Chatbot Platforms: Top 7 Companies for 2022

Chatbot Platforms: Top 7 Companies for 2022

Top 7 Chatbot Platforms for 2022

Chatbots allow you to connect with millions of customers at once and improve customer experience. There are several benefits to chatbots. Chatbots can simplify a complex management system to engage with customers and solve problems. They can communicate with clients in their language, which increases sales. Most customers interact with chatbots while shopping online. According to user-like statistics, the number is 80% customers. The use of chatbots will increase due to technological advances and the benefits of chatbots.

Most AI chatbots for sale AI chatbots have a native language program. This chatbot can understand the language and provide a better customer experience. According to Cognizant, the market size of chatbots AI is growing by Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) by 24%. It means the market size will reach USD 1.3 billion by 2025. Throughout this article, we will discuss seven of the best chatbots in your business. Additionally, we will explain the benefits of using these chatbots in your firm.


A chatbot is computer software that mimics human communication using voice commands, text chats, or both. In this article, we will discuss the chatbot in detail.

Various types of chatbots that are available are:

  • Pre-defined or  Rule-based chatbots

  • Linguistic Chatbots

  • AI chatbots

  • Hybrid Chatbots

Following an analysis of industry trends, here is a list of the seven most successful chatbots on the market.

  • BotPenguin

  • MobileMonkey

  • Botsify

  • Survey Sparrow

  • Intercom


  • Wotnot

Most of these chatbots are easy to use. You can assemble them on various bases. They will help you improve customer experience and reduce the need for employees to manage customers.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that mimics and processes a person’s conversation (either written or spoken), allowing people to communicate with digital devices as if they were communicating with a person. The complexity of communications can range from simple systems that answer questions with one-line answers to highly developed digital assistants who learn and adapt to deliver increasing levels of personal service as they gather and process information.

Rule-based Chatbots

This type of bot communicates using the rules described earlier. User input must match these rules to get a response. Generally, these bots use only buttons. The real-time conversation is not possible due to a lack of practical wisdom. The legal chatbot uses a tree-like flow which means the chatbot will guide the visitor with follow-up questions until they reach an appropriate solution. All questions and responses are pre-programmed, allowing you to steer the dialogue. If you don’t specify permissions for each inquiry, the chatbot will not understand your customer.

Linguistic Chatbots

A language chatbot may be your solution if you can anticipate the kinds of questions your customers may ask. With language chatbots, you create a logical flow of conversation. First, you need to define the language conditions of your chatbots. 

AI Chatbots

You may be wondering what an AI chatbot is. It is much more advanced than the chatbots on the previous list. Chatbots mimic human interaction to provide support and connect human users with the information or services they need. When an AI chatbot interacts too much, it collects additional data. It updates its programs with growing data to provide targeted responses. This type of machine learning also supports chat AI instead of pre-programmed, pre-programmed communication.

Hybrid Chatbots

Hybrid chatbots are social networking tools that provide automated and personalized feedback. In layman’s terms, a Hybrid chatbot is a hybrid of human and artificial intelligence. Businesses like the complexity of AI-chatbots but do not always have the talent or a large amount of data to support them. Therefore, they chose a hybrid model.

The hybrid Paradigm combines the simplicity of rules-based chatbots with the complexity of AI-bots to deliver the best of both worlds.

Here is a list of the top 7 chatbot platforms.

Chatbot Platforms: BotPenguin


BotPenguin is an AI-enabled chatbot creating a platform that allows you to quickly and easily create incredible chatbots to connect and engage your customers with a website, a Facebook messenger, and others. Helps in leading production, improving customer service, and much more. Your BotPenguin Chatbot for WordPress can engage your customers to build meaningful conversations, increasing the time users spend on your website and reducing bounce rates. It can record the contact details of your visitors by contacting them to track your business and much more. You can start using BotPenguin for free. 

In addition, some BotPenguin subscription programs are available at a lower cost compared to other chatbots. It includes ZohoCRM, HubSpot, Paypal, Instapage, and many other programs. Amazing features coupled with service make it one of the most influential chatbot platforms.

Chatbot Platforms: MobileMonkey


It is the world’s leading text messaging platform. Automate the creation of SMS, Instagram, Webchat, and Facebook Messaging messages for more leads, more sales, and better customer information. 

There are e-commerce templates, a restaurant service, and customer service on the chatbot platform. Despite its simplicity, MobileMonkey chatbots work well. 

You can create an e-commerce chatbot by adding products, Frequently Asked Questions, and a few general settings. The API connection to Paypal and Stripe makes the process easier. Because of its simplicity, it is an excellent chatbot for small businesses. Although MobileMonkey is easy for beginners, it also can create complex behaviors. You can, for instance, store the user’s answer to a question in a variable, which bots can access.

Chatbot Platforms: Botsify

Chatbot Platforms Botsify

Botsify is a chat forum that automatically provides for your business chat. Get an omnichannel live chat service-connected to multiple programs to set default responses. It offers a page messaging feature to attract your visitors and turn them into potential leads. With this, you can track their activity through our online user feature and engage them appropriately. It is also possible to automate content support for your users with Botsify. Botsify has a messenger chatbot. You can start any campaign and capture a large number of targeted directors. 

Additionally, you can engage your guests with the option of commenting and replying to them immediately in the comments section. It enables you to stream and edit messages to save business hours. With the WhatsApp chatbot feature of Botsify, you can save time and money by running your business and engaging your customers in the misused messaging system. 

Send mass messages to all customers with the streaming feature, send media templates to make your customers happy.

