The Complete List of healthcare Chatbots in 2022

The Complete List of healthcare Chatbots in 2022

The Complete List of healthcare Chatbots in 2022

With advancing technology, namely AI, chatbots are no longer only a part of customer service or sending bulk emails for marketing.Chatbots have become a part of every industry out there, the Real estate industry, E-Commerce Industry, hospitality, Banking, FoodTech, and healthcare. The healthcare chatbots market accounted for $116.9 million in 2018, predicted to reach $345.3 million by 2026. (AlliedMarketResearch)

From a healthcare chatbots start-up that does basic routine tasks or advanced chatbots for healthcare that can help cancer patients. Here is a complete list. It is everything you need to know about healthcare Chatbots in 2022!


The Booming chatbot market is a gold mine for a company in the Healthcare industry that's looking to digitalize its processes, ease tasks, and provide a better experience for customers.

Here's a list of all the healthcare Chatbots you can check out, try and implement on your website or app in 2022-

Top Healthcare Chatbots in 2022-

  • Ada Health


    Cancer Chatbot


    Synapse Medicine

Popular choices

  • Sensely- Best for enhancing customer experience

    Bot MD- Ideal choice for Doctors looking to save time

    Babylon Heath- Streamline and ease seeking medical attention without having to schedule a visit

    Woebot Labs- A Mental Heath friend 

    Infermedica- Ideal For checking symptoms

Best Multifunctional Healthcare Chatbots

  • BotPenguin- Best flow builder for accessible building without coding

    Engati- Ideal choice for Sales and gathering leads

    Chatfuel- Superior for providing omnichannel support across social media platforms

What are Healthcare Chatbots?

Healthcare Chatbots are AI-powered conversational assistants that help patients, insurance companies, and healthcare providers easily connect. 

These bots play a crucial role in making relevant healthcare information accessible, booking appointments, and making healthcare accessible to the right stakeholders at the right time.

According to Medium, approximately 52 percent of patients acquire health information through healthcare chatbots. Roughly 36 percent approve of them in treating patients.

For more on Healthcare Chatbots, check out: The A-Z of Healthcare Chatbots.

Healthcare Chatbots during the Pandemic

Chatbots for healthcare have been especially useful during COVID-19, when everyone’s lives were in grave peril.

A significant shortage of medical expertise, backed by misinformation and other conspiracy theories, resulted in digital technologies becoming important in supplying adequate information to individuals to overcome this predicament.

Furthermore, The World Health Organization endorsed the efforts of healthcare chatbots. As a result of this campaign, it reached up to 1 billion people in their native languages worldwide.

Notable Healthcare Chatbot Makers

Notable Healthcare Chatbot Makers

Sensely, Inc.

Built For healthcare, Sensely is a conversational AI that interacts with voice and text. Sensely is an empathy-driven conversational platform designed to enhance a patient’s experience, elevate brand preference, and influence behavior.

The intelligent chatbots converse using information from trusted content sources such as Mayo Clinic and NHS, ensuring accurate information.

Setting up and using Sensely can be easy with one line of code that integrates Sensely’s SDK into your platforms and augments how users interact with you.

Bot MD

Bot MD is an AI-based chatbot maker designed for doctors. Bot MD saves doctors’ time by letting them look up important information from their smartphones instead of needing to call a hospital operator.

Doctors can also find out who is on call within seconds and not have to be put on hold by a hospital operator. Bot MD can even search multiple scheduling systems across the entire hospital.

Buoy Health

Buoy is an AI-driven virtual assistant that helps patients self-diagnose and triage to the appropriate care healthcare facilities.

Buoy has a straightforward process of working-

  1. Mention your symptoms to Buoy
  2. Receive feedback on symptoms
  3. Choose the best care option for yourself
  4. Buoy checks back in and adds you to the Buoy community


Infermedica makes pre-diagnosing, triage, and directing easy for patients to use medical services appropriately.

Infermedica also helps insurance, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies increase efficiency, improve patient flow, and reduce expenses. 

Aside from the healthcare chatbots, Infermedica also offers the Symptom Checker, a leading-edge diagnosis and triage app, effectively guiding patients to a timely and suitable level of care.

What makes Infermedica stand out is its inbuilt knowledge base for physicians to refer to for thousands of medical concepts designed and synthesized by fellow physicians.


HealthTap lets you talk to an online doctor in minutes or schedule an appointment with a Primary Care doctor of your choice at a very affordable price.

HealthTap AI, a chatbot for healthcare, is powered by artificial intelligence and trained by doctors, making it a reliable source of information.

Anyone with Internet access can sign up to HealthTap and submit health or medical questions. The interactive platform has a network of doctors delivering free, up-to-date, and prompt answers.

The forum is private and HIPAA-secure. And unlike a reference library of articles, unlike WebMD, answers are personalized and actionable.

Babylon Health 

Babylon gives quick, easy access to GPs, physiotherapists, nurses, and pharmacists from any device via video calls, voice calls, or texts.

Users send queries or photos to the company’s team of health care professionals (doctors, nurses, and therapists) similar to a text message.

