What is Telegram Chatbot? Complete Guide

What is Telegram Chatbot? Complete Guide

What is Telegram Chatbot? Complete Guide

According to TechCrunch, the market of Telegram is expanding every year and has reached 500 million users in 2021. According to Telegram chat statistics, the typical user spends roughly 150 messages every day, making Telegram chatbots popular. Telegram users come across many such Telegram bots. Let’s dive deep to learn everything you need to know about a Telegram Chatbot.

Despite WhatsApp being the most downloaded app in 2019, Telegram has yet to reach its pinnacle, according to cyber crew data. At the time, nearly 850 million new users downloaded Whatsapp. It became the most downloaded non-gaming app in the world in 2021. According to Sensor Tower, more than 63 million new users downloaded the app in 2021.


Telegram bots are valuable to innovative communications, especially in professional fields. However, like all programming, telegrams generally require rigorous programming knowledge for widespread use. The OPC router is the recommended tool for making this complex accessible for industry and machine connections.

Some salient features of Telegram and Telegram Chatbot

  • Telegram is a popular internet chat program that operates similarly to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 

  • Telegram permits the use of chatbots in groups, whereas Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp does not. 

  • Includes the option to supply  information with an expiration date to erase it automatically.

  • By connecting to a CRM, ticketing system, or chat platform, Telegram bots may provide customer assistance or gather leads.

  • Telegram bot has the ability to execute commands in the telegram chat, which directly request action or information.

  • All data is encrypted in the cloud, including chats and bots.

  • All messages and bot communications are highly secure

You can use the Telegram chatbot for various purposes.

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Content Sharing

What is Telegram

Telegram is an online messaging app that works like the popular messaging app WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

It means you can use Telegram to send a message to your contacts when connected to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet access. Telegram is cloud-based and prioritizes security and speed. As a result, Messenger has become popular as an alternative to other messaging apps. 

Reasons to use Telegram

Telegraph is one of the world’s largest messaging apps, with 400 million active users every month. It means that more people are already on Telegram and that the number of users is increasing rapidly.

Your customers will also be there with so many people on the platform. And where your customers are, you need to be there. Critical Benefits of Telegram Bot are as follows.

  1. You may save time and money on customer service.
  2. It has the potential to boost your sales.
  3. With a chatbot, you may answer in seconds rather than days.
  4. Aside from that, Telegram has considerable advantages over other channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have strict rules about their chatbot, like a 24-hour window. However, Telegram has no such regulations (yet), which is a great advantage.

Furthermore, Telegram allows you to employ chatbots in groups, something Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp do not allow.

The chatbot in Telegram works efficiently. When someone delivers a message to your Telegram chatbot, the chatbot attempts to comprehend it and reply to it the same way any average person would.

Features of Telegram 

Features of Telegram

Telegram combines WhatsApp speed with the ephemerality of Snapchat. Telegrams, like WhatsApp, can display an online communication partner’s status and send text, images, videos, audio files, location information, contacts, and documents.

But there is also an option to provide this information with an expiration date to be automatically removed. Another unique feature of Telegram is its security. All activity is encrypted, including chats, groups, and media participants share.

That is, they do not appear without prior decryption. Telegram also provides end-to-end encryption between chat partners with the “Secret Chats” feature.

Telegram Bot

TelegramBot is a third-party application that runs within Telegram. In Telegram, the bot interacts with customers by sending messages. It serves companies or brands with many features such as sending information, reminders, playing tunes and ordering.

Telegram Bot has many capabilities beneficial to enterprises of the four peer categories. Moreover, Telegram provides an API for creating social interaction, productivity, gaming, and e-commerce services. 

In addition, telegram bots can provide customer support or collect leads by connecting to a CRM, ticketing system, or messaging platform.

Functions Of Telegram Bot

A Telegram bot acts similarly to a conventional chat buddy but with additional features. It performs pre-defined tasks independently and without user involvement. 

The telegram bot can do everything a human chat partner does. Automatically or upon request, it may send you the following information:

  1. The original message
  2. Images
  3. Video
  4. Any other type of files

An essential function of the telegram bot is the ability to execute commands in the telegram chat, which directly request action or information.

Telegram stores all data encrypted in the cloud, including chats and bots. Therefore external backup of telegram data is not required, and complete personal settings are available to users who are logged in anytime and anywhere on the platform. 

However, sensitive data and commands that the bot can access externally may be available outside the cloud, e.g., In its database on local company-owned servers.

Ordinary telegram bots are not private. Anyone can find them and use them. On the other hand, Telegram bots may only be accessible by specific individuals if you establish a separate communication channel with the bot. 

This channel is a “private” group of bots belonging only to you, your approved users, and the original bot. As a result, you can utilize the telegram bot by a set of individuals you manage.

