Thinking of having an AI Chatbot for Your Shopify Store

Thinking of having an AI Chatbot for Your Shopify Store

chatbot for shopify store

One of the hottest discussions worldwide is whether chatbots will become flexible for Shopify ever since this technology has been introduced within the marketplace. We will say that there is no doubt that Chatbot for Shopify will make a huge impact in the coming future.
There are many businesses in the industry that would agree. There are several aspects where bots proved to have an advantage over human beings. Serious online business can’t be a hobby; rather, it’s a full-time job. And to grow, you need to spend a great deal of time and work to keep it running in the long run.
As businesses are turning digital to improve their internal functioning and even modernize communication ways. For instance, Shopify is one of the greatest examples of successfully implementing and leveraging AI via chatbots. It is one most interactive platforms for managing their center of business through messaging and voice inputs too.

Some quick Shopify facts and figures!

Shopify came into existence in 2004 by three Canadians, and the inspiration behind it was a poor online shopping experience with snowboarding equipment.
It is amongst the most popular e-commerce platforms, with an almost 20% market share.
Global e-commerce is forecast to be $4.97 trillion, i.e., almost a 400% increase in 7 years by 2021.
It is the third-largest online retailer in the U.S. after Amazon and eBay.
Shopify and your blog suggest that 87% of merchants use applications, of which the Shopify app store offers more than 2,400 (most of them are paid apps).

What will Chatbot for Shopify do?

As you already saw above that Shopify has evolved as one of the top players in the marketplace for commerce website backing. It supported entrepreneurs to launch their brands at the best cost. It turned out to be the best help creating the most effective and well-performing business-oriented sites. Another amazing surprise is an exclusive amalgamation of Chatbot technology and more interactive e-stores than ever before.

Bots have proved to be of quite a support in expounding the future of customer service. So let’s discuss the top reasons for having a Shopify live chat app.

#1. Tackles the traffic

There come some moments, especially during the peak season, when there are rush hours due to an upsurge in the traffic. Daily, prospects usually purchase when they are commuting to or heading back from their work. And that’s why there is a sudden surge in the traffic and responding to everyone’s questions simultaneously becomes quite tough and annoying at the same time. But with a Chatbot for Shopify, you can manage your prospects and their requests well and in a more effective way without any delay. Hence, integrate your store into a brand new Shopify live chat app and make sure not to miss any potential lead.

#2. Provides Shopify order status

What’s the question that you often get from your customers? Is it about product range or prices or shipping details? Or about the order status? It is quite often that you might’ve got a bunch of different queries. And to be instant, your solution is Chatbot for Shopify. It’s very easy to build your Shopify live chat app by implementing a smart bot and let it answer your users with quick responses. Several platforms, such as Tidio, have three action nodes that work only for Shopify stores.

  1. Check order status 
  2. Shipping zones 
  3. Product availability

Hence, whenever your customer asks about order information, then your bot will be ready to be answered.

shopify live chat app

#3. Helps in navigation and supports with product carousel

With high-end technology, Chatbot for Shopify can send messages or push notifications informing about the product ranges. These messages are termed as chatbot cards or carousels. With this, you’ll be able to add more detailed information to your product images, such as title, description, and URL. And hence, it attracts more attention and engages your customers.

#4. Offers discounts and offers

As we already know, discounts and offers work well in some situations and help businesses earn revenue. Especially, for instance, when you want to:

  1. Save abandoned carts (bring prospects back to the checkout)
  2. Gather qualified leads
  3. Engaging your prospects for long enough and making them visit often.
  4. Raising the average order value.

Chatbot for Shopify can make the user revisit the site by offering them a discount or letting them know the store’s latest offers. If the visitor shows any interest, then the chatbot will move forward and guide him further. Hence, by Shopify live chat app, you can raise the chances of a sale and generate a pool of relevant leads.

Things to consider before deploying a Chatbot for Shopify or eCommerce

#1. Instant menu for quick inputs

Providing a menu or quick options is a better way to eliminate waiting time for consumers. A quick menu within the bot will provide instant options to the consumers to ask general or common questions. The customer need not write the query as it is already available in the options provided. As Shopify or eCommerce stores need to deal with numerous queries such as order status, order details, and more, you can easily give a better interface for the same via Chatbot for Shopify.

#2. Payment option

Setting up a bot with secure and fast payment options would be like a game-changer in itself. Now you want to be questioning what would be why it’s a superb option to create and keep tuned.

  1. Prospects will be able to complete the whole transaction within the chat interface.
  2. With Shopify live chat app, consumers can save a lot of time.
  3. Keep the user engaged and check that the user is turned into a qualified lead.

Thus, top Shopify and other e-stores combine bots with seamless payment options for a better user interface of their website. This supports businesses to increase sales and leads to more growth in the long run. It also enables users to purchase more without navigating to multiple pages, shopping carts, and more.

#3. Webhooks

To make your e-store more efficient and effective, it should be able to converse with the Shopify platform via API webhooks. It can help the bot retrieve data directly from the Magento and provide prospects with accurate information. It can also be used for various functions such as:

  1. Data collection
  2. Calculating shipping fees or charges
  3. Refunds and cancellations
  4. Providing invoices of the payments
  5. Placing orders

#4. AI+human staff or agent

Having a hybrid platform will serve your business and customers with immense pleasures during the whole process. Initially, the bot will handle all the requests and queries of your customers. But in case it would be unable to answer the complex question, then it would direct request to the human staff. This would help you get connected to your prospect at the right time, and you won’t lose any of your potential customers. Hence, the hybrid Chatbot for Shopify enables e-stores to revamp customer experience and offers quality services.


As you saw above that Chatbots for Shopify has proved to be of utmost importance for open correspondence between Shopify and its customers.
BotPenguin” offers a range of specifically designed and programmed bots to automate the customer interaction to the fullest and adding more efficiency and productivity to your Shopify store. So get your instant Shopify live chat app with BotPenguin.

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