The digital-first health service provider and value-based care company combine artificial intelligence-powered platforms with virtual clinical operations. It helps patients to make appointments and get access to healthcare 24×7 swiftly.

Woebot Labs

Woebot is a personal mental health virtual friend that helps users get back to feeling like themselves. Backed by clinical research and powered by AI, Woebot is one of the few healthcare chatbots designed to improve mental health.

Woebot specializes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Woebot centers on daily, ten-minute conversations over text. Conversations begin with an informal check-in, which progresses to a CBT exercise.

Over time, Woebot learns a user’s most common cognitive distortions and how best to manage them.

The app comes with many additional features: a mood Tracker and a Gratitude Journal, to name a few.

Multifunctional Chatbots for Healthcare

Multifunctional Chatbots for Healthcare

Looking for something more personalized that you can start from scratch without knowing how to code?

Check out these chatbot providers that can offer templates, build your healthcare chatbot for you, and even help you customize your chat flow.


BotPenguin is an AI-powered chatbot platform that lets you quickly and easily build functional chatbots. It helps communicate and engage your customers on any platform and any website. 

Simply by creating a chatbot for free and pasting the code into your SDK, BotPenguin does wonders for any healthcare provider in the market. 

BotPenguin comes with multiple templates to choose from, making it an ideal fit for healthcare professionals to design, users to book appointments and many more.

Try out BotPenguin’s free chatbot builder now! : BotPenguin Chatbot Builder


Designed to generate leads and increase conversions, Engati is a sales and marketing-focused chatbot that offers templates for Healthcare chatbots. Omnichannel support helps doctors interact with patients on their preferred channel.

The built-in CRM on Engati streamlines all interactions and brings them to one place, so your agents don’t have to scramble through unstructured data. Engati can be integrated with other knowledge bases or pages to provide highly functional Chatbots for healthcare.


Chatfuel aims to provide a better customer experience by offering its services where customers are present the most, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Chatfuel offers about one hundred free chatbot templates. Most are free, helping new users of Healthcare Chatbots benefit and experience what AI conversation can be like in the healthcare industry. The platform has an intuitive interface that facilitates non-technical users to design and build chatbot flows and establish a conversation. 

Developers can also benefit from easily customizable features that allow for custom integration and flexibility.

Top 5 Chatbots for Healthcare in 2022

Top 5 Chatbots for Healthcare in 2022

Healthcare Chatbots #1: Ada Health

Boasting over 11 million users and 24 million assessments, Ada is one of the most popular solutions in the market. Using its vast AI Database, the health companion app can assess the user’s health based on the indicated symptoms.

Healthcare Chatbots #2: GYANT

GYANT is a health chatbot that asks patients to understand their symptoms and then sends the data to doctors, who diagnose and prescribe medicine in real-time. GYANT even allows its users to find hospitals and book appointments nearby localities.

Healthcare Chatbots #3: Cancer Chatbot

Explicitly designed for cancer patients, the cancer chatbot is a non-profit, cancer-focused chatbot for caregivers, friends, and family on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot offers resources for patients, from chemo tips and tricks to free services.

It helps caregivers ease the burden of caring and makes their lives easier.

Moreover, it advises them on what to say and how to help cancer patients best. It’s a sophisticated and well-thought-out solution and one that’s different from other healthcare chatbots.

Healthcare Chatbots #4: Healthily 

Healthily offers actionable health information based on trustable and accurate sources, letting users make the best choices for their health. 

It’s an A.I.-powered provider of healthcare chatbots for symptom checking on iOS, Android, Facebook, KIK, Telegram, and browsers. 

Healthily is also a valuable source of online medical service providers, whether you are looking for pharmacies, test centers, doctors’ offices, or mental health apps.

Healthcare Chatbots #5: Synapse Medicine

This leading Medication Artificial Intelligence platform helps save lives by securing medical prescriptions for end-users.

The start-up collaborates closely with the most prominent university hospitals worldwide and has managed to develop a Medication Intelligence platform dedicated to proper drug use. 

Synapse is 100% independent of the pharmaceutical industry as a leader in its category. It is used today by many healthcare professionals.

Other Healthcare Chatbots to look out for in 2022

  1. Uniphore
  2. SenseForth
  3. SafeDrug Bot
  4. Izzy
  5. Florence
  6. ABBI
  7. Youper
  8. SymptomMate
  9. OneRemission
  10. OmniaHeath

Summing Up

According to Forbes, a missed appointment can cost a medical practice $200. 

Virtual assistants can send reminders to patients and reduce the patient’s risk of not turning up at the scheduled appointment time.

With the growing technology and availability of information online, it isn’t that shocking to find out that healthcare has also entered the digital world. Doctors realized how useful it could be in easing the process for patients, providing better CX, and reaching them where they prefer.

Post-Pandemic, Healthcare chatbots have seen no decline in usage. People have grown accustomed to them, with more healthcare chatbots popping up. The Telemedicine industry is drastically improving from these various chatbots and is changing lives.

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