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10 Tips On How To Be A Great Mee6er On Discord

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Oct 10, 20237 min read
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    Table of content

  • Introduction
  • What is the Mee6 bot?
  • Features of Mee6
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  • Best Tips for Mee6
  • Conclusion


Mee6 has recently risen to the top of the most popular discord bots list. These days, Mee6 is very likely to welcome you when you join a discord server.

One of the most well-liked apps on the platform is Mee6. Mee6 is the most popular automation platform for discord bots.

It lets users control various server features and set visitor guidelines for a safe and secure Discord server. It is most useful for Discord servers with numerous channels that cannot monitor their traffic.

Besides offering features like games and music streaming from YouTube, Mee6 enables users to perform tasks that only require a few clicks. With 76.45% male visitors and 23.5% female visitors, now provides traffic to 13 websites.

Given the abundance of commands now available in Mee6, it is essential to identify the relevant command.

The tips offered in this blog will assist in dispelling all Mee6-related ambiguities and ensure that customers have a wonderful time using Mee6 in 2022.

What is the Mee6 bot?

Before learning about Mee6, it is critical to understand Discord. Discord chat has recently seen a significant rise in popularity, particularly among gamers. You most likely have a discord chat if you enjoy playing and conversing in multiplayer video games.

Discord was first created for gaming, but as time passed, it found its way into other voice and text chatting programs.

Mee6, a well-known discord bot, can do various activities, including moderating, role-leveling, announcements, music playing, and much more. Mee6 Discord Bot Users can assign themselves pieces using discord relationships.

After installation, it offers a selection of free plugins that are usable. Some plugins, however, can only be used after upgrading to the premium version.

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Features of Mee6

The three main features of Mee6 are:

  • Leveling
  • Moderation
  • Music

When a user writes a message on Mee6, they are rewarded with XP points. They maintain their users' interest and entertainment by doing this. Later on, leveling up can be done with these XP points.

Users can control the number of XP points they can obtain for messages and the difficulty. The Mee6 bot rewards active users by giving them access to all private channels and positions.

Mee6 can also be utilized as an automatic moderator to assist users in keeping their servers free of unwanted spam. The majority of people are argumentative by natur

Best Tips for Mee6

Large and numerous Discord servers can be challenging and time-consuming to manage. Numerous plugins for the Mee6 discord bot can help you manage and keep your server fun.

To connect your Mee6 bot to your server, go to and follow the simple instructions. You can operate your bot via the website once it has established a connection with your server. The plugin gallery is located inside your Mee6 dashboard. The many plugins available to assist with server moderation can be enabled or disabled. Slide the enable-disable slider to enable a plugin before using it. After that, click the Plugin to customize the parameters for your needs. Some plugins demand a premium membership.

Knowing some of the plugins are very necessary:

Server management

When a user joins your server, the Welcome Plugin can extend a warm welcome to them by sending personalized messages or allocating responsibilities.

You can write unique messages the Mee6 bot will answer when prompted by a custom command using the custom commands Plugin. The bot will reply to commands entered by users on your server, such as "rules," which may display a list of your server's regulations, or "FAQ," which could display a list of frequently asked questions and facts.

Utility Plugins

We have options for utility plugins like search "anything," which enables users to conduct internet searches without leaving the server. To find a certain YouTube video by name, type "/YouTube" inside a chat window. Additionally, there is a button called "record" that you may use to record a voice channel and save it as an MP3 file.

Changing Mee6 prefix

This bot's prefix-changing functionality is crucial. Here are some instructions to follow if you already have a Mee6 Premium subscription and want to change your Mee6 prefix.

  • Open the Mee6 dashboard first, then the Mee6 official website.
  • To modify the prefix, select your server and choose Settings from the menu on the left-hand side of the tab listings.
  • Later, scroll down to find the Commands option, which has the Command Prefix. Click save after entering any new commands or symbols of your choosing.
  • You've now successfully modified the MEE6 bot's prefix for Discord.

Leveling up in Mee6

  • To activate it, either click the levels Plugin or flip the switch. You must first decide where the level-up message will be transmitted.
  • Choose the desired channel by expanding the drop-down list. Select "Current Channel" if you want the message sent through the channel the user is currently using. You can also completely turn off the message.
  • Decide where to position the announcement message. It will use the server to source the member's name for the curly bracket variable. The bot might mention this somewhere in the announcement. Role awards are a premium feature, which is unfortunate.
  • You must manually assign ranks to use the MEE6 ranking system with roles. Select "Edit Server Rank Card." Decide on a color for the rank card. You can use the eyedropper to select a custom color or one of the predefined colors.
  • Save. To find the "No XP" section, scroll below. You can put any roles or channels for which you don't wish to earn XP. Last but not least, we must configure the level commands. An explanation of what each command accomplishes is provided. Disable a command if you don't want anyone to be able to use it. Save your preferences.
  • Select one of the commands by clicking the edit icon to its right. Any roles you want to have access to the command should be added. You can add only moderator and admin roles for the grant XP and delete XP commands, or you can leave it empty.
  • For the rank command, you should add each role to your server. Members will be able to view their ranks using it. On the server leaderboard, the level's rank will be displayed. You could decide to make this command available to everyone or only moderators.
  • Place the forbidden roles. You should add a muted role if you have one. Include blocked channels. Place a cooldown. It refers to how frequently you can use the server command. You might use a single user or the entire server to determine the cooldown. You must click on the duration boxes to make adjustments when adding a cooldown.
  • Set the command reactions last. You can remove the user's command, receive the response privately, or opt for no response when the command is used. Publish and close.

Bonus Tips

  • Knowing most of the important commands can go a long way in managing a server successfully, especially when it comes to professional servers where You must take action quickly.
  • Always be on top of any glitches, errors, and other unplanned event that might affect your server badly. You can always contact the support team on Mee6's official website, and they will help you resolve any issues you might be experiencing.
  • Each music bot command can be enabled or disabled from the dashboard. You can also restrict who is allowed to use a specific instruction:
  • Allowed and banned roles
  • Banned channels
  • Cooldown
  • Send private responses
  • Delete command usage
  • Do not reply to commands.
  • You might also find Mee6's automatic tweet posting on the server very helpful. It automatically posts the specified account's tweets on the server whenever a new tweet is made.
  • Adding custom commands for your server is another great way to personalize your server experience, and it also helps you to remember the commands. You can easily add custom commands in Mee6 and automate tasks.
  • Having Mee6 as your welcome bot and also the one that assigns roles automatically can reduce your workload. It will automatically welcome new members and assign them specific roles.


One of the well-known moderation bots on Discord is Mee6, a well-liked bot. Roles can be assigned by users using Discord replies. If you run or plan to run a Discord server, Mee6 is strongly recommended. It offers everything required to successfully run a server without encountering any issues.

Mee6 can assist you in controlling your server's erratic and disruptive users if you run into issues. We advise you to try the free choices first, evaluate how they perform for you, and then upgrade to the premium version if you like it.

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