What is Leadsquared CRM and How it works? find out

What is Leadsquared CRM and How it works? find out

What is Leadsquared CRM and How it works? find out

LeadSquared CRM: Introduction

The field of marketing and customer engagement has evolved immensely over the last two decades. From using a Rolodex to CRMs, businesses have also stepped up.

This evolution is because of one very simple truth, the more customer-centric a business is, the more customers they have. Every business owner is aware of this. It is one of the reasons why businesses commit to doing better in terms of customer engagement. 

One needs a solid strategy to market one’s brand successfully.

The question is- how to formulate such a strategy that draws the largest consumer base? 

How should one engage their customers in the best way possible?

What is the secret to retaining and gaining new customers with ease? 

These questions may very well be worth a million dollars because every business owner has to find an answer to them. There is no one correct answer, but these answers shape the future of a business. So what is the solution for a person just starting a business or someone who is looking to scale their business?

CRMs (customer relationship management) are the norm in this day and age. CRMs help reduce customer service to just a few clicks. They are a simple and easy solution for businesses to provide their customers with the best experience possible.

Which CRM software is the best to get a high number of leads? 

There are many software solutions for customer relationship management in the market. Naturally, sales reps need to learn to use CRMs to their advantage. Still, they often struggle as they do not get a proper orientation from companies. No matter how good software is if one can not use it properly, it is useless to a business. 

There are only a few companies that offer a learning experience with their CRMs. Tutorials can be found anywhere on the internet, but how to use CRMs to your advantage is seldom explained. One such service which makes using a CRM easy to understand and feasible is Leadsquared CRM. With over a thousand plus happy customers worldwide, they are the benchmark of the proper use of CRMs. 

Let’s get acquainted with some facts to make an informed decision.

Before we take a deep dive into all things Leadsquared CRM, let’s understand what CRMs are.

An Overview of Leadsquared CRM

CRMs (customer relationship management software) are programs that help businesses make perfect sales execution. Leadsquared CRM is a SaaS (software as a service) solution for customer relationship management. The company started ten years ago. Since 2011, they have cultivated two hundred thousand CRM users globally. 

Features and benefits of using Leadsquared CRM:

  • Detailed reports and analytics

  • Advanced lead capturing system

  • 200,000 global users

  • Covers everything from marketing to customer relations

  • Helps create email marketing campaigns

  • Creates responsive landing pages.

  • Offers Mobile application for CRM

What is CRM software? 

What is CRM software? 

CRMs (customer relationship management software) are software tools that help businesses make perfect sales execution. From tracking a lead and turning it into a customer, CRMs help you every step of the way. They are primarily two types- B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business). 

B2C CRMs have a large database and help turn an interested customer into a loyal one. These CRMs work on crafting a sales journey that is appealing to customers. They craft this experience based on the data a company has collected over a while. These systems have a higher budget.

B2B CRMs have a small database and are more focused on tracking buying cycles and maintaining the list of prospects. These systems have a lower budget as compared to B2C CRMs. The primary usage of these CRMs is for one-on-one promotional and marketing activities for businesses.  

How does a CRM work? 

At the core, all CRMs share a similar layout, with the ultimate goal of customer relationship management. They are a set of different software working together to provide customers with the best experience possible. They are used to track prospective customers and store their contact information. Furthermore, they are also used to automate basic processes that don’t require sales reps. They are also helpful in figuring out a marketing strategy based on the ideal consumer. 

There are mainly four functions of a CRM:

  1. Lead Management 

  2. Sales funnel management

  3. Marketing workflow management

  4. Workflow automation

What is Leadsquared CRM?

What is Leadsquared CRM?

Leadsquared CRM is a SaaS (software as a service) solution for customer relationship management. It is one of the leading systems in customer service and experience. The company started ten years ago. Since 2011, they have cultivated two hundred thousand CRM users globally. 

Let’s take a look at Leadsquared’s mission and how it differentiates itself from its competitors. 

