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You may feel overwhelmed by the options for white-label chat solutions available today. Since there are so many options to choose from in the modern chat industry, it might be challenging to decide. There are so many online options for interacting with businesses, from customer service chat widgets to open-source APIs and even chatbot builders, that it's little wonder that consumers sometimes get stuck in a rut of analysis paralysis. That's why we compiled this extensive summary of white-label chat solutions to help you sort through the clutter and make an informed decision.


White-Labeled Chatbots

The development of chatbots over the past several years is due mainly to the 'conversational marketing' craze propagated by service providers like BotPenguin. While both service providers offer chatbots, neither allows for white labeling of the user interface nor adding bespoke chatbot functionalities. This is where chatbot APIs come in; they function similarly to other types of APIs and make it simple to develop a chatbot that is consistent with the rest of your app's aesthetic.  

What strategy will you employ to make money off of it?

Global Human Capital Trends in 2017 found that 41% of business leaders had already implemented or were planning to adopt cognitive and AI technology into their operations. In addition, 34% of those asked about it have begun testing the waters with prototype projects. Gartner and Juniper predict that by 2020, 85% of all consumer contacts will take place in chat rooms.   In 2017, businesses in the banking, medical, social media, electronic, and retail sectors saved a combined total of $20,000,000 by employing chat rooms as a customer support tool. Accessibility and adaptability will become even more crucial for content creators by 2022 when the estimated savings from implementing chatbots will exceed $8 billion. By 2025, the market for chatbots is expected to be worth $1.23 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 24.3%, as reported by Grand View Research. The topic of how to start a chatbot for consumers, what data should be collected beforehand, and, most significantly, how to make money from it remains unanswered despite the many success stories about the deployment of chatbots in various fields.   Precisely what benefits can people anticipate from chatbots today? Firstly, this is accessible at any time of day or night. Drift found that over half of customers desire immediate responses to their queries and inquiries and that 64% of customers anticipate the chatbot to be available in 24/7 mode. If this tendency is missed, it could become challenging to keep current clients.    

Low-risk white label versus high-risk in-house development

You can offer chatbots to clients under your brand while BotPenguin handles all the technical details on the "white label" approach of cooperation.   Think carefully about whether or not you have the financial and technical means to develop your chatbot platform.   The technical requirements for bots are growing as more and more people expect them to function on cutting-edge messaging apps and web browsers. Know which of the numerous available current messengers (or none) will be used by your clients in their chat rooms.    How long will it take to create the technological advancements you intend to execute before the contractor's deadline?   If your company employs developers, you'll need to decide if it's more cost-effective to bring in outside help for technical problems or invest in your team's education.   First, you get access to specialists with extensive knowledge in deploying chatbots across different industries, releasing updates often, and providing ongoing maintenance and support.   The first chatbot will be available in a few days if you contact us today for a sample version. We can respond quickly to our partners' requirements because of our many available templates, plugins, and talented staff.   While self-actualization grants you complete reign over every step of the process, it also comes with high labor expenses and the possibility that the project's budget will balloon out of all proportion.   To give just one example, experts in machine learning command significant salaries, and the use of AI continues to grow across many industries.   With BotPenguin's Revenue Sharing Model, you may launch your business with little to no initial funding.   The question of how to make money using chatbots will be answered before any choice is made.    Start your own chatbot company with a free white-label version of BotPenguin, and stop wasting time waiting for answers to customer questions.



Artificial intelligence's bright future

Conversational interfaces powered by AI are commonplace. Not only may these be utilized to delegate boring duties and save money, but they can also be employed as a rich multiplier to generate brand-new quality.   Virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, as well as chatbot assistants such as the delightful AI-powered Enbo, are there to help us in a wide variety of scenarios and provide immediate answers to any inquiries we might have.   The use of chatbots is not going away any time soon. We are limited by slow biological evolution, whereas the possibilities for AI are endless.   As artificial intelligence (AI) technology improves yearly chatbots' functional capabilities expand. This means that people will engage with chatbots in the same way they do with humans right now.   Most businesses are on the cusp of adopting AI chatbots but have not made the change just yet.    Eighty-five percent of company leaders think that using AI technology gives them an edge in the marketplace, and three-quarters of those leaders feel that artificial intelligence will allow them to establish new business endeavors.    According to the same poll, hardly one business in twenty uses chatbots.   Many people now have access to AI in their own houses.    This gadget will soon be a necessity in every home. In the future, thanks to continued technological progress, AI and related applications will deliver on the promise that computers will simplify our lives.    Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve human well-being and health. As a bonus, it will aid us in several ways to save resources (such as time and money).



Why should you spend money on a White Label chatbot?

  Nonetheless, because of the lockdowns and the COVID-19 situation, there is a growing need for conversational intelligence.    The conversational intelligence field is receiving significant funding from corporations.   They want to find ways to keep their clients interested without putting the well-being of their workers at risk.   Since many companies have their customer care agents operating remotely, they are aware that they cannot possibly answer all of their customers' phone calls.    They've come to appreciate chatbots' value as a friendly, efficient entry point. They know that by letting bots handle routine questions, agents may focus on more complex ones, increasing agent productivity, and efficiency.   They are also beginning to understand that customers have become spoiled. Most callers do not plan to wait for an operator to answer. They anticipate quick service so that they may continue with their day.   According to a study by Hubspot, 80% of customers will stop purchasing from a firm due to poor service.    Using a chatbot can cut down on the typical customer wait time. It reduces the average call wait time from 11 minutes to a few seconds, leading to happier customers.  

