What is Botsociety and How it Works?

What is Botsociety and How it Works?

What is Botsociety And How Does It Work?

The demand for a chatbot is rising daily in the market. Most of the online customers expect you to answer instantly. However, building data and generating leads can be intimidating for many business owners without a chatbot.

As per statistics on Drift, The great majority of customers, 87.2 percent, have had neutral or positive encounters with chatbots. According to this data, customers in 2021 will be far more open to chatbot conversations. Only a tiny percentage (12.8 percent) have had harmful interactions. It clearly shows that the market for chatbots will rise in the coming future.

Chatbots manage 68.9% of all interactions from start to finish.

Every year, chatbots get more sophisticated. According to the most recent Comm100 data, chatbots handled 68.9 percent of interactions from start to finish on average in 2019. It marks a 260 percent improvement in end-to-end resolution compared to 2017 when just 20% of conversations could be handled from start to finish without the assistance of a human.

Therefore integrating a competitive chatbot that solves your purpose and proves beneficial for your business is essential. Botsociety is one such platform that can help you design your chatbot easily. We will understand Botsociety and how we can operate it in this article.


BotSociety is one of the quickest bot-creation tools. Allows you to build and export mockups of chatbot conversations without any technical expertise, making it accessible to everyone: designer, product manager, marketing, and developer.

  • Botsociety makes designing chatbots simple.

  • Make and edit bots without prior learning easily.

  • Massive range of chatbot templates for different platforms.

  • Create a chatbot without coding in Botsociety.

  • Test your prototype on Botsociety to see if it works well

Botsociety excels at a wide range of tasks and neatly packages them all. It's one of the simplest platforms to learn on, and it gives you a lot of power.

What is Botsociety?

What is Botsociety?

Botsociety may seem like a club for robots, but it’s a marketing chatbot platform. There is a recent addition to Botsociety to several chatbot platforms, which have evolved due to the rise of popular chatbots.

Although it is not as popular as alternatives like ManyChat, Botsociety is like a hidden gem. It has good features aimed at creating a versatile chatbot.

And it fits that claim – its chatbot builder allows you to create complete conversations for all major chat platforms, including Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and your website.

Botsociety provides unique tools for each platform, so you can be sure that it will work well wherever you place your boat. They also provide a platform converter that allows you to transfer bots to the platform.

The focal point of Botsociety is an excellent naturalistic visual editor.

The “bot says users say” layout is easy for everyone to pick up right away, and it makes the process of creating bots simpler and more efficient.

It’s a snap to make text responses for both bot and user, but you can also add media, create buttons, a carousel, and much more.

Seeing your boat in real-time on the phone is a huge plus that allows you to make changes instantly. You get instant feedback to see how your boat is and how the conversation goes, and you can use that feedback to make edits.

You can even scroll through the bots on the virtual phone just like you would with an actual phone. Combine this with a recognizable phone silhouette that you can change in the settings, and you will get a highly immersive experience that allows you to keep it in your customer’s boot.

Well, that’s enough for virtual phones – back to the chatbot platform.

Creating multiple communication paths is easy. Botsociety keeps them apart and makes it easy to modify each route.

You control almost every element you think of, and everything is in this visual editor.

A good feature is the ability for the user to add different types of messages. They can type a freeform response, send a photo, tag their location, or even send a voice message.

You can create complete streams around different types of messages. For example, if the broken product requires support from someone, you can ask the customer to upload a picture of the damaged object.

A nice touch is that the editor emulates the Google Suite product, so even if you have never used the Chatbot platform before, you probably feel at home just because of the layout. Botsociety is a powerful platform, and there are so many to like here. Let’s learn about some of its most significant benefits.

Visual Editor

The editor of Botsociety is its strong selling point. It is effortless to use and provides a good entry point even if you are entirely new to chatbots.

Getting started with Botsociety Editor requires no tutorial. I corrected it and started using it immediately. Although I have previous chatbot experience, BotSociety is very easy to use if you have never worked with chatbots before.

Virtual phone layout is also a big help. Knowing how your boat looks to your customers is invaluable for designing conversations that help and engage your audience. No matter what purpose you are using the boat for, you can easily do it with BotSociety.


Some chatbot templates are monotonous and straightforward, but BotSociety’s default templates are solid, offering a wide variety.

As I said before, BotSociety’s chatbot builders are platform-specific, so if you choose the Facebook Messenger template, you can optimize your chatbot for Messenger.

