correlate typical resolution times to ticket traffic patterns might be better off looking elsewhere.


Custom ticket views are exportable by Zendesk as ticket reports, sent through email. Users may build custom reports with Zendesk Insights by selecting metrics and graphs. This feature is available to members of Zendesk's Professional plan and higher. Administrators can even create unique data columns for analysis. It is possible to plan the email delivery of any Insights report.

People may give their perspective on an issue thanks to the ability to create reports using the information Views. A support agent might build a unique ticket view regarding a troublesome customer to get response guidance from the team. The feature of Insights' bespoke reports that enables unprecedented levels of data engagement is what makes it so remarkable.

Groove vs. Zendesk: is Groove the best new age helpdesk software?

With the help of Groove's sales productivity platform, revenue executives may increase revenue-per-rep for the company. Thanks to Groove, which simplifies administrative duties, it is simple to access and update anywhere a seller works. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the go. Groove gives salespeople the tools they need to perform their best by developing repeatable playbooks or utilizing AI to transform complex data into valuable insights.

The Groove Helpdesk is an open API, fully configurable, and scalable Helpdesk software. Invisibility to clients, adaptability with integrations, straightforward pricing, analytics, and reporting, evolves with your business and aids in the finest email organization for customer care. 

Customers that use Groove report that it looks and feels exactly like regular email. If they choose, the Knowledge Base feature will generate a general assistance page they can consult before contacting your staff. With features like delegating support requests to particular team members, private notes, KPIs, and reports, Groove streamlines and expedites your customer support process.

Groove is undoubtedly the way to go if your company engages with customers on social media. Thanks to the integration with Facebook and Twitter, team members can access and respond to all requests in one easy spot. It quickly converts tweets and posts into customer support cases on the Groove dashboard. Small businesses won't get burdened by several things they don't require. Just add Groove applications as you require them. Take advantage of Groove's free 14-day trial to determine whether it's right for you!

More than 70,000 individuals use Groove at clients, including Google, Atlassian, Uber, and Capital One, to increase productivity. Since 2020, Groove has been one of the 5000 fastest-growing privately owned businesses in the United States by Inc. Groove has consistently placed first in the enterprise category of G2's customer satisfaction rankings.


As it always said, the right customer service can build or break a business. A business needs the right customer service or helpdesk software to provide the best customer service. If you find the right helpdesk tool that your employees and customers love, there is a very high chance of success. As this blog mentions, you can try Groove and Zendesk to choose what's best for you. Groove is the best new-age helpdesk software with its advanced ticketing system. Groove's helpdesk automation and analytics are beneficial for businesses of any size. Try it yourself to find out.

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