5 Instant messaging apps which are most underrated

5 Instant messaging apps which are most underrated


Do you prefer to talk over call or chat? Recent studies show that over 58% of today’s youth prefer texting over calling. After all, talking over a call is more time-consuming and sometimes inconvenient for the parties on both sides. Texting is easy and delivers a message without any long hours of waiting or being stuck on a call.

Nowadays, SMS isn’t the only way of texting without costing you more bucks. Messaging apps have been quite popular over the past several years. A messaging app has more features compared to SMS. You can customize chats among your family, friends, and colleagues.

One of the best features of messaging apps is sending unlimited messages to anyone in real-time. With just one application, you can connect to anyone anywhere globally. 

These messaging apps also have features like voice and video calls which are even more convenient.

Continue reading to find out more about messaging apps that are most underrated.


 What is a messaging app:

  •  Messaging apps are an integral part of today's digital world.

  •  It is a great way of communicating online with your friends and family.

  • Messaging apps are also used in workplaces for communicating with your colleagues.

  •  Messaging apps have been used as project management tools.

What are the essential features of a good messaging app?

  • Multiple devices & seamless synchronization

  •  Integration of chatbots

  •  Security

  •  Encrypted messaging

  •  Additional communication tools

5 Instant messaging apps which are most underrated

  • Viber

  • WeChat

  • iMessage

  • Skype

  • Slack

6 Instant messaging apps, which are the most popular

  • Discord

  •  Facebook Messenger

  • Signal Private Messenger

  • Telegram

  • WhatsApp

  • Snapchat

What is a messaging app?

Real-time message sending and receiving is made possible by a messaging app. Instant messaging applications work through the internet, but conventional text messages need a mobile network to function.

Consider MSN and AIM as examples of how long they have existed. However, these days, these applications support several outstanding features beyond basic emojis, are available on iPhone, Android, and PCs, and frequently don’t require a phone number.

What are the essential features of a good messaging app?

Multiple devices & seamless synchronization

A messaging app must sync effortlessly with the cloud, and any other applications you might use since utilizing multiple devices are popular. Users may quickly transition between devices because of this without losing any data. Your team can participate in the chat from any location thanks to an app compatible with various devices.

Integration of chatbots

The popularity of chatbots in these apps improves functionality and, consequently, user experience. For instance, bots may constantly interact with your client base and access business data to respond to inquiries.


Security is a major concern for organizations. It’s crucial for customers that the brands they contact are safe and reliable since you don’t want competitors to learn about your company’s strategies and inner workings. If you’re going to interact with consumers through the chat app, this is very important. There is an emphasis on security. Therefore users should seek encrypted messaging applications to protect their data.

Additional communication tools

People adore applications that provide numerous channels for collaboration because it is much simpler to maintain everything on one platform. It is better than downloading separate apps for team messaging, file sharing, video chatting, etc.

Encrypted messaging

The safest type of encryption is end-to-end since it never lets data be decrypted on the server or in transit and only ever decrypts communications on the receiver’s device. Most encrypted messaging services today, including Signal, WhatsApp, Wickr, and Apple’s iMessage, use end-to-end encryption.

5 Instant messaging apps which are most underrated

Messaging App 1: Viber

Viber, which is accessible in 41 languages, is well-known all around the world. A great free messaging app with cross-platform functionality for various devices is Viber. You can exchange end-to-end encrypted messages, photographs, and other content just like with other messaging applications. You can also attach your current phone number to sync your contacts.

Viber has fewer users than widely used messaging services like WhatsApp since it is less well-known. To that end, suggest Viber to your contacts if you’ve used WhatsApp or want something less busy. It provides you with privacy and all the features you would expect from a top-notch chat program.

Messaging App 2: WeChat

WeChat has features that simplify communication from China. Many people only use it as a texting tool, letting you meet others nearby to talk.

Security worries: a University of Toronto experiment reveals that the Chinese government focuses on overseas content and metadata to filter information within China further.

The US authorities asked that US-based businesses stop using the app last year out of concern that private data are accidentally shared. Consequently, they might not utilize the app if you have US clients or connections.

Messaging App 3: iMessage

iMessage is one of the most often used communication channels among Apple users. Its end-to-end encryption, however, is limited to texts sent between iPhone users.

A self-destruct message option is available in this app. Users may decide how often the receiver can view a message and how long their data will be accessible before it vanishes. Before being destroyed, encrypted texts stay on Apple’s servers for seven days.

Messaging App 4: Skype

Despite being available for a while, Skype’s message capabilities are rarely used because they focus primarily on video conversations. It has several useful capabilities, such as group conversations, device compatibility, and file and image sharing.

