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What are the best features and benefits of WhatsApp Business?

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Mar 16, 20237 min read
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OTT messaging applications are third-party alternatives to mobile network carriers' regular texting services. WhatsApp is an internet-based messaging service that lets users send and receive messages via linked smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and even smartwatches. WhatsApp Business is an over-the-top (OTT) chat service that gives customers the functionality and convenience of private messaging. Today, over 5 million corporate users use this popular messaging network. When utilized with other mobile platforms, WhatsApp Business becomes an essential component of a successful omnichannel marketing strategy. Read on Ahead to find out more about the best features and benefits of WhatsApp Business.  

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp has been one of the world's most popular messaging programs. The developers of Facebook built Whatsapp Business. WhatsApp Business now has 2 billion daily active users and sends 65 billion messages each day.

WhatsApp Business API

The company's API, which is aimed at mid-size and corporate enterprises, is the company's final product. This approach is not limited to the smartphone app. This API can link to an existing front-end system or helpdesk software, making it perfect for firms with technical resources that get a high flood of communications. It can interface with several third-party solutions from the software stack to help your agents manage tickets efficiently.

What is the best way to get started with WhatsApp Business?

Download and launch the WhatsApp Business app: Download the WhatsApp Business app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. On your home screen, click the WhatsApp Business button Review the Terms of Service: Read and approve the Terms of Service: Read and accept the WhatsApp Business Terms and Conditions by tapping Agree and Continue.


First fill out the registration form and then add your countr code. Follow the instructions to add your country code.

  1. Select your country from the drop-down box, then input your phone number in international phone number format.
  2. Press Done or Next, then Ok. You will then get your six-digit registration code through SMS or phone call.
  3. Enter your 6-digit code to complete registration. This post will teach you how to register your phone number.

Allow access to contacts and photos: 

The WhatsApp Business app allows you to import contacts from your phone's address book. You may also provide access to the photographs, movies, and data on your phone.

Create an account:

Fill in your company name, choose a business category, and upload a profile photo.

Build your business profile

Select EXPLORE > Business Profile from the drop-down menu. You may provide crucial business information here, such as your company's address, description, and hours of operation, among other things.

Start a chat

Your company profile has now been created. To send a message, press or browse for or choose a contact. In the text area, type a message.

The benefits of WhatsApp Business

Reach people anytime, anywhere

WhatsApp is a real-time communication platform for businesses. People put off checking email, but they always check new messages immediately away, even when they're on the road. 80% of WhatsApp messages have a high engagement rate in the first five minutes. It allows you to distribute marketing messages over a much longer period. WhatsApp messages have an unparalleled open rate of 98 percent and 45-60 percent click rate.

Private and personalized

Direct messaging is ideal for personalizing offers and providing personalized customer support.  You may send personal account passwords, order updates, and offer support in a secure, one-on-one conversation. Unlike on-site upsell widgets, you may ask questions to create exact product suggestions.  The WhatsApp Business API also integrates with your CRM, allowing you to personalize your message based on customer information.

Secure and trustworthy 

All WhatsApp communications are encrypted, which users like. It's safe enough to communicate critical info like password resets from a business standpoint. All WhatsApp business accounts must go through mandatory verification to ensure safety for clients. It is true for businesses who use both the WhatsApp Business app and the API. Via the API, you may also request the WhatsApp green tick, an official account icon for added security.

Good customer service

In today's digital environment, long wait times and endless forwarding to agents no longer exist. WhatsApp Business provides a unique, real-time interaction environment with customers for businesses. By providing the information and help that clients require, WhatsApp Business fosters client loyalty and confidence.

Worldwide reach

WhatsApp is a fantastic platform for businesses wishing to interact with their target market, with over 2 billion users globally and a reach in over 100 countries.

Best features of WhatsApp Business

Business Profile

You may establish a business profile containing crucial information for your clients using the Business App. Your name, address, phone number, email address, & website are all included. Brands acquire credibility and client loyalty with business accounts. A company's identity is established through a business profile. WhatsApp must authorize your business to have a "Verified" Green Tick next to its name.

Analyze message statistics

You can examine and analyze critical metrics, including the number of unique contacts. Also, you can track sending and receiving messages, how many of your messages were delivered, and read using the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Interactive messages

Interactive messages are among the most customer-friendly WhatsApp Business features. You may use this to present buttons as responses to consumer questions. Because your contacts won't have to write out their responses, interactions will be faster and easier. You may also include call to action (CTA) buttons that route customers to certain websites or phone numbers.

Quick replies

If you use fast responses, you won't have to fill out individual responses to the most often requested queries. "When does your store open?" is one example. "Do you have any offers for the day?" or "Have you any deal?" You can store the responses and use them again if you get a similar question. When the platform offers suggestions, tap "/" and pick the appropriate response.

List Messages and Reply Buttons

Aside from CTA (call-to-action) and Quick Reply buttons, WhatsApp also announced two new types of interactive messages.  Messages in a list: Allow up to ten alternatives to be added so that users may easily click here on the desired one rather than typing it in. When users connect with a business, this form of messaging makes it easier for them to choose a choice. Buttons for Reply: Customers may rapidly select from up to three selections by simply clicking on the chosen option with a reply button. Customers can respond to messages more quickly with this form of communication because they don't have to type them out.


WhatsApp's decision to go all-in for small companies is a good one. WhatsApp is used by almost 80% of small companies in India to interact with clients and expand their business. While many early users of the new app praised the app's features, many pointed out that key features that small businesses require are still missing. The ability to receive payments and identify potential consumers or promote to a targeted audience, similar to Facebook Ads. Still, it beats a lot of other apps in the market. If you want to expand your business across multiple platforms, keep WhatsApp in mind.  Try out Omni-channel marketing for free with BotPenguin. You can deploy a chatbot on WhatsApp instantly!

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