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Zoho vs. Bitrix24 vs. SugarCRM: which CRM prevails and which one to select for your business?

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Jun 1, 202310 min read
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    Table of content

  • What is Zoho
  • What is Bitrix24?
  • What is SugarCRM?
  • Zoho vs. Bitrix24 vs. SugarCRM: Which CRM prevails? 
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  • Key features
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  • Easy to Use
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  • Pricing and Plans
  •  Zoho vs. Bitrix24 vs. SugarCRM: which CRM to select for your business? 

Every company has different goals and needs to fulfill. As it is said, the best customer relationship management (CRM) tool differs from one brand to other. Finding the right CRM software that matches your goals and needs can be complicated. No need to worry, but did you see the latest trend of Zoho vs. Bitrix24 vs. SugarCRM? There is an ongoing battle among these top three CRM providers in which CRM prevails. Follow up if you want to know which one to select for your brand business.

Zoho CRM is undoubtedly one of the top CRM that works well for small to medium size organizations. Bitrix24 CRM allows customization of its funnel to ensure your specific requirements are fulfilled. Meanwhile, SugarCRM is another CRM platform available in multiple languages and nations, helping your needs in each funnel stage.

Continue reading to know more about Zoho vs. Bitrix24 vs. Sugar CRM – which CRM prevails and which one to select for your business.

What is Zoho

The software business Zoho offers the well-known customer relationship management tool Zoho CRM. More than 25 different business software products are produced by Zoho, an Indian company with locations worldwide and a Chennai headquarters, all of which interface with Zoho CRM. Over 10 million individuals use products from Zoho.

An online program called Zoho CRM offers capabilities for pipeline management, team collaboration, marketing automation, analytics, artificial intelligence, and other things. A complete set of developer tools are available from Zoho, including a REST API, a Zoho CRM Developer Edition, and web and mobile SDKs. Additionally, this CRM may integrate Google Drive, DocuSign, MailChimp, LinkedIn, and other services.

What is Bitrix24?

A platform of collaborative tools is called Bitrix24. A CRM system is the critical component of these technologies. It enables sharing of contact management with extensive consumer data and interaction histories across people and teams. For sales teams, it's a worthwhile project and task management tool.

Small teams, startups, solopreneurs, and even small enterprises can benefit significantly from using Bitrix24. Bitrix24 is useful for team management for sales team leaders. Additionally, you may conduct workflows for sales automation and obtain frequent sales data. With Bitrix24, you also receive a ton of communication tools. Teams may collaborate on email marketing plans, sales procedures, and customer support. Even HR-related tools are included. 

What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a cloud-based solution for addressing demands for account administration, customer relationship management, sales automation, and marketing automation. Customizable home pages, a tool for novice users called a "wizard," shortcut bars, enhanced-view global search capabilities, and downloadable plug-ins are just a few features that SugarCRM offers. The foundation for SugarCRM is open-source software. It gives flexibility in modifying the solution to meet the demands of various businesses. Additionally, SugarCRM can accept the additional modules users can add using the integrated tools and interface with multiple third-party systems. It runs on Windows or Mac operating system. The program supports Windows, Linux, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle systems.

Zoho vs. Bitrix24 vs. SugarCRM: Which CRM prevails? 

Key features


Prospective leads' information is gathered through Zoho's core CRM, which includes contact and deal management. This information includes contact information, transaction status, and conversations. Although the standard list view with many filters feels a little clumsy. Zoho CRM also offers a canvas view that you can customize and a Kanban view divided into pipeline phases.

You may eliminate human effort through automation by developing rules, such as allocating sales agents based on account attributes and establishing tasks triggered by funnel changes. Although there is a learning curve associated with automation setup, the shortened procedure can aid in increasing sales.

Email templates, bulk email campaigns, and measuring performance indicators like open rates are all included in Zoho CRM's subscription plans. You may integrate with Zoho Campaigns, an additional item in the Zoho suite, for more sophisticated marketing features. Another significant asset of Zoho CRM is its ability to generate fresh leads by allowing you to crawl social media and collect data from online forms.

Zoho CRM offers highly configurable dashboards and reports that can aid pipeline decision-making. For instance, you may export a list of agreements based on selected filters or choose chart styles and data to view a client group.

Zoho's sophisticated analytics, such as anomaly detection, may help discover high-value clients for Enterprise plans and above. The artificial intelligence assistant Zia can estimate sales and recommend jobs to automate.


The feature set of Bitrix24 is divided into five categories: websites, CRM, contact centers, tasks & projects, and communications. Like Microsoft Teams or Slack, Bitrix24 is the central center for all internal interactions inside your business. It offers choices for capturing videos to distribute inside a team or with your entire organization and enables chat and video conferencing. 

The site also features a news stream that resembles social media, where you can view updates on projects and leads. Additionally, individual workers may publish queries or updates for others to like and remark on.