Because it lacks project management and scheduling features, Skype fails as a business program. Stickers and gifs can’t compensate for this, which causes Skype to lose favor with companies. However, since it’s free, it’s a fantastic choice for individuals on a low budget or those just starting with messaging applications.

Messaging App 5: Slack

As a tool for businesses, Slack has been successful. Anyone who is not technologically skilled should be able to keep up with it because it is intuitive and supported for desktop and mobile use.

Slack does not inherently provide project management functionality, but it makes support connections with other programs. However, its services are relatively restricted since it only provides calls for up to 15 people (even on the most flexible plan).

Additionally, unlike the option in RingCentral’s Premium and Ultimate subscriptions, there is no automated archiving option, even if you may save individual files to services like Dropbox. 

6 Instant messaging apps that are the most popular

Messaging App 1: Discord

One of the top communication applications for gamers is, without a doubt, Discord. It offers cross-platform compatibility for the majority of computer and mobile operating systems. A web client is also available for those systems lacking a native app. Additionally, the software offers audio chat, numerous text conversations, GIF support, and more. 

The service allows users to build their servers and join others as they see fit. Mostly for video games. However, some individuals only utilize it because of its excellent organizing structure and superior voice chat features. Everyone may use the service for free. However, you can get certain aesthetic enhancements if you subscribe to Discord Nitro.

Messaging App 2: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger offers two chat applications. The standard version includes all the functionality, including chat heads, stickers, and other things. The Lite edition is a far more simplistic chat application. Those who have spent much time and money on Facebook Messenger might prefer the standard app. 

Facebook will ultimately make these chat applications monetized. However, you can utilize them for nothing else. Early in 2018, Facebook had some security vulnerabilities. However, we don’t see that making the social network obsolete. Facebook will continue to be used widely.

Due to Facebook’s widespread use, internal Facebook Messenger is a good social media choice. Anyone in your network may be messaged, allowing you to communicate with friends even if you don’t have each other’s phone numbers.

Messaging App 3: Signal Private Messenger

Full-featured messaging app Signal Private Messenger has a privacy focus. The features allow phone and video calls and text and photo messaging. Along with Telegram, the app is one of the first to come standard with end-to-end encryption. 

A simple picture editor, a dark theme, and other features are included. After WhatsApp’s privacy policy hijinks in 2021, it increased users. If you require privacy, it’s a decent alternative.

Messaging App 4: Telegram

Telegram offers 2048-bit RSA encryption, 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, and more. It ranks as one of the safest texting systems available. Additionally, the program supports group conversations, GIFs, cross-platform file sharing, and many other features. It is so private that some countries don’t appreciate their citizens using it. It’s more than adequate for just about whatever you need as a chat service.

With its message encryption and self-destructing communications, Telegram has become a popular platform among those concerned about security. As consumers’ awareness of how businesses utilize their data grows, this level of privacy is essential. It raises the bar for competing for messaging services.

However, because of its emphasis on privacy, it has occasionally aired broadcasts that were not ideal. Therefore, tying a company to such divisive software might not be the wisest move.

Messaging App 5: WhatsApp

Everyone has heard of WhatsApp. After all, it’s the most widely used communication app worldwide. It competes favorably with almost every other chat software and has many features. It also receives frequent upgrades. 

Text messaging, group chats, support for most multimedia file types like GIFs, video, etc., audio and video chats, and more are all included. It is strong, available, and well-liked. The holy trinity of chat applications is that group. There are no in-app purchases, and it is free.

It’s easy to understand why WhatsApp is such a leader in the social messaging space with its group chat capabilities and end-to-end encryption. However, hundreds of users are abandoning WhatsApp due to privacy worries around expanded data sharing with parent firm Facebook.

There will undoubtedly be active users inside your firm who use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family due to the social app’s widespread use. Though it seems that people frequently want to keep their personal and professional lives apart, using WhatsApp to discuss work-related issues might feel invasive.

Messaging App 6: Snapchat

One of the more distinctive messaging applications is Snapchat. Voice calls, video messaging, picture messages, and text messages are just a few of the many features it enables. After viewing, the service deletes the communications. The only history that exists is a streak counter. 

Hence there is none to speak about. Snapchat also offers Stories. It enables users to provide figurative status updates that their followers may see. They run out after 24 hours. Many of the app’s features are copied by other apps. Nevertheless, Snapchat remains a favorite among young people and is undoubtedly unique.


Messaging apps are necessary for both private and professional communication methods. One messaging app can help you conduct meetings, improve customer service and be present 24×7. All the messaging apps mentioned in this post are free of cost. These messaging apps are also great alternatives for built-in SMS apps. With these messaging apps, you text, call, and video call. It is more customizable according to your needs.

Try these out and see which one works best for you!

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