And if you need to switch to another platform, you can quickly transfer your boat using the platform converter.

Simple Implementation

Botsociety is a unique intuitive marketing chatbot platform thanks to its streamlined interface and visual editor.

There is no coding required like many platforms, but Botsociety gives you more control over your chatbot than its competitors.

The naturalness of the botsociety is one of its most attractive features. It is an excellent first chatbot platform and is ideal if you want a platform that does not spend hours learning.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

BotSociety is different from other chatbot builders.

Most other chatbot builders have their software for creating your chatbot and have a direct link with the message channels (such as Facebook Messenger) to launch your chatbot on that channel.

With Botsociety, you can not launch your chatbot directly on any channel. You can create a design for your chatbot, place that design in Dialog or Rasa, and then launch it with Dialog / Rasa on the channel you want (like Facebook Messenger).

It is different from most other chatbot software, where you can launch the chatbot directly on the channel (without using dialog or writing).

Due to this structure, you can always rely on Dialogflow or Russ to stream your chatbot live. Therefore, BotSociety is a “prototype builder” for Dialogflow and Rasa rather than a complete chatbot builder.

When you click on one of your chatbots, you’ll be sent directly to BotSociety’s chatbot builder.

You can control what the bot says and how it reacts. When you create an entire conversation, you can see an overview of the conversation along with the flowchart feature.

Additionally, you can test the chatbot in the interface, but more. You may also invite others to try out your chatbot.

Botsociety is primarily focused on designing your interactions with your customer. Additionally, the interface is easy to use, and you can set up your chatbot

Design, prototyping, testing, and exporting

Create interactions that are basic or complicated. With a single click, you may see the final user experience. Gather input from actual users without having to develop anything. Then, export to video or directly to Dialogflow or Rasa.

Preview in one click

Botsociety is an all-inclusive dialogue design tool. Prototype your primary concept. Then, on an infinite canvas, fill out the entire interaction. You can use Botsociety at any level of the dialogue design process.

The prototype Feature.

To receive the chatbot or voice design, don’t wait till it’s finished to find out about it. You can use the prototype feature to get feedback and make educated decisions before constructing anything. You may also collect data to feed into your Natural Language Processing model.

Collaboration in real-time

PMs may post specific remarks on a comprehensive discussion map using Botsociety, and developers can use our API and native integrations. A conversational experience necessitates involvement from several teams and departments inside your business

Download videos, PDF

You may make a video file of your design with a single click. It also includes a GIF for use in your presentation slide. Additionally, you can export a high-resolution PDF file of your paths.

Create a design for any platform.

Create a design for any platform.

Botsociety enables your team to create conversational interfaces for any number of devices. It is the only solution that allows your team to specify the conversational design and the functionalities of the conversational platform. 

Creating and reusing Design Components

Make components that your team can often utilize in their ideas. Create a conversational team library and maintain consistency in your talks. 

Handover to engineering for export

Export your designs to the format or technology that your developers prefer. If necessary, we can add other integrations. We’ll be a hit with your engineering staff. You may also utilize the Botsociety API to build your integrations.

Chatbot element

Botsociety provides enough elements that you can use to design your chatbot design. 

AI and NLP

The whole idea of ​​the Boat Society is that you can create the design of dialogues to use in Dialogue or Rasa. Dialogflow and Rasa handle AI and NLP (excluding flow bots), focusing on bot society.

You may answer differently depending on the terms you write in the discussion. These keywords are associated with a specific purpose in the dialogue or the text. The same is true for entities, which you can also select in the Botsocietey. 


As mentioned earlier, with Botsociety, you create the chatbot design. You put that design in Dialogflow / Rasa and launch the chatbot on the channels you want through Dialogflow / Rasa. 

It means you can create a chatbot on the bot society and place it on multiple channels (using Dialogflow / Rasa). With Botsociety, you can always rely on DialogFlow or Rasa to start your chatbot, which can be a mistake.


They offer Zapier integration, which allows you to connect to every software on earth. Unfortunately, I could not find this integration or documentation, so I could not test it.


As mentioned earlier, you can do a utility test with Botsociety. You may ask users to test your chatbot and provide feedback on its design with these tests.


Botsociety enables you to create interactive prototypes and design for any interface. This excellent chatbot designing tool offers a limit of 20 messages per design for free. It is an easy learning process to develop chatbots from Botsociety. However, they have tutorials for you to learn and implement.

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