1- White labeling is a great way to expand your business's reach.

First and foremost, as was just discussed, white labeling can help you give more to your customers. You need not become an expert in every service you offer.  In addition, you can expand the offerings you make to your clientele by contracting with a white-label service provider to handle these tasks on your behalf. If you're considering whether or not to outsource software development, here are some arguments in favor.  

2- Helps cut costs

You can save much money by white labeling a chatbot platform provider if you run a small business with limited resources and want to add a chatbot platform to your offerings.  To save money on staffing costs, consider using a white-labeled chatbot and live-chat platform to handle customer care instead. Full-time staff pay, office rent, software development, license fees, and many other costs can all be reduced or eliminated.  

3- Extend how your company earns money.

The more value-added services you offer your clientele, the more money you'll bring in. Of course, the trick is to resell these services at a profit margin to keep your revenue streams healthy and stable.  

4- Acquire a larger clientele.

If you broaden your range of services, you'll appeal to consumers outside your core demographic.  By using white labeling, you'll be able to attract customers from various business types—your potential number of customers increases in proportion to the number of services you offer.  If your company is known for providing excellent service, you will have an easier time bringing in new leads and clients.  

5- Your company's reputation will rise as a result.

With the help of a chatbot, a white-label service provider can keep their word to their customers and establish themselves as reliable player in the artificial intelligence market.  Offering a wide variety of solutions increases your chances of being the industry standard service provider.    

To what sectors would BotPenguin White Label Chatbot Solutions be most suited?


Companies Who Distribute Chatbots

To enter the market as a reseller, you don't need to experience coding chatbots. Streamline interactions with your results-oriented clients using the BotPenguin white label chatbot. Facilitate technology rollout and create a profile on the customer's website.  

Public Relations Firm

Conversational marketing solutions like chatbots could aid your clients in lead generation and nurturing if you run a marketing agency. To get results from your marketing campaigns, implement BotPenguin White label software.  


You can expand your product offering in the healthcare industry with BotPenguin's white-label chatbot solutions. Because it is built on a no-code platform, chatbots may be readily modified to meet the needs of individual businesses.  

Your chatbot, your branding.

Using BotPenguin, you can create chatbots with the same tone of voice as your client's website. You can get a whole website package that includes chatbots, from templates to color schemes. Why should you choose BotPenguin's white-label chatbot solution to resell chatbots?  

Grow your customer base.

If you add new services, you'll appeal to a different demographic. White labeling is the way to go if you want to expand into new markets. Having a wider variety of services to promote can increase your customer base.    

Effectiveness and profitability at a high level of revenue generation.

White label chatbot agency saves money and generates a lot of money for businesses.   Since it could be expensive to construct a new platform from the ground up, let's say your company is modest, and you're trying to figure out how to add a chatbot platform to your service offering without breaking the bank.    In this instance, you should probably look into white labeling a chatbot platform.    You can avoid hiring an in-house team entirely if you use a white-label chatbot and live chat platform.    Full-time employee salaries, administrative costs, training costs, development costs, license fees, and many other expenses may be avoided or minimized.  

A conversational AI for your customers

Conversational artificial intelligence is the next frontier in advertising technology.  You may offer your clients conversational AI solutions with BotPenguin that will help them better engage with their customers across many channels.  

Contributes to the growth of your company's income

Adding value for your customers always results in more money for your business. Reselling these services at a profit margin is necessary to keep revenue profitability high.  

Expansion of Product Offerings

The software reseller will offer a white-labeled option on its list of products. Because of this, a company can provide more products to its customers.  

Crafted by Professionals

Since your different customers can personalize chatbots to meet their brand and sentiment, they are sort of an upgraded piece of white-label software.  Clients can personalize bots by changing their voices, modifying their logos, and changing colors and fonts.  

Personalized Advertising

Since chatbots allow you to brand yourself on any client site, they are a popular piece of white-label software.  Your business's logo, "powered by your brand" tagline, and brand colors will all be visible to clients and consumers. You can guarantee a solid reputation for your company by using a chatbot for your white-label services.  It's possible to become the de facto standard provider in your field if you offer various services. Because of decreased vulnerability to stockouts, distribution grows. White-labeled products have lower margins per unit because of their commercial nature.  There will always be a price gap between the two, but minimum purchase quantities, bulk sales, and the chance to reach more people can help bridge the gap.  

Easy to install and use

You may quickly and easily include BotPenguin into your existing services. BotPenguin can be the basis for your software as a service offering.    

Why should you use BotPenguin?

Because of this, BotPenguin was developed to facilitate large-scale, individualized discussions. Our primary concern is making the product as effective as possible while being simple.   The BotPenguin white label chatbot and live chat relationship provide access to the complete platform, specialized training, private support, and bot specialists that have developed thousands of bots for businesses of varying sizes and purposes.   With BotPenguin, you may extend your current offerings to the local market or start a brand-new business from the ground up. In addition, as a White Labeled Partner, you get to manage your brand and, most crucially, strike whatever partnerships you see proper at acceptable rates in your region.