Role and Benefits of Chatbots in Healthcare

Role and Benefits of Chatbots in Healthcare

chatbot for health care

Artificial intelligence has entered healthcare and is making a big difference. The introduction of chatbots in the healthcare sector enables medical professionals to sail in the most demanding professions. Chatbots are an excellent tool that offers a massive boost in multiple industries. Similarly, they are now showing their potential in the healthcare sector. 

Around 7 billion and more people present on this earth need medical attention now and then. With such a vast and understandable demand, healthcare industries or providers are looking out for solutions to ease the burden and simplify the process. Hence, AI-powered healthcare chatbots are just the right solution. 

Imagine you will never miss an appointment with your doctor anymore. Do you skip a dose of the medicine because you forgot? Are you someone who suffers from issues like not having enough knowledge about the treatment? No problem, a healthcare chatbot brings every detail and information on time, which is the solution the healthcare industry wants to have. 

What is a Medical Chatbot?

medical chatbots

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots can do wonders because they don’t ask for any additional space, hardware, software, or other knowledge. Chatbots in healthcare will integrate themselves with apps like telegram, Facebook messenger, etc. These apps are in use by the person who needs medical attention. Healthcare chatbots can perform the role of a virtual nurse or doctor. There are numerous healthcare chatbots in the healthcare sector today to transform patient care services more efficiently. 

Chatbots offered by various chatbot platforms have already gained massive popularity in e-commerce, banking, real estate, and customer-oriented businesses. From catching up on news headlines to navigating shopping or banking applications, chatbots have revolutionized the way we use the internet. 

Now to change the way we offer medical help. Healthcare providers are also thinking of leveraging these fantastic tools to formulate an excellent patient care experience and eliminate unnecessary expenses. Using chatbots in the healthcare industry can be a revolution because who knows, healthcare chatbots can cure many severe conditions in the future by assisting a patient now. 

Where Healthcare chatbots can be useful

#1 Booking Appointments

Booking Appointments

We all have faced the situation of not getting medical attention because of the unavailability of a doctor or physician. But let us change the perspective and think about it from the other side. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), over 70% of medical professionals attend to ten times more patients than they can handle. Due to these things, many people don’t receive medical attention and don’t get the proper diagnosis in many cases because doctors are so overwhelmed. 

But another reason that is reported by healthcare workers themselves is mismanagement of the appointments that don’t support them and their patients. By using a chatbot in healthcare in these conditions, the first thing a healthcare chatbot is capable of is booking appointments for many people at once in a sorted format. 

health care chatbot

#2 Create and divide by Triage

Booking appointments is one thing. But a healthcare chatbot can also divide all the appointments according to Triage. In other words, a healthcare chatbot can divide all the appointments based on their condition and medical history according to the level of urgency they need for medical attention. 

This way, healthcare professionals can treat patients who need help immediately, and those who can be served later will be treated at the right time. By using a chatbot in healthcare, we can save lives.

#3 Can assist people with minor issues

assist people

Let us suppose the healthcare workers need not assist patients with minor issues; imagine how much resources it would save. A healthcare chatbot can help people with minor problems by providing information, counseling, assistance with first aid, etc. 

A healthcare chatbot can check symptoms and answer questions accordingly while analyzing many factors like blood type, gender, medical history, and many more things. Issues like this consume a considerable chunk of the resources of the healthcare industry. Still, using healthcare chatbot issues can be solved and can help save valuable resources.

Healthcare chatbot

#4 Reminder

According to the survey conducted by the USDHHS (United States department of health and human services), it is revealed that over 67% of Americans forget to take their medicine. Because of this, their Health conditions worsen, which causes billions of dollars of insurance debt to the patent. This also put pressure on HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

As we already mentioned, a chatbot for healthcare could integrate with most social media messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, or any other apps compatible with the chatbot platform providing healthcare chatbot service. We can’t ignore the hundreds of messages we all receive on these applications. Imagine a healthcare chatbot will send messages for taking your medicine at a specific time every time you have to take them. 

Healthcare- A Prodigious Market 

Chatbots in Healthcare

You can see the massive growth and size of the healthcare industry from these statistics. 

In 2017 the global healthcare industry was worth $7.724 trillion, and it will likely reach $10.059 trillion in 2022, as per the Deloitte report. 

It was stated in “Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 global healthcare market predictions” that by the end of 2019, the manufacturer revenues in this sector were over $1.96 trillion. 

It shows that the healthcare industry is transitioning to a more value-oriented model due to the patients’ growing demand. Experts and researchers say the global healthcare sector will be spending more on value or outcome-based products and services. 

Benefits of medical chatbots 

There are many advantages to using a healthcare chatbot.

For Healthcare Professionals, a Healthcare chatbot can:-

1. Reduces medical professionals’ workload by diminishing hospital visits.

2. Help save the time of answering repetitive questions

3. Sort the patient according to their urgency for medical attention. 

With a Healthcare chatbot, a patient can:-

1. Spent a short period shuttering to the hospital. 

2. Spent less money on unnecessary tests.

3. Easily and quickly access healthcare organizations with few clicks.

The healthcare chatbots can help the global healthcare market to grow at a CAGR of 25.1% from 2019 to reach $703.2 million by 2025, as per Meticulous Research. 


The Healthcare chatbot is gradually eliminating waiting timings at hospitals, appointments, and consultation meetups, and helping patients connect with the right doctor instantly. Healthcare chatbots also give more time to patients to make them understand the treatment. With these features, the chatbot in healthcare brings help to be patient even without visiting a hospital. Healthcare chatbots can save many resources just by themselves, and these resources can help save and treat many more people. Try our healthcare chatbot today!

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