The mission of Leadsquared CRM is to provide a platform where there are no distractions, and the sole focus is on the customers. They provide a platform used by sales reps to execute numerous sales quickly. They aim to eliminate redundant tasks that may take time away from a sales representative. This way, the sales reps can directly spend their time engaging with customers. 

How does Leadsquared CRM differ from traditional CRMs in the market?

The basic approach in traditional CRMs is horizontal, i.e., the software is mainly focused on sales reps and helping them make more sales. There are a lot of horizontal CRM service providers. Still, this approach ultimately takes a business away from what matters, i.e., their customers. 

Leadsquared CRM offers a vertical CRM software focused on the customer rather than the sales department. It includes specific features like customer journey templates, automation, and many more that make a difference. Ultimately, the sales department is there to bring more people in touch with your business, and this approach builds on this exact idea. 

Let us look at some facts about CRMs that will give you an idea about their importance.

  1. The global CRM market had a net worth of forty billion dollars in 2019. This market cap is expected to grow by a factor of at least 15% CAGR in the next 5 years
  2. Seventy-five percent of SaaS (software as a service) purchases in the previous two years were CRMs 
  3. Fifty percent of companies globally are using some sort of marketing automation to increase sales. 
  4. According to CSO insights, about forty percent of sales teams worldwide use CRM software.
  5. Sixty percent of businesses consider ease of use an important factor when buying CRM software.
  6. CRMs offer a great return on investment. For example: if a CRM takes one dollar to operate, it will generate around 8-9 dollars. 
  7. CRMs have been instrumental in giving much higher ROIs, even 1000-1500%, in the case of the Quint Wellington Redwood Group.

Leadsquared CRM provides services to the following industries:

  1. Higher Education
  2. Banking
  3. Edtech Businesses
  4. Lending
  5. Training Institutes
  6. Insurance
  7. Marketplace CRM
  8. Healthcare
  9. Vendor Onboarding
  10. Real Estate
  11. Automotive
  12. Travel

Features and Benefits of Using Leadsquared CRM

Mobile CRM

Leadsquared also offers a mobile application that can be used anywhere with an internet connection. The mobile CRM comes with all the features of the desktop version. Desktop applications are important, but Mobile CRMs add flexibility and ease for the sales team. Sales reps can utilize this functionality in the field to keep operations running while adding a personal touch. 

Advanced and swift lead capturing

Leadsquared CRM comes with a revolutionary lead collection functionality. It provides one interface where every lead is tracked, and the team can proceed further with them. It can pick leads from multiple platforms like Google, Zapier, etc. This feature eliminates collecting leads, which saves time and helps sales reps interact with prospects faster. 

Grouping and managing of leads

This feature is highly useful for businesses with a lot of inbound leads. The CRM comes equipped with software that automatically groups leads according to their nature and assigns them to the team. This way, Leadsquared CRM helps make lead management easier, faster, and more customer-centric. 

Reports and analytics

Reports and analytics

Leadsquared CRM comes with a dashboard interface that provides detailed reports and analytics on the performance of sales reps and overall marketing campaigns. Analytics provide insights into where more effort is required to increase sales and profitability. Reports let team managers know how efficient the team is in one-on-one interactions. 

Analytics Include:

  1. Lead conversion rate
  2. Click-through rates 
  3. Bounce rates
  4. Email opening rates 

Conversion Predictor

Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days; Leadsquared CRM also uses an AI algorithm that predicts the conversion rate of leads. It uses machine learning models and predictive analytics to give an idea to business owners how many leads are being converted. 

Responsive landing pages and Email Campaigns

Leadsquared CRM is not limited to customer relations but extends further into many operations. It can also help business owners prepare a responsive landing page. It is vital for CTAs for prospects. A landing page is the first impression of services a business provides. Online marketing campaigns can be prepared and launched with Leadsquared CRM. Owners can prepare promotional materials and launch them easily with Leadsquared. 


The bottom line is Leadsquared CRM is an easy-to-use and innovative platform for business owners. They aim to increase lead generation and customer retention. 200,000 plus Leadsquared users are proof of the company’s dedication and capability. 

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