Bitrix24 provides tools for organizing projects, tracking time, and allocating tasks. To organize their work, employees may use Gantt charts and Kanban boards. Administrators can produce reports to determine which projects their staff spends the most time on. Numerous templates are provided by the program to help you automate regular chores.

All subscriptions for this CRM software include unlimited contacts. You may create a funnel for new prospects and keep track of every contact's activities, including sales and customer service contacts. Using social media, email, or SMS to check in with consumers, Bitrix24 provides automated capabilities to make the process more efficient. Additionally, you may link quotations from Bitrix24 with accounting programs like Quickbooks and Xero.


Sugar improves sales force effectiveness by enabling sales representatives to manage and upsell existing customers, anticipate revenue, and evaluate performance with dashboards. Further, you can manage bids and contracts, operate offline with our sugar mobile, and collaborate through an interface with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and other groupware applications.

Between marketing and sales, sugar completes the circle. Utilizing the campaign wizard, campaigns may be created, carried out, and tracked across several channels. Create effective email marketing campaigns and use web-to-lead forms to gather leads into your CRM system. Organize and distribute leads to your salespeople, and monitor your initiatives' marketing return on investment.

Selling to current clients is substantially less expensive than acquiring new ones. Companies can trust that client cases will be addressed efficiently and swiftly with Sugar customer service. By centralizing customer care requests across channels, Sugar customer support enables businesses to handle incoming emails, identify defects, exchange expertise, and address client concerns. Additionally, Sugar Enterprise or Sugar Ultimate subscribers can access the Customer Self-Service Portal for free.

Easy to Use


Zoho CRM is relatively simple to use after it has been set up. Because of the user interface, you may use this program effectively with little to no training. The Home page displays all open jobs, leads for the day, money by stage, sales closing that month, and other information.

Although the design is simple, we enjoy that it lets you concentrate on the important things. Its ease of use is due to its simplicity. Use the straightforward navigation bar at the top to go between pages. It has options for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Activities, Reports, Analytics, and more. These options are automatically arranged in the menu bar from most essential to least important, but you may change the order anyway.


Although Bitrix24 is one of the easier CRMs to use, you must grow to adore the UI. It isn't the most eye-catching, and it might not be easy to locate some of the elements you need to build up beginning and advanced campaigns. Sometimes navigating it may be plain unpleasant.

It can occasionally be difficult to acquire help, which makes it more difficult to get going than, for example, a Hubspot or Pipedrive CRM.


SugarCRM is extremely easy to use, despite not being the nicest CRM available. The top toolbar offers shortcuts for commonly used functions so that users can quickly access them. Users may quickly browse Home, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Knowledgebase, Leads, Reports, and more by clicking on the tabs below.

However, many users feel that SugarCRM might be too feature-rich and intimidating. Fully understand SugarCRM. It could take some time. It wouldn't be worthwhile to spend time comprehending it if you are a small business owner without prior IT skills.

Finding information in SugarCRM documents is not difficult. Still, it truly comes down to time and resources for most business owners. Additionally, you can struggle with SugarCRM if you've never installed software before.

Pricing and Plans


  1. Free  
  2. Standard Edition: $14/user/month (billed annually).
  3. Professional Edition: $23/user/month (billed annually).
  4. Enterprise Edition: $40/user/month (billed annually).
  5.  Ultimate Edition: $52/user/month (billed annually).


  1. Free Trial


  1. Basic: $39/mo
  2. Standard: $79/mo
  3. Professional: $159/mo


  1. Business: $2990 (one-time license)
  2. Enterprise: $24990 (one-time license)


  1. Sugar Professional: starts at $52/ user/ month
  2. Sugar Enterprise: starts at $85/ user/ month
  3. Sugar Serve: starts at $80/ user/ month
  4. Sugar Sell: starts at $80/ user/ month
  5. Sugar Market: starts at $1,000/ month 

 Zoho vs. Bitrix24 vs. SugarCRM: which CRM to select for your business? 

Suppose you're searching for a complete set of sales and marketing functions with increased efficiency through automation and customization choices. In that case, Zoho CRM is worth your consideration.

Using the self-designed Canvas view or drag-and-drop Kanban, leads and deals are simple to arrange and update. Categorizing leads, assigning tasks, and using advanced automation and workflow rules are possible. Still, it may take some time to accomplish without difficulty.

The verdict is that Bitrix24 is very worthwhile. Particularly if we're discussing the free version. So, by "worth the money," we mean "worth your time and effort" to develop such a CRM solution. Furthermore, suppose you've become accustomed to using Bitrix24 for free, and your business is expanding. In that case, signing up for one of the premium plans still makes sense.

You can maximize customer interactions using SugarCRM's flexibility and a high degree of customization. However, you may want to think again before choosing it due to its expensive price plans and challenging learning curve.

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