The Telegraph chatbot enables you to unleash the productivity of your business by giving users a simple forum to connect. It also helps in communicating with users who select the entire text. Using a multilingual chatbot feature, you can connect with anyone who speaks any language. Botsify has a WordPress plugin to integrate the chatbot with WordPress websites and Woocommerce stores. You can combine RSS feeds with a website chatbot with simple code. It will increase your traffic and get guaranteed conversions under the WordPress chatbot.

With all these, you can even manage your daily messages, FAQs, and Questions via an SMS bot. It has the facility to combine with 100+ combinations and increase your conversion rate. You can create your SMS chatbot in just three easy steps and offer your users 24/7 instant automation support.

Chatbot Platforms: Survey Sparrow

Chatbot Platforms Survey Sparrow

This chatbot is one of the best chatbots on your website. It has many features to make your job easier. Communication surveys are available for every purpose and language and can generate up to 40% more responses. Survey Sparrow is an omnichannel chatbot that allows you to get integrated functionality in one place and keep it accessible. Implementing Response Management lets you automate this chatbot conversation and create meaningful actions. Using Case Management, you can convert responses into tickets with tracking fixes. BI (Business Intelligence) identifies sub-patterns, predicts trends, and prioritizes the most pressing concerns. You can use this chatbot on websites across many industries, including health, education, and more.

Chatbot Platforms: Intercom Chatbot

The Intercom chatbot helps you balance your team while maintaining a customer’s personal experience. It provides real-time chat with follow-up on it. You can automatically work with chatbots. It enables you to customize everything the customer does. With this facility, your customers serve themselves.

You can bring outgoing messages to your website or app. With Intercom, you can connect with customers in all forums

and have a real-time conversation or at your time. You can set clear customer expectations based on your team’s bandwidth and gather background information to follow up later. 

These powerful bots enable users to help themselves to get support and sales. You can combine the chatbot with 300+ apps or build your own. You can use them in chats or on your messenger home screen.

It will provide seamless information to users across desktop and mobile. Moreover, the visual campaign builder series of the chatbot makes it easy to send personal action messages and keep conversations connected to multiple channels like in-product messages, email, mobile push, and much more.

You can accurately measure what is essential to your business with great flexibility regardless of using the out-of-the-box reports, customizing your own, or using our APIs and applications.

You can also have a regular customer conversation by connecting your customer with behavioral data to personalize all communication. Intercom makes it easy to integrate data from your entire tech stack, so your team can always access the latest customer history.

It will increase team efficiency, make customers happy, and substantially more by connecting your technology stack with our apps. You can also extract customer satisfaction and team productivity. The robust APIs of Intercom allows you to easily integrate Intercom with your product, technology stack, or other tools.

Chatbot Platforms:

Landbot provides a no-code chatbot builder to convert leads, download data, and personalize customer travel in real-time. It enables you to convert extra traffic with default chats. It involves your audience naturally through conversations. You can hold attention, build strong relationships, and get high conversion rates through

Landbot creator enables you to drag and drop to create efficiently improved chat flow, flexibility, and speed. You can launch chatbots on popular messaging channels or web-like pop-ups, widgets, predictive pages, or embedding websites with a single click. Increase conversions by reducing response times and customizing your customer journey on the go, from the first touchpoint to the last.

By combining powerful building blocks with custom designs, it makes conversations live. It seamlessly integrates the chatbot into the flow of your business activity with traditional integration. Chat services are available on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and any other platform that provides APIs. With pre-built bot templates for any event, you can customize your chatbot. Get all the latest production templates, product launches, event registrations, and job applications.

Through brilliant combinations and targeted questions, you can qualify to lead without putting any pressure on UX. The chatbot answers the FAQs effectively. You can use bots to diagnose problems, prepare a site for a quick fix, provide better service and automate processes. You can make product feedback easy, memorable, and above all personal by using a chatbot chat survey.

It enables you to transform conversations as a product finder, a filter that delivers relevant products to the customer directly in seconds. Customers can book tickets, appointments, or bookings during a conversation, naturally and conflict-free. You can improve staff knowledge through a flexible ride system that retains its personal touch.

Chatbot Platforms: WotNot


You can track the performance of professional leaders and provide automatic support without adding more staff. All these are possible with this no-code chatbot platform. You can build chatbots to measure your lead generation, provide customer support, or increase bookings. Moreover, your business can use the power of bots by having multiple bots, each designed for a specific purpose. 

The feature of the non-code chatbot builder allows you to connect with visitors and improve customer experience in real-time. You can build this across multiple channels. You can use these templates to download ready-made scripts with native integration to integrate them with your existing tools. Merge your bots into WhatsApp, Web, Facebook, and other channels right in one place. Clone, rebuild, and send a bot based on your needs.

WotNot lets you create and apply different conversational techniques and target different audiences based on their role. WhatNot integrates seamlessly with your existing system. You can combine the chatbot with Salesforce, ZohoCRM, Facebook, WordPress, etc.

WotNot has the feature to analyze the flow of conversation using circumstances. It enables you to cater to each guest comfortably. Additionally, it offers communication across all channels and real-time support through Live Chat. You can handle questions if the bot cannot answer them. It gives you an SLA timer so you may respond in real-time throughout the chat.

The FAQ button has a potent AI knowledge base to build objectives, words, and answers. It allows you to raise customer information by automatically answering frequently asked questions.

Chatbot statistics dashboards will help you visualize key metrics and better understand your customers. Through this, you can analyze the conversations that convert into subscriptions, demo requests, resolved tickets, leads, and more. You can find out what depth users go into a conversation and whether they open a chat bubble or communicate in the middle. 


You can employ a chatbot that eases your tasks, and reduces the workload, and human interference. With chatbots, you can provide 24/7 customer service in your budget. The platform will simplify your task and provide you with a report you can analyze for improvement. Looking at the benefits a chatbot can offer. You must consider employing a chatbot to your business.

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