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Mar 16, 202315 min read

The Complete Mee6 Guide 2023

Updated onMar 16, 202315 min read
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    Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Mee6 Bot in Discord?
  • Features: 
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  • Setup guideline for Mee6
  • Benefits:
  • Mee6 premium and the plans available
  • Conclusion
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Mee6 has recently become one of the most commonly used discord bots. When you join a discord server these days, you are highly likely to be greeted by Mee6.

Mee6 has become one of the most popular on the platform. Most discord bots use Mee6 to automate their services.

It helps users to manage numerous server functions and create rules for visitors to keep their Discord server clean and safe. It is primarily helpful for discord servers with many channels and who cannot keep an eye on their traffic.

Besides adding features like games and streaming YouTube music, Mee6 also allows users to carry out activities requiring a few clicks. currently sends traffic to 13 websites, with 76.45% male visitors and 23.5% female visitors.

It is crucial to find the correct command in Mee6 as there are a large number of commands that are currently accessible these days. 

The guidelines provided in this blog will help to clarify all the doubts regarding Mee6 and will give the users a great experience while using Mee6 in 2023.

What is Mee6 Bot in Discord?

Before we know about Mee6, it is essential to know about Discord. In recent years, the popularity of discord chat has increased a lot, especially among gamers. If you love playing and chatting in multiplayer games, you probably have a discord chat.

Discord was initially developed for games, but as the wheel of time kept rolling, it made its way into other voice and text chatting applications. 

Mee6 is a renowned discord bot capable of doing several tasks like moderation, leveling roles, making announcements, playing music, and much more. It allows users to self-assign parts with the help of discord relations. 

It provides a variety of free plugins that are accessible after installation. However, several plugins can be used only after upgrading to the premium version.


Mee6 has three main features

  1. Leveling
  2. Moderation
  3. Music

Mee6 rewards users with XP points when the user submits a message. By doing this, they keep their users engaged and entertained. These XP points can be later used for leveling up. 

Users have access to set the difficulty and the number of XP points that can be earned for messaging. As a reward, the Mee6 bot gives the active users different roles and access to any private channel. 

Mee6 can also be used as an auto moderator to help users keep their servers clean and safe from unwanted spammers. Humans, in general, have an argumentative nature. 

Sometimes, a few situations get out of hand, and users post wrong links, insult each other, swear or use foul language that may disturb other users. These things can be auto-moderated by Mee6 and stopped by muting or banning such users.

Previously, discord music bots were complex, requiring orders to play music. But now, with the help of the Mee6 Virtual Music dashboard-like functionality, users can listen to music with their friends on the server without typing instructions. 

Setup guideline for Mee6

How to add the Mee6 Bot on the Discord Server? 

Step 1- Open the Mee6 by searching on Google or their official website '".

Step 2- Click the "Add to Discord" button on the home page.

Step 3 - You'll get the discord login page. Use your Discord Server's credentials to log in.

Step 4- Select the server where you want to add the Mee6 bot from the list of servers available. 

Step 5- Grant the necessary permission asked by Mee6 to regulate and control your Discord Server. 

Step 6- Finally, Click on Authorize.

Your Mee6 bot is successfully added to your Discord server. 

How to use Mee6 as a Welcoming Bot?

Step 1- Click on the "Welcome" tab on the Mee6 Dashboard. 

Step 2- Choose the server channel and how the greeting messages are displayed by choosing the "Welcome" page. For further modifications of the Welcome page, premium membership is required.

Step 3- Choose the type of channel required. For example, if the "general" channel is chosen, the bot will only send welcome messages on the track whenever a new member joins.  

Step 4- Assign the new users positions for the bot to send private messages or post a parting message if the user chooses to quit the server. Modifications can be done as per users' requirements. 

Step 5- Go back to the Dashboard to make any adjustments.  

Step 6 - Go to the server to which Mee6 was previously allowed access and invite new users to join.

Your bot will automatically publish the welcome message in your chosen channel when a member joins your server. 

How to use Mee6 as a Moderator Bot?

Step 1- Go to the Mee6 Dashboard and choose "Moderator." Step 2- Respond with "Yes" to activate the plugin. Step 3- Rules can be made per the user's wish under the "Auto- Moderator" option. These rules can help remove a user's message, notify if any law is broken, or delete and notify the user. Step 4- After doing all the required modifications, choose the "Save Changes" option. 

Finally, Mee6 can now be used as a Moderator Bot.

Commonly used Mee6 Commands

  1. !ban command- This command removes a person from the Discord server.
  2.  !tempban- This command temporarily bans a user from the Discord server.
  3. !clear- This command to remove a channel's message by a set of guidelines
  4. !infractions is to show a user's transgressions
  5. !kick- It is used to remove a user from a Discord server permanently.
  6. Play- This command plays the music from the waiting list.
  7. !search – This command is used to search a song.
  8. ! record- This command makes a voice channel recording the current discussion.
  9. !Volume- This command may be changed by 200 percent using the !Volume command.
  10. !queue- This command shows the list of the songs in the row.


It helps in the easy creation of custom commands.

  1. It gives a welcome message to the new users on your Discord Server and automatically assigns them roles.
  2. XP and grants can be given to hard-working members. It will boost the motivation to work hard on the server.
  3. Mee6 protects your server from trolls and dangers using the comprehensive moderating option.
  4. It can transmit Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit notifications to your Discord server.

Mee6 premium and the plans available

Mee6 provides some exclusive features under their premium plans.

The prices for the following plans include

  1. Lifetime plans - $89.90
  2. Yearly plans - $49.99/ per year
  3. Monthly plans - $11.95/month


This concludes the complete guide for using Mee6 in 2023

. Install Mee6, an excellent Discord Bot that will simplify your life with its unique features. 

There are a variety of features that Mee6 offers, but the most attractive features are the moderating tool and the space to play music of your liking on your server. There is no need for any other music bot for Discord if you have Mee6.

The features that Mee6 provides in their free version are more than enough for everyone. The premium features include alteration of the command prefix.

After reading the blog, you can clearly understand what Mee6 is all about. We have also discussed using it on the Dashboard as a Welcome Bot and as a Moderator. 

For further queries, feel free to drop a comment below.

Also, if you want a robust and reliable customer service option, check out the fantastic features offered by BotPenguin!

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Mee6 Bot in Discord?
  • Features: 
  • arrow
  • Setup guideline for Mee6
  • Benefits:
  • Mee6 premium and the plans available
  • Conclusion