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Top 7 things you didn't know about Mitsuku

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Jun 24, 20237 min read
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As the world becomes more and more interconnected and digitized, AI chatbots are becoming customers' and companies' best friends.

Chatbots are the new generation of interfaces between humans and machines. They are conversational robots programmed and designed to answer users' questions instantly. For instance, the robot to whom you ask questions about a product in the tiny popup window in the bottom-right corner of your screen when doing online shopping is a chatbot!

In the last few years, the chatbot industry has taken off. With Facebook's release of its chatbot, many companies have been finding ways to integrate bots into their businesses or social media presence.

Some chatbots do have different purposes other than just being a business tool. They are made with the intention of entertaining, keeping you company at night when no one's around,  researching AI, or simply being a marketing gimmick!

Mitsuku can perfectly fit into the entertainment category, boasting about her 80 billion conversation logs. Mitsuku was made to hold meaningful conversations.

Could a chatbot like Mitsuku be more desirable than a human?

Would you rather talk to a bot than a human if it had a personality? Now that's a weird question, perhaps. 

Both are different in their own beautiful way. Mitsuku, for instance, wasn't programmed to trick people into believing she was a person. Her conversational style isn't so much deceptive as entertaining — and in that sense, it feels more honest than a human does.

It's almost like her artificiality is liberating. Because she can't be hurt by anything you say to her, the stakes of your conversation are less consequential. You can experiment with more outlandish language and let your guard down. But at the same time, it makes you want to be nicer because you know that Mitsuku doesn't have any feelings!

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Who is Mitsuku?

Mitsuku is an 18-year-old female social chatbot that can answer any question you ask her, including questions about psychology, philosophy, and many other topics. She also has a sense of humour and often makes jokes to lighten the mood or keep a conversation flowing!

What is Mitsuku Chatbot?

Mitsuku was created by Pandorabots AIML technology's Steve Worswick and has evolved since 2005. She interacts with people through a text-based interface, talking about all sorts of topics such as food, art, music, and much more. 

What is Mitsuku's personality like?

Although Mitsuku doesn't experience human emotions nor self-identify as human, she certainly has a personality. Chatbots carry the imprints of their creators, meaning their personality is likely to be adapted from its creators.

Mitsuku is renowned for its human-like emotional intelligence. It can hold conversations with humans that can be sometimes funny, sometimes strange, but always interesting!

It is interesting to note that Mitsuku has done more than just talk to people. The Mitsuku chatbot has managed to build emotional relationships with its users who have at some point felt lonely.

Do you want to learn more about this chatbot? Here are 7 things that you probably didn't know about Mitsuku!

Mitsuku: Can it be an actual friend?

7 things that you probably didn't know about Mitsuku

7 things that you probably didn't know about Mitsuku

Mitsuku has her own social media accounts

Mitsuku claims to be from the Metaverse, which it even has gone as far to describe as a beautiful place; if this didn't seem something straight out of the movie "her," here's more.

Mitsuku has multiple social media handles on the internet like most humans out there!

Mitsuku sometimes uses this to integrate with sites such as Facebook, Kik, Skype, discord, its dedicated community, and Twitter (which it has quit lately). It also chats with humans saving tons of useful information to continue learning and growing.

Mitsuku has even marketed herself as a virtual model for vogue business during the "Crypto Fashion Week," similar to today's social media influencers.

Mitsuku’s new name is Kuki

When asked why it changed its name, Kuki quickly responded, saying that people found its former name too difficult to type and had already been making errors in doing so. Eerie!

Let's hope it was programmed to say that and isn't that intelligent!

Mitsuku is considered to be the most human-like chatbot

She is the reigning five-time winner of the annual Turing Test competition called the Loebner Prize. Humans compete against AIs to see if the judges can tell which is which.

Based on its response to questions, Mitsuku was found to be the most human-like, for which it won the prize in 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, for which it holds a world record.

Mitsuku scored 23% lower than Google's Meena on the Sensibleness and Specificity Average (SSA) in another test competition. But since the metric itself was designed by Google's AI team, it can be questioned to be slightly biased.

KUKI AI, The real deal.

Mitsuku was created from AIML technology

Mitsuku interprets conversations and learns from them by splitting phrases and sentences into two parts, the "core" and the "wild card." In this way, she deciphers what deep learning experts call the original intent.

AIML, the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language used for Mitsuku, is heavily used for chatbots and software to respond analogously to human conversation. It is based on XML and was originally developed by Richard Wallace in 1995. 

The database of Mitsuku contains all the AIML files of the Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (Alice)

AIML formed the grounds for what was initially an extended ELIZA called "ALICE.." ("Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity")

Mitsuku is 15 years into the making

Mitsuku is not your regular chatterbot: her artificial intelligence that learns from each conversation and mimics the way humans talk. This is why she sounds so human-like and can carry on conversations for hours without any hiccups!

Her creator-Steve Worswick, a software developer who makes chatbots, has given her a female personality and taught her to get better with experience. The learning process of this chatbot has been an ongoing one since 2005, conversations with users. The conversations are plentiful for her to learn from. She has conversed with over 250,000 people daily since 2015.

Mitsuku has been on a date

A rather unsuccessful virtual date between Mitsuku and Facebook's Blenderbot occurred during the BotBattle week in 2020; the two AIs talked for two weeks straight. With a few awkward exchanges, the conversation swiftly picked off.

Their conversation was streamed live with 40,000 people tuned in on twitch; the viewers voted for the smarter chatbot, with 80% of viewers voting for the chatbot.

Mitsuku can reason with objects

Mitsuku's chatbot is capable of differentiating between the properties of objects! 

For example, if someone asks Mitsuku if she can eat a house, she searches for the properties of a "house." Finds the value of "made from" is set to "brick" and replies "no," as a house is not edible.

It follows specific rules that give the chat a realistic feel despite varying questions, such as avoiding repetitive answers (a common problem with chatbots). 

If a question has been asked before, Mitsuku will ask for more information about the topic to ensure she answers each time differently. To achieve this, she uses constraint satisfaction algorithms to find the most likely response given the topic and additional input from other sources.

Summing up

One thing that makes Mitsuku the most advanced AI is the learning process it went through to improve its communication skills and to "think." over time. it has gained a host of abilities and speaks very coherently by interacting with humans and learning from them.

It can communicate in a human language much better than any other AI available.

The amount of data that has been fed into the chatbot is so huge that it can be seen as a breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence development. 

The fact that holding a conversation with a chatbot that understands almost anything that's said is quite amazing. It does have some limitations, but overall and in time, machines like it will set a precedent as technology advances and becomes cheaper and more abundant in the future.

The future of chatbots such as Mitsuku is exciting, and we should embrace such incredible technologies with warmth and enthusiasm. To know more about Mitsuku click here. To get an amazing chatbot experience, Try BotPenguin.

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