Many of us are fascinated by the Internet of Things (IoT), where the Telegram bot comes in. It can communicate and respond comfortably in the environment you define.

In addition to initiating communication between telegram individuals, the telegram bot can also initiate communication between individuals and programmable machines. This way, we can forward messages to multiple devices or receive them from you with a single click.

Telegram ChatBot Security

Telegram ChatBot Security

They often save the actual data on a local server in a data source. The bot accesses the required data sets and prepares them for message output as requested on the end device. 

The computer and database save the original Telegram bot program and any pertinent data. Here, application security depends on the local PC environment administrator on the site. It only provides the message output defined in the TelegramBot application to the end devices. Only the outputs of these messages are in the Telegram cloud.

All messages and bot communications are additionally encrypted using client-server / server-client. In the Telegram cloud, this data is divided into multiple servers and stored therein encrypted form.

Telegram ChatBot Creation

To create a Telegram bot yourself, you have to install the Telegram app on your device and log in to create your account. The Telegram app for mobile smartphones and other devices is available in the App Store.

The actual construction of your bot is usually quite simple. Botfather, the core development tool for Telegram bots, is there to help you. So you must first search for this user in Telegram and start chatting with him. Make sure you select a verified (with a blue tick) user.

Cost of Telegram ChatBot

Cost of Telegram ChatBot

The use of telegram bots is free, as are telegrams. Only conceivable expenditures for acquiring programming languages, equipment, or interfaces for connecting machines should be considered self-improvement.

Chatbot to Control Resources

In the injection moulding industry, for example, TelegramBot can send an automated message to a smartphone when the level of plastic granulate required to produce injection mould products is less than a certain level. As a result, it is feasible to respond quickly with re-orders or additional deliveries, and there will be no idle time due to a shortage of material.

Machine transmission Information

The relevant machine data, such as temperature or pressure readings, maybe communicated regularly to department managers’ tablets, cellphones, or PC workstations through telegrams. In this way, this customer group can have a complete overview of the machine product at any time.

Functionality for false messages or alarms

A bot can configure practical fault or alarm reporting systems with a smartphone connection. For this purpose, error messages managed, generated, and stored in SQL databases are sent, for example, to telegram clients logged in by bots. 

The OPC router can also give the client instructions to generate incorrect message receipt and comment functions. In addition to accessing SQL data with the Telegram plug-in, Telegram may also provide the user with queries, for example, accessing detailed data on erroneous messages.

When the performance of production machines reaches specific pre-defined threshold values, the telegram bot can automatically generate maintenance recommendations and send them to the respective machine operators. It is a perfect way to avoid management-related failures.

Uses of Telegram Chatbot


The AI-based Telegram API Chatbot helps you deliver personalized marketing messages to your prospects and also helps you sell to your current customers. 

Your NLP-based chatbot can also help you generate leads. You can collect customer details and auto-populate them in the spreadsheet. Creating a Telegram chatbot makes it easy for customers to make reservations, book appointments, and set up demos.

Customer support

Customer support

As your business grows, the number of customer queries will increase exponentially. Now your agents should only handle critical customer questions that deserve personal attention.

Your agents do not have to worry about automation taking over. It helps them focus on high-level work in solving complex problems instead of getting bogged down in mundane, repetitive questions.


Whether you are an e-commerce store, an insurance agency, or anything in between, Telegram Chatbot can help you increase sales and collect payments. Allowing customers to shop with you on the Telegram will make it easier for them to do business with you by facilitating their journey.

Telegram Chatbot: Content sharing

Whether creating marketing material or running a publication, Telegram can help you convey your content to the people who benefit from it. While publishing in the same format is not a good idea, you can adjust the content to suit different audiences across different channels.

Your bots authorize you to send your content massively through links, documents, pictures, and videos in Telegram. If your bot is in inline mode, your audience can use inline requests to call your bot on any chat, group, or channel.

And even if they have the option of sending an email, they may not reply as quickly as they would like. HR chatbots are especially useful in case of management change. When companies go through changes, employees get confused. They need clarity. The flow of questions is too much for the HR team to handle manually. 

Telegram Chatbot: Conclusion

Telegram chatbots are booming in the market nowadays with increased usage of Telegram worldwide. There are some exciting chatbots on Telegram for healthcare, eCommerce, and various platforms.

If you plan to focus on social media marketing, having a Telegram bot will aid in gaining further customers. Some popular Telegram Bots like IMBD bot and Airtrack are popular in Telegram. So, when are you planning to implement a chatbot on Telegram?

Using BotPenguin you can create intelligent chatbots for Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger as well as integrate your chatbot with your website and various